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Rahul W's rating predictions

Rahul W

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4 hours ago, Id rather be in SW19 said:

in a way I kinda hope he reads this thread and sees how unrealistic his demands are!

He more than likely knows there's always a soft touch in out there in every gw who's more than willing to bend over. You want them? Touch your toes. If you don't want to be that soft touch, just wait out the further spiralling concerns.

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2 hours ago, Id rather be in SW19 said:

He has level 2 concerns so isnt a player he uses regularly, and it isnt just this player, EVERY player he decided he doesnt need any more he sets an extremely high price, his other  two players that have level 3 concerns that he has "announced " he wants offers for are Sule and Nkunku.

My gripe is on one hand he says I want to sell, but then he makes unbelievable demands.

I always fall for it, thinking I might get a player, then having to sell the "crown jewels" from my team for a "average" 90/91 rated player.

I will agree to disagree with you and move on.

It is not worth your time and mental energy to make offers to this manager.   Wait until he has lvl 4s or until he comes to you.  Some players are like this.  Could just be some 15 year old kid, who knows.  

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1 hour ago, Spontaneous1 said:

Any chance of Unai Simon reaching 90 this season?

89 I reckon.

11 minutes ago, LauraAFCA said:

Do you think the others will still get reviewed in the coming days, or is it over? 

I don’t think it’s finished yet so we shall see if the others get reviewed tomorrow.

Its been a bit of an experiment for me because I know nothing about the Cyprus League, glad I got a few predictions right 😂

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List of 80+ players:

  • Joao Victor (Hyderabad) 83


  • Deshorn Brown (North East United) 82
  • Idrissa Sylla (North East United) 82
  • Edu Bedia (Goa) 82
  • Adrian Luna (Kerala Blasters) 82 (-1, 26 Nov 2020)


  • Roy Krishna (Atletico de Kolkata) 80
  • Rafael Crivellaro (Chennaiyin) 80
  • Alberto Noguera (Goa) 80
  • Hector Rodas (Odisha) 80
  • Ariday Cabrera (Odisha) 80 (-2, 30 Jun 2021)
  • Igor Angulo (Mumbai City) 80
  • Danny Fox (East Bengal) 80
  • Enes Sipovic (Kerala Blasters) 80
  • Alvaro Vazquez (Kerala Blasters) 80 (-2, 2 Sep 2021)


  • Marcos Tebar (free agent) 83
  • Esmael Goncalves (free agent) 82
  • Dario Vidosic (free agent) 82
  • Dimas Delgado (free agent) 80
  • Aitor Monroy (free agent) 80
  • Fran Sandaza (free agent) 81 (-1, 4 Mar 2021) Extremadura, Spanish Third Tier Grp 1
  • Sergio Cidoncha (free agent) 80 Gimnastic Segoviana, Spanish Fourth Tier Grp 1
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Just now, Sir Rahul said:


List of 80+ players:

Fernandez Juanan (Bengaluru FC) 83

Lluis Sastre (Hyderabad) 83

Joao Victor (Hyderabad) 83

Marcos Tebar (Odisha FC) 83


Paulo Machado (Mumbai City) 82

Deshorn Brown (Bengaluru FC) 82

Edu Bedia (Goa) 82

Esmael Goncalves (Chennaiyin) 82

Gregory Nelson (Chennaiyin) 82

Fran Sandaza (Hyderabad) 82

Giles Barnes (Hyderabad) 82

Vicente Gomez (Kerala Blasters) 82 (-4, 30 Sep 2020)


Manuel Arana (Goa) 81


Adam le Fondre (Sydney/Mumbai City) 80

Hernan Santana (Real Sporting/Mumbai City) 80 (-2, 23 Sep 2020)

Roy Krishna (Atletico de Kolkata) 80

Dimas Delgado (Bengaluru FC) 80

Albert Serran (Bengaluru FC) 80

Wellington Carlos (North East United) 80

Luis Machado (North East United) 80

Odair Fortes (North East United) 80

Jose Leudo (North East United) 80

Igor Angulo (Goa) 80

Alberto Noguera (Goa) 80

James Donachie (Goa) 80

Noe Acosta (Jamshedpur) 80

Aitor Monroy (Jamshedpur) 80

Jude Nworuh (Chennaiyin) 80

Rafael Crivellaro (Chennaiyin) 80

Enes Sipovic (Chennaiyin) 80

Pereira Marcelinho (Hyderabad) 80

Deyvison Bobo (Hyderabad) 80 (-1, 27 Jul 2020)

Gudjon Baldvinsson (Kerala Blasters) 80

Gary Hooper (Kerala Blasters) 80

Facundo Pereyra (Kerala Blasters) 80

Sergio Cidoncha (Kerala Blasters) 80

Anthony Pilkington (East Bengal) 80

Marti Crespi (Odisha FC) 80

Steven Taylor (Odisha FC) 80

Francisco Dorronsoro (Odisha FC) 80

Indian football needs a review, please do the needful @Soccer Wiki

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On 12/16/2020 at 3:01 PM, Kieran_S91 said:

Big Sam at the wheel 😂


1 hour ago, lemontrees said:


Big Sam at the wheel 😂


On 12/18/2020 at 4:11 AM, Kieran_S91 said:

Makes for an interesting Christmas period because who was the last manager to beat Liverpool at Anfield 66 games? Big Sam with Crystal Palace. I think Liverpool play WBA at Anfield over Christmas 😂

I honestly believe the title race is over now, might seem daft but all the other contenders are too inconsistent whereas Liverpool always step up when it matters. Could arguably say Spurs deserved at least a point the other night but they lost.  

Still think Liverpool will win the league but Big Sam is at it again 😂 WBA didn’t win but are the first team to take points off Liverpool at Anfield this season

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8 hours ago, ombarcagunners said:

Kolo Muani or Mergim Berisha

Berisha for me.

3 hours ago, FORAG said:

94 for the portuguese magnifico?

if you mean Bruno Fernandes I would say 93 is more likely. +2 from 92 is a huge jump in the context of things.

33 minutes ago, sharkdan said:

Considering that Plea, Nkunku and Sabitzer received +1, is it possible for Lozano to get a +1 to 91 with 1400 minutes and an average rating of 7.00?

Yes looks likely especially if you compare clubs too. Just hope SM continue the festivities and be as generous to Italy, Spain and England as they were with Germany.

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16 hours ago, Id rather be in SW19 said:

Its just that he never changes his original huge demand, so it isnt a negotiation its a this unreasonable deal or nothing, and often people give in coz they want a 92 LB.

Im looking for some younger options as I conceded 7 goals from 9 shots on target in my last two games. So annoying, but it happens in real life. AFCW 17 shots 8 on target lose 2=0 to Oxford with six shots only 3 on target.

Cant buy a win at the moment.

I understand your pain. Lost a title by 2 points because I drew 2 games in the run up. Rather than worrying about getting better / younger players, it may make sense to try tweaking your formation a little. I find that to be more effective so far.

12 hours ago, Spontaneous1 said:

Any chance of Unai Simon reaching 90 this season?

89 as Kieran said. 

5 hours ago, ombarcagunners said:

Bruno Fernandes to 94?

Does he deserve it? Yes. Will he get it? Unlikely. I mean, consider how long Alaba took to get his 94...

1 hour ago, Lowco said:

Anyone here has Mbappe ingame? Wich position you used to play him? Wich formation? I got one in a GW but he barely touchs the ball 😕

No idea actually. I think he is not good enough to be a sole CF so I tend to stick him on the wings. Only in one of my gameworld does he start at CF because he is the only choice for me there.

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