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Sir Rahul

Rahul W's rating predictions

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1 hour ago, TMNT said:

I need to know if Perisic (92) & Matuidi (93) will retain their ratings on their next review,  & will Lafont rise any time soon? Cheers

both should

Lafont stay I think

1 hour ago, jlammy said:

Rank Alaba, Boateng and Hummels? 

Alaba, Hummels, Boateng

2 hours ago, -JMH- said:

Ruben Dias 85. Case in point.. 

true, a bit over expectation but cool

1 hour ago, Gaelgoir said:

I think you mentioned that Pizzi may rise a while back. How confident would you be now Rahul? Or anyone else with an opinion

did I? can't remember

probably not now

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5 hours ago, TMNT said:

Any good players we should have from the Turkish league before its review? 


Also will Miranda retain his rating?

You can see a list of risers here:


Most of the players in the Turkish league are not so much old as decrepit, but Anderson Talisca deserves a rise. Yazici is probably the best buy of the youngsters. Attamah and Okechukwa should be bargains. 

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A decent review of Portugal, with inevitably a few obvious misses, and the Turkey review has begun already. While I do have Dost in one of my squads, it's not really a surprise that he didn't rise simply due to his failings at international level.

It seems very likely that the States will be next.

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