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Rahul W's rating predictions

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8 hours ago, gAv Gav said:

Who should I buy from these players that are level 5 concerns at the same club:

Trent Alexander-Arnold, Matthijs De Ligt, Kimpembe, Haaland.

There are two teams bidding for Haaland, the others no one has bid.

Should I still try for Haaland or go for one of the defenders? Here's my squad:


Loaned out:


Go for Haaland if you have enough funds to challenge the other 2 managers financially. Otherwise go for TAA first, then MDL if you can afford 🤑 to. 

8 hours ago, RhysMorgan said:

Hakimi or cancelo

He's quite possibly the best RB in the PL this season. He sure knows how to pick a pass out - Cancelo played a hand in both of City's goals yesterday. 🙂 

7 hours ago, russj said:

Immobile and Leao for my Fabinho?

If the duo is really required for your attack, and losing Fab won't weaken you too much in the middle then do the swap. 

7 hours ago, russj said:

Midfield I have D.silva, Witsel, Ceballos, Sensi, Kampl, Derimbay

Attack I have Messi, Cavani, Jovic, A.Silva, Moura and Sancho


4 hours ago, Alyril said:

I'm in the non-competitive lower divisions of a gameworld with a reasonably competitive top division - they fight it out over anyone 90+ but seem to have forgotten all about young players. Which is fun for me.

I've amassed quite the team of young talent, but I was wondering who (if anyone) might be high 80s or 90s in about 18 months (when I should be hitting that division). Also, is there anyone whose ceiling isn't that high, or a better option of similar current ranking? I don't know who's available in your GW to answer the question with certainty. 🙂





Nuno Mendes 








Sorry for the longish post, I just thought it was easier than asking about them all individually when I think about them!

if you want players who have the potential of reaching 90+ in the future then make the ones in bold your top priority. The others (non-bold) could take longer to rise in comparison. 

4 hours ago, tupac_healy said:

Boubarar Kamara, Bruno Guimares, Todibo and V Mollejo (Atletico) for Arthur? Possibly


I have the 4 players and non would be close to starters......

I presume that Arthur will slot straight into your first team. Therefore if you really need a CM/DM above 91 then do the swap - Otherwise definately keep your 4. 

Consider that Kamara and Guimares both do have 90+ potential. Having said that, in the long term it's seems as though you are giving up to much for Arthur. 

Out of interest which other midfielders rated 91-92 can you get hold of aside from Arthur, using a similar kind of swap deal?

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Hi all, As you have seen, I have not really been active over the past few months other than updating my preds. It's just been me phasing out of the forum. Now that the reviews are done, I can say

Just noticed this thread has crossed 1 million views, 23k odd replies, 930 pages.  I know this is 3 and a half years old but I never intended for this to monopolise the forum back then (I would h

Page 200- didn't think we'd get here when I started this casually- thanks all

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3 hours ago, The Mad Hatter said:

I just quit YET ANOTHER game world due to obvious cheating.

(A "new" SM account appears, takes over Juve, sells Ronaldo for next to nothing, and then just as quickly disappears once the dodgy business has been done ... )


At least your a genuine manager and not a cheat like the other saddo's playing in the GW's. 


@AnthonyKegher17 made mention of available GW's. May be you'd have better luck in one of those GW's. 

1 hour ago, ombarcagunners said:

Tonali or Pedri

Beleive me, Tonali hasn't (yet) settled well enough in a big club, playing at a high level as much as Pedri has done this season.

Pedri has quietly and quickly become a very important player for your Barça side. 

53 minutes ago, FORAG said:

How long will Suarez keep his rating? Another few months. He could possibly (and really should) rise in the next review.

Should I swap Luis Alberto to get him? Nope. Luis Alberto is (limited to) 92 at best. I don't think he has the potential to ever go 92+, especially not at Lazio. 


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1 hour ago, JackNUFC99 said:

camavinga + thiago for neymar? 

Atm I would pick Neymar, given if I felt my midfield was stable enough for the next 5+ years. 

P.S not sure which player/players are yours. 🙂

58 minutes ago, MShahid said:

neymar or hazrd+money?

Neymar. Unless cash (is 25M+) will help you to stregthen another position in your regular first team.

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8 hours ago, ombarcagunners said:

Tonali or Pedri


7 hours ago, FORAG said:

How long will Suarez keep his rating?


Suarez or Luis Alberto?

As long as Suarez keeps scoring he will keep his rating but as Milanista eluded too he probably deserves a rise in the next review.

I’d go for Suarez

7 hours ago, Gazj59 said:

Junior Sambia 87 on the next review?

86, a lot will depend on where Montpellier finish, the higher the league position the better the chance Sambia has of 87.

6 hours ago, Nighch said:

Jairo Riedewald? Competitive gameworld, getting game time, possible rise. What do you think?

I think he deserves a +1 when you look at some of the players Palace have that are 86.

6 hours ago, AnthonyKegher17 said:

thoughts on Max Taylor? I have him cause I'm managed Man United, but don't know whether to sell or keep. thanks!


5 hours ago, JackNUFC99 said:

camavinga + thiago for neymar?

Long term - Duo

Short term - Neymar

Depends what you want, if you need instant success or if you are willing to wait a few years then reap the rewards.

5 hours ago, MShahid said:

neymar or hazrd+money?

Neymar for me

4 hours ago, Dandie said:

Ronaldo and Aguero for Foden?


Duo, you’re giving away too much.

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Great to see NERES on the score sheet yesterday. In my opinion, he has been like Ajax's version of DEMBELE for a long time. I really hope this is the start of a vein of form.

I know that the Winter review has only just finished, but I am already greedily looking forward to Rahul's predictions for the Summer review. Rahul, do you know roughly when you will be giving your initial predictions on the front page?

There are a few players I am particularly interested in knowing tentative predictions for: PEDRI, NETO and DALOT. All have risen recently, but all are getting plenty of game time with top teams.

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SWIKI REPORT (26/02/21)

8 pages today with more of the same, Chile, Ireland and both MLS and USL. Worth mentioning that Adrien Truffert is among the edits. Recently discussed on discord that he could see a random rise and will be around 85 after the end of season review.

Dane Scarlett also among the edits, maybe a position change/addition and a slight increase considering he’s played a few times in the Europa League.

Chile 🇨🇱 

Santiago Wanderers - 15
CDSC Iberia - 1
CD Everton - 20
CD Palestino - 1
Deportes Linares - 1
Deportes Magallanes - 1

Ireland 🇮🇪 

Waterford FC - 3
Derry City - 2
Dundalk - 1
Galway United - 1
St. Patrick’s Athletic - 5
Bray Wanderers - 1

USA 🇺🇸 (USL Championship)

New Mexico United - 1
Sacramento Republic - 1
Austin Bold - 2
Las Vegas Lights - 1
Phoenix Rising FC - 1
Tampa Bay Rowdies - 1

USA 🇺🇸 (MLS)

Vancouver Whitecaps - 1
New York RB - 1
Nashville SC - 1
New York City FC - 1

Thanks for reading and have a great day

Cheers Kieran 😁

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8 minutes ago, Janao said:

the season in my league is over, I am thinking about a few changes, who is better :

Strakosha -> Unai Simon

Szoboszlai -> Castrovilla or Neuhaus

Darwin Núñez -> André SILVA

Unai Simon


Andre Silva

7 minutes ago, topofthebilly said:

I just sold truffert 3 days ago .

“random” rises huh . 🙄

You not in discord? This is what got said from one of the devs and I quote.

’He’s very highly rated, Will more than likely get a small increase and then end up being 85 by the seasons end’

So I put two and two together 😂

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15 hours ago, ombarcagunners said:

Tonali or Pedri


14 hours ago, Gazj59 said:

Junior Sambia 87 on the next review?

87 Definitely if he keeps up his Stats. Put him thru my Spreadsheet recently +2 to 87 and high +31%

Junior Sambia Montpellier9th 31.0% 2 87 -9.5% 31.0%
11 hours ago, MShahid said:

neymar or hazrd+money?


10 hours ago, Dandie said:

Ronaldo and Aguero for Foden?



NIGHT WATCH: For some reason your question re Riedewald wasn't saved but my answer is as follows:-

He is just falling short ATM but has had about 4 successive matches of 90mins, if he can keep that pace for 4 more matches he may qualify for a+1. But ATM spreadsheet says No:- 

-11.6% Riedewald C Palace 13th -11.6% 0




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3 minutes ago, russj said:

Have a chance to sign Marcelo and he would be a starter for me. I realise he’s on the decline but is he expected to drop from 90 soon?

It's a danger, it's possible he will drop for a fourth time as he has been benched 14 times this season, all four of his 90mins were before the New Year. Only 109mins in 2 matches in January and February. 

It's a risk but calculate if he still is beneficial to your squad as an 89? Seems harsh if he gets another drop tho

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26 minutes ago, MShahid said:

Offered Ronaldo + mckennie for hazard.

Good deal?

Ronaldo + Mckennie all day for me

23 minutes ago, russj said:

Looking at Palhinha to come in as a back up cb but don’t know too much about him. Would you sign him or Faivre. Need cover for both positions but can only afford one 

I would buy Faivre Russj.

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