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Rahul W's rating predictions

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Hi all, As you have seen, I have not really been active over the past few months other than updating my preds. It's just been me phasing out of the forum. Now that the reviews are done, I can say

Just noticed this thread has crossed 1 million views, 23k odd replies, 930 pages.  I know this is 3 and a half years old but I never intended for this to monopolise the forum back then (I would h

Page 200- didn't think we'd get here when I started this casually- thanks all

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9 hours ago, Vinnynx said:

Just sent a email to support cheating and multiple accounts on the forum 🤣🤣


AnthonyKegher17 needs to chill out a bit though.....thought he was extremely rude when he first joined the forum and everyone is so so helpful in here no need to be posting at  2AM who's up 

Thought I was the only one with that opinion..

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8 hours ago, Kev said:

Any long-term opinions on Jacob Brunn Larsen? Worth hanging on to?

Afraid he has lost his really good performances when at Dortmund and playing with Jadon Sancho. ATM on loan at Anderlecht but not got anywhere near 90 full minutes with a club with 86 cap and he's 85. Surprised u haven't lost patience with him by now Kev.

5 hours ago, Dandie said:

Got another one - de ligt, foden for Varane, Thiago and Ronaldo?



Definitely Trio

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4 hours ago, Soccahappy said:

It's a BIG jump from 91 to 93, but the way the Trophy Hunt is going and the dominance of Dias & Stones it Could well be 😲


Stones has benefited massively with having a leader like Dias alongside him, great partnership and Dias for player of the season in my opinion.

West Ham’s goal yesterday was the first goal City conceded at home in the league since November last year which is over 12 hours. Remarkable fact!!

City are also on course to break the world record for most wins in a row which is held by a Brazilian side who won 24 games in a row in all comps, Bayern second best with 23 wins.

6 hours ago, Dandie said:

Got another one - de ligt, foden for Varane, Thiago and Ronaldo?



Trio no doubt.

18 minutes ago, Emy Ionescu said:

Hello guys,

Yann Gboho + Matias Arezo for Diogo Dalot? Duo are mine.



I would go for the duo, don’t particularly rate Dalot.

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Arsen Zakharyan (17) made his first start for Dinamo Moscow today and scored, huge talent out of Russia.


One to watch!

SM rating - 70

Value - 240k

Nice video of him here explains some of his strengths and style of play, even better if you have good English 😁


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Is it worth to sell Cherki  for 7.1 million? 

Division 4 side here.

Is he due a rise? Considering he only has 400 mins and no goals or assists ? 

I have Wirtz,Reyna, Kadewere, Koita,Sima,Cho , Bamford, Che Adams ( will sell) 

Out on loan I have Moukoko,Madueke, Musiala and Danilo (Ajax)

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Hi mates, how are you? I have been offered 5, maybe even 6 players out of these, in exchange of my Abdallah Sima and Isaac Lihadji. I am not fully convinced, but what would you do? 🤔

Bilal Benkhedim, Matchoi Djalo, Álex Collado, Daishawn Redan, Claudio Gomes, Evert Linthorst, Franco Orozco, Sam Lammers

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On 2/27/2021 at 8:31 PM, SomeNextGuy said:

Sell Matheus Nunes for a 1/10 chance of getting Shoretire? 😂Yes. 

Sell for the reasons below. 👇

At squad cap and one needs to go, and he's the only one I have an external offer in for. 

Nunes is worth keeping hold of, right? Yes! The Sporting CP left back is most certainly worth keeping! 


On 2/27/2021 at 9:51 PM, The Mad Hatter said:

I’ve been sorting through the L'Equipe “2021 Top 50 U20" from a few weeks back and coming up with a few names I would appreciate with ranking against each other:

Consider that for each player below 👇 I have taken into account their age, SM rating, current average performance rating and their current club. 

N/A Mohamed Ihattaren 🇱🇺 he's been clashing with manager Roger Schmidt since the start of the season. 

If his situation doesn't improve then I reckon a move away from PSV in the summer would be the best outcome for him. His contract is actually up in 2022. This "no gametime" could have a very negative impact on his development as a player.  



1. Curtis Jones 🇬🇬 (20, 85, 6.94) 

Plays (and gets enough minutes) for what is still one of the best football club in the world.


2. Thiago Almada 🇦🇷 (19, 85, 7.00)

Thiago Almada has played all over the attacking line for Velez Sarsfield this season, so it's tough to give him an accurate performance rating. Therefore I have given him a 7.00 because it's in between his other ratings in the different postions he has played in.  


5. Yunus Musah 🇬🇬 (18, 83, 6.46) Not been overly impressed with him since he burst on to the scene at Valencia.

It hasn't helped him that some foolish journalism "hyped" him up to have similar-ish impact to that of Mbappe. 🙄 I guess the pressure is on him now. 


4. Noni Madueke 🇬🇬 (18, 80, 7.25)

Impressive player no doubt.


3. Charles De Ketelaere🇧🇪 (19, 85)

I couldn't find a performance rating for him. I beleive Thorgan Lesar (our genius scout) rates him quite highly, therefore so will I! 


6. Illya Zabarnyi 🇺🇦 (18, 76, 6.64) 

He's getting a good amount of gametime in Ukraine. Although I have not heard of him b4. 


Did anyone else pick apart this list? It wasn't necessary for me, this is only because of the valuable input of Kierans_S91, Thorgan Lesar and the others on the threads - that I was able to snap up 🐊 the main "gems" 💎 well before my rivals knew of them. 😀

 I found some gems in the lower level of ranking I would certainly have placed higher ... Rayan Cherki 50th out of 50 - Likewise! 

P.S. This random text  sizing is quite annoying


On 2/28/2021 at 1:38 AM, Nameless said:

Plea or Elvedi? Elvedi - purely for being a versatile defensor. We'll that's if you require a defensor more than you require a forward player. 

Hermoso+Amad Diallo or Camavinga

Hermoso seems like a limited player (at best). And, Amad has not (yet) properly introduced himself to the football world. Therefore Camavinga looks to be the best option here - he is one of those rare young players that doesn't come around to often.

22 hours ago, Kev said:

Any long-term opinions on Jacob Brunn Larsen? Don't keep Worth hanging on to? Nope. 

Better (similar age/rating) alternatives that you could (possibly) replace JBL with = J. Dilrouson, P. Daka, C. Gakpo, I. Ganago, C. Pepe, I. Toney, J. Sargent, I. Jacobs, C. Perez and J. Harrison (sorry for toooooo many names). 😀

The abbreviation JBL (is making me think of WWE Smackdown and the Undertaker). 🤼‍♂️

20 hours ago, Dandie said:

Got another one - de ligt, foden for Varane, Thiago and Ronaldo? The trio. 

The duo lack any real rating stregth compared to the trio. 



14 hours ago, Azzy122 said:

Zinchenko due for a rise ? Nope. Also what do you guys think of amiri 

I wouldn't think so (atm). He's only amassed over 900 minutes so far. He doesn't seem to stand out much in this City team either, does he? 

He really could do with adding some assists and goals to his name so he can become a more recognised fullback.

Amiri = a very good rotational player.

14 hours ago, Emy Ionescu said:

Hello guys,

Yann Gboho + Matias Arezo for Diogo Dalot? Nope. Duo are mine.



Dalot has been a hap hazard ⚠💥 for us.

I wish Maldini wasn't soooo desperate and took a gamble on him bringing him to Milan. 

13 hours ago, GeoffM said:

Need to thin out my squad to raise funds.
Which of these are MUST keeps, WORTH keeps or not likely to rise any time soon. Thanks.

Screenshot .jpg

🔭 = I can see better now. 😀

MK's = P. Kalulu, M. Hoppe, L. Oyen and C. Conceicao.

WK's = C. Kellerher, C.Nkounkou, O.Otasowie, there may be more though. 

Not sure about the rest of them. 

11 hours ago, Azzurro said:

I know alot of hype over Dias and a push for 93 may be too much. But then you look at Bastoni 90 atm, I could see him hitting 92 with Inter winning the league.

I reckon a 91 would be fair enough, it's not like he's been amazing for Inter. On the other hand Dias has been playing better for City since arriving at Manchester. 


11 hours ago, RieceM96 said:

Is it worth to sell Cherki  for 7.1 million? Keep. I would remain patient with him for 2 more seasons (put him out on loan if need be). Because we all know he posses immense talent. And given that fact that he is still quite young and in his early development, and playing behind important first teamers like L. Paqueta (never thought I'd be saying that about him) and H. Aouar.  It actually makes sense for the coach to keep playing them ahead of Rayan Cherki because Lyon are doing quite well this season and pushing PSG all the way for the Ligue 1 crop this season.

Division 4 side here. 

Is he due a rise? Not sure.  Considering he only has 400 mins and no goals or assists ? 

I have Wirtz,Reyna, Kadewere, Koita,Sima,Cho , Bamford, Che Adams ( will sell) 

Out on loan I have Moukoko,Madueke, Musiala and Danilo (Ajax)


10 hours ago, SomeNextGuy said:

Any idea on when Zabarnyi might get his rise? 

Ask on Discord when the Ukrainian league is likely to be reviewed next - that's if you can't find an answer on here. I can send you a link 🔗 to Discord when your ready. 

9 hours ago, koplfc said:

Adam Ounas or Sofiane Boufal? Both having poor seasons, but can either rediscover past form? Is one less a risk than the other? 

Is slightly performing better for his club in a (slightly) stronger league. ☺

Edited by Milanista1
Additional info.
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5 minutes ago, AnthonyKegher17 said:

I know but clearly he-- several people do not like me. 


I thought this was clearly resolved?

Kieran did point out about the ip address bit so had a right to be suspicious, if the numbers identical you're using same device, if its got the first few parts the same it's same household

As for Vinny he's made 1 comment directed at you ever. The bit you quoted looks like a joke to me

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2 hours ago, TaielAlejandro said:

Is it a good idea to sell Romagnoli? Which young central defender would you recommend?

It can be either +90 or -90, the important thing is that he has a good current performance and a promising future.

I would remain patient with him for another season if you can. However the alternatives that you could consider are:

N. Mukiele, C. Soyuncu, N. Milenkovic, N. Elvedi, K. Zouma, B. Kamara, I. Diop and I. Zubeldia. 


2 hours ago, AnthonyKegher17 said:

Mason Greenwood potential?

Atm 🤔 90+

2 hours ago, Wander Saraiva said:

Conor Coady, Fred and Thomas Lemar for De Jong?

Are you swapping 3 for 1? If so, and you already have good squad depth then do the deal. 

31 minutes ago, XForten said:

I've got a question: How is it that you get a negative money balance on Soccer Manager?

This may or may not have happened to me...

You spend over your budget and you don't break-even at the end of the month. 🤑

28 minutes ago, XForten said:

Rodri Hernández worth getting?

Seriously? Have you been watching City lately? Of course he is (now) worth getting, given the fact that he could be in for a +1 as well, especially if City clinch the PL title. 

--- ---

@Vinnynx and others can we possibly stop making AnthonyKegher feel like he's being builed on here. However if he's cheating in any way, then by all means report him/scold him. However (of couse starting with myself) let's give him a break. 

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