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Rahul W's rating predictions

Rahul W

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11 hours ago, WolfTargaryen said:

Hakimi + Kroos for Bruno ?

Ronaldo + Foden for Bruno ?


The duo or Bruno ?

Difficult, both duos have a great short team and long term element. PASS. 

11 hours ago, RhysMorgan said:

Would you sell Eric garcia, trubin and yunus musah to purchase meslier and konate? 


10 hours ago, Wave_Dweller said:

Casemiro, Barella or Sabitzer?

Casemiro, Barella, Sabitzer - in that order

9 hours ago, shrey04 said:

De Jong 93 in this review?


9 hours ago, Franco Armani said:

Will there be reviews after Euro2021?

Yes, I would guess that those teams that reach the final or win the Euros could see some rises and anyone who has stood out in the tournament.

You also have the likes of Maksim Mukhin who will rise, this could also be done in the Russian review though (+5)

9 hours ago, RieceM96 said:

I have Daka. 

Leaning towards keeping Daka despite how tempting those players are . As Daka doesn't play and those two would.

What would you guys do ?


Keep Daka, you’re an experienced/long term manager and I can guarantee that in 2 years, Daka will be better than those two on SM.

9 hours ago, TaielAlejandro said:

-Sell Diaby and buy Richarlison?

-Keep James Justin?

- Yes

- Yes, unless there are better options.

8 hours ago, crvena_zvezda said:


On his way to Leicester.


Leicester City and Aston Villa are moving fast this summer, great to see!

6 hours ago, AnthonyKegher17 said:

Hey not gonna lie, I was thinking EXACTLY this during the game... (first 45: Belgium are trash! -- second 45: Belgium are actually pretty good!)


Thanks so much! So in my GW Pedri is transfer banned until the 20th. Will he be reviewed by then so I should just get the others before they rise? Or is it safe to wait? Thanks!😁

20th of June? If so, wait. 20th July? Then yeah buy the others. Spanish review should be starting soon.

5 hours ago, rosbear said:

Will Ferran Torres get +1 on this review?

Unlikely in my opinion

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Zhirayr Shaghoyan (20) currently ripping it up in Armenia playing for BKMA Yerevan (loan) having played 31 games scoring 32 goals and 15 assists.


He reminds me of Eden Hazard in how his movement is, very low centre of gravity and the ability to beat a defender on body feints alone, brilliant close control and a great touch.

Video below, exceptional talent remember the name!

Already played for Armenia at senior level and would expect him to be a central figure in years to come.

Big move incoming this summer!

Not currently in SM unfortunately!

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There are two available spots in a CGW, its based off seasonal budgets ie league placing, cup wins and a few others, can't sign players over the age of 30 also there is a rating cap that increases incrementally by 1 every new season current rating at 90. if interested drop me a PM

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22 hours ago, Juanchitoox said:

ofc! I just wanted to know the conditions of the XI presented in fact... the 3 player per team condition was explained after for example. My idea was to debate on the some of the players presented as in Prospect/Moneymaking and why (IN MY OPINION) would have placed Araujo over Mingueza. This guy took it personally as if i had a beef with him or something when i dont even know who he is and i think i read him 4 or 5 times in my life. 

Going back on topic... ideally would be best to make a moneymaking XI and a potential XI ??

Don't know who he is? 


Hes the boss of the forum and contributes and helps fellow managers more than anyone 


90% of our teams on here are down to @Kieran_S91hard work ...

Have some respect 

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35 minutes ago, Juanchitoox said:

Rahul W's rating predictions

This argument is lasting too much... Respect the ones who have written for long time in the forum and try to avoid any future argument.

We are all equal and we just express our points of view on different spots of the same passion, let's finish this diatribe and keep talking about Soccer Manager and soccer.

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1 hour ago, Vinnynx said:

Don't know who he is? 


Hes the boss of the forum and contributes and helps fellow managers more than anyone 


90% of our teams on here are down to @Kieran_S91hard work ...

Have some respect 

Appreciate your kind words Vinny!

Best to put this episode to bed now though mate, everyone has a difference in opinion that’s the beauty of football, so let’s get back to what this thread is used for 😊

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On 6/24/2020 at 10:03 AM, Kieran_S91 said:

Players born from the years 2003 - 2005 not currently in Soccer Manager.

List 3 is as follows:

Hugo Felix / Benfica

Dejan Popara / FK Zvijezda 09

William Boving / Copenhagen

Youri Regeer / Ajax

Melkamu Frauendorf / Hoffenheim

Nnamdi Collins / Dortmund

Lamare Bogarde / Feyenoord

Fabian Luzzi / Rayo Vallecano**

Alejandro Balde / Barcelona

Bright Arrey-Mbi / Bayern Munich

As you guys know William Boving got added yesterday but for some reason I missed Fabian Luzzi get added so I can only apologise for not letting you guys know.

EDIT: I think Fabian Luzzi got added a couple of days ago, may still be a free agent in some GGW

If Luzzi is still available in your GW I would snap him he’s still only worth 240k.

Thank you for reading and have a good day 😊

Hugo Felix (16) exceptional talent coming out of Benfica’s academy, the brother of Joao Felix is enjoying a good season.

Recent form for the u17s:

vs Belenenses
vs Porto
vs Sporting CP
vs Braga 🅰️

Still waiting on his addition to SM  

Goal against Porto

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8 hours ago, Buka said:

Guess it's English review next.


Whichever players are being edited on SW - their league is to be reviewed next. 

6 hours ago, casera-sera said:

I presume Diego Costa is dropping in the Spanish review??

He's certainly earned it... His very negative attitude since Luis Suarez came in to the side has put an end to his playing days at Atletico Madrid. 

I can understand that he wants to be the main man in the team, but sometimes you can't have everything in life. Plus, AM have given him enough apperances to help lead them to glory again, which he hasn't been able to do since his return back to AM in 2018. 

2 hours ago, Vinnynx said:

Don't know who he is? 

Come to think of it this did sound quite disrespectful. 


Hes the boss of the forum (I think that's Sir Rahul, or even Kev) and contributes and helps fellow managers more than anyone 100% 👍


90% of our teams on here are down to @Kieran_S91hard work ...

Have some respect 


Edited by Milanista1
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Spreadsheet Predictions for Spain below:

Previous tables on pages 777, 779, 780, 781, 782, 783, 784.785,786,787, 788, 789, 790, 791,792,793, 794,795,796,797,798,799,800,801,803,804,805.806,807,808,810,811,812,813,814.816,817,818,819,821,822,823,824,825,8826,827,828,829,830,831.832,833,834,835.836,837,839,841,842,844,845,855,856,857.860,864,866, 867.868,871,872,873,875,876,877,878,880,914,955,988. 1003,1008,1016, 1023.1026,1030, 1032,1042, 1045, 1047, 1055 , 1057, 1060, 1063, 1065, 1068, 1082, 1083, 1085, 1087, 1089, 1092, 1095, 1098, 1103,1106,1109,1118 ,1121, 1124 1126, 1132, 1138, 1141, 1147, 1152, 1153, 1155, 1157, 1158,1159 , 1160 , 1161,1163, 1165, 1169, 1174,1175,1176, 1180, 1187,  1189, 1197, 1210, 1211, 1212,1222, 1225, 1226,1227, 1236, 1239, 1240,NEW SEASON 1294 1303, 1307, 1309Prem , 1311P, 1316P  1318P, 1321P,  1323P, 1327Milan,  1355P 1361P 1365P 1368P 1370P 1371P 1376P  1378P 1380Germany  1384Ger(2)1389Ger 1394Italy 1396Prem 1398P  1405Pr 1406pr 1411pr 1414pr , 1419pr  1423Italy1425 Italy 1427 It, 1431 Italy, 1433Spain, 1435Spain, 1437Spain, 1439Spain,, 1441Spain, 1448 Prem, 1449 Prem 1452 Prem 1455 Prem1458 Prem, 1461 Prem 1464 Prem 1466 Prem 1469 Prem 1472 Prem  1475 Prem French 1519,  French 1521, French 1525, French 1528 French 1530 French 1537 French 1539 French 1541, French 1543 F 1545  Germany 1554 Germany 1557 Germany 1558 & 9, 1560, G 1562 G 1564  G 1564 Premiersip 1572 Prem 1574 Prem 1576 Prem 1578 Prem 1580, Prem 1588, Prem 1593, Prem 1596 Prem 1609, Spain 1619, Spain 1621,  Spain 1625, Spain 1627, Spain 1634 Spain 1636, Italy 1639 , Spain1641, Spain1644, Germany1650,  Spain Best Of… 1654, France 1657,, France 1660, France 1661, France 1663, France 1670, France 1672,  France 1674, Fr 1676,  Fr 1678, France 1683, France 1684, France 1687, Germany 1694, Germany 1695, Germany 1697 , France  1699, France  1702, France 1704, , France 1706, France 1709, France 1710, France 1713, France 1713,  Germany 1719,  Germany 1721, Germany 1722, Germany 1724, Germany 1726 , Germany 1727, Premiership 1729, Prem 1734 Italy 1736, Prem 1738,  Prem 1740, Prem 1741, Prem 1747, Spain 1749, Spain 1751, Spain 1751          Be careful of the reddish boxes where SM rate the higher rated players by Performances rather than stats.

Minutes will vary game by game and league position also helps a lot. Anything over 0% indicates likely riser, higher the better/safer. Negative percentages don't predict a drop just less chances of a rise. The more games played the more accurate the predictions will become.

I am concentrating mainly on Younger under 89 rated players as these are more consistent risers and more profitable, Goal keepers are dealt with by SM in a completely different way, which is why I mostly also ignore Gk's 


Right, managed a small upload in the short time available to me today as mentioned yesterday.

To SM Search for this post SpaiBeti  ie two 4 letter keywords for Country and Club into one word no spaces, I will try to remember this each time. Please remind me if I don’t and I will edit.

Thanks for the Forum’s interest and support for the Spreadsheet, which is greatly appreciated, Cheers Socca😀

Ps can't wait for the match later tonight 😀

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29 minutes ago, Milanista1 said:

Don't know who he is? 
Come to think of it this did sound quite disrespectful. 


Its not dispespectful, is a fact... from the moment that he implies that i have a personal beef, why would i? if i dont know the guy and as he correctly and sort of disrespectufully stated

On 6/17/2021 at 11:38 AM, Kieran_S91 said:

It literally says both prospects and risers, you seem upset over something? Are you ok? Ive never spoke to you and you are literally trying to poke as many holes as you can in that team 😂


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31 minutes ago, Juanchitoox said:

Its not dispespectful, is a fact... from the moment that he implies that i have a personal beef, why would i? if i dont know the guy and as he correctly and sort of disrespectufully stated


24 minutes ago, Juanchitoox said:

Just to end this thing... here is the starting disrespectful argument:

Last time i checked this is a forum, a place where everyone can state their opinions, and debate, and also last time i checked this is @Sir Rahul 's thread in order to dictate rules about it. I know that this thread is used for other purposes because its massive popularity, but maybe those who dont like other forumers stating their opinions on their posts, could create their own threads and set the rules.


Maybe you could set up a post note saying "hey, i dont care what you think so dont bother stating your opinion or giving any input" so we all know where to comment or not.


Have a nice day!


Wow! Are we still carrying this on? Everyone is bored of this now, this has stemmed from the Kayky comment I just know it lol.

You said you were shocked that Araujo wasn’t in my eleven and then I stated my reasons and me saying it’s my team not yours is a FACT nothing disrespectful about it, you’ve completely got the wrong end of the stick with that, the forum is about opinions and that was mine, I wasn’t going to change my team to add in Araujo. You also completely missed the concept of the team stating that Araujo has better potential which is true, but the team is a mixture of both. 

To be honest you did get my back up when you accused me of hiding your posts when you know full well that your posts would of been hidden as soon as you posted them. My posts were getting hidden at the same time and I actually unhide both mine and yours, so you’re welcome.

Then you reported me and told the admins to pick mods with the appropriate age to moderate *sigh* now that is disrespectful.

Anyone who knows me, knows that im open for debate and discussion of which I have had many on this forum.


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7 hours ago, Juanchitoox said:

Hey @Sir Rahul did you forgot to add Vini to the list of Real Madrid risers or you really think there wont be any rise for him?



Don't think he should rise

6 hours ago, RieceM96 said:

Any reason why Hakimi plays LB on SM? But hasn't played LB since 2019 at Dortmund and International level?

2019 isn't that far ago!

6 hours ago, Juanchitoox said:

Rahul W's rating predictions

I can only say this: am just lucky this thread became the go-to place for everyone. As much as my thread as anyone's, and Kieran does a super job at providing info, posting content, answering questions... even as I've taken a step back from that now. Let's end this debate now guys.

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