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Rahul W's rating predictions

Rahul W

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43 minutes ago, Nameless said:

What if the choices are - 

Kubo or Raspadori or Rashica+Joao Pedro (Watford's 19 y/o attacker)?

I don’t particularly rate Rashica, so I would still say same order. I would imagine he’s also going to find it hard to break 88 at Norwich unless they have a really good season and he’s paramount to that.

34 minutes ago, MShahid said:

Sell tielemans for jota?

Jota, as long as he’s injured he will be 99 in no time.

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Spreadsheet Result for Arsenal 8th


11m profit but not a solid "Bright Green" with missing Wm Saliba. Think it does seem to happen a little more with Loaned Players as there has been a few. Right now, I can only remember Jonjoe Kenny who was on loan in Germany and missed being reviewed here. Then expecting him to get his deserved review at Everton, they missed him again. There are others like Saliba too, that makes me think it happens by mistake rather than judgement.

To SM Search for this post EnglArse  ie two 4 letter keywords for Country and Club into one word no spaces, I will try to remember this each time. Please remind me if I don’t and I will edit.

Thanks for the Forum’s interest and support for the Spreadsheet, which is greatly appreciated, Cheers Socca😀

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On 6/26/2021 at 3:41 PM, RieceM96 said:

Anyone know anything about Steven Caulker? Becomes a free agent soon but had like 2800 minutes in Turkish Super Lig.

Will he still rise ? As he looked like a nice buy in a competitive setup . 

Moved to Fenerbahce. Should get a rise to 84 at least imo.

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21 hours ago, Tibi said:

Carlos Soler + Zabarnyi or Tonali ?   Tonali is mine.


21 hours ago, topofthebilly said:

Guys , Ruben Vinagre will be going back from loan in Portugal to his homeclub Wolverhampton soon .

Would there be any reason to keep him after the portugal review ? I am tempted to sell him actually .


Vinagre has never impressed me I'd Sell

20 hours ago, Franco Armani said:

When the reviews of Portugal and Argentine league?

I'd say BOTH SHOULD BE reviewed in next Month or so

13 hours ago, JacobMOX said:

Hello guys, what do you think of Ambrosius (the Hamburg player) as a talent? What's his ceiling? Is it injury prone (like it seems to be)?

Not seen him play but I can offer a little ie

1: 2334 minutes played the season just finished doesn't sound injury prone.

2: he's only rated 82 so has further space to improve. But he just on 15th June received Plus 2, Which gives U time to see if he gets injured or deserves another rise b4 he's reviewed again.

5 hours ago, Lost soul said:

Osimhen or Tapsoba (without considering positions)? 


4 hours ago, sheeesh said:

Martial + Tonali + Sensi or Sane + Ginter

Usually I would say the Trio BUT Sane I expect to explode at some point at Bayern and Ginter is no Mug! So DUO!

4 hours ago, topofthebilly said:

here we are 3 weeks later and they dropped his value by 25% suddenly . Henderson's value is 16M now in-game .

Can't make heads or tails from these SM value changes .

I can help with Messi as I have him at £25.19m (When I edited him b4 uploading Barcelona Spreadsheet "Result" Code SpaiBarc. Unfortunately KDB more difficult as I haven't yet done the Man City 1st Result but he has £52.3m on the spreadsheet atm. Hope that helps a little

3 hours ago, Nameless said:

Which players are looking to get a rise (so far) based on the Euros? 







Zuber (Swiss)

I am sure there will be few more. 





I think ALL of the above have impressed me to some extent but I'm not sure SM will give rises to other than the "BIG Impressers" such as Modric in the past. Schick possibly stands out most in this list atm

3 hours ago, Nameless said:

Raspadori..Kubo.......................................... or Rashica?






2 hours ago, Nameless said:

What if the choices are - 

Kubo or Raspadori or Rashica+Joao Pedro (Watford's 19 y/o attacker)?

Better but still the same, wouldn't accept Rashica

2 hours ago, MShahid said:

Sell tielemans for jota?

Jota SM obviously like him they Credited him injury minutes was it twice?? A 92 at LIVERPOOL (96 Squad Cap)would be easier to get than at LEICESTER with a 92 Cap!

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14 hours ago, jaybee said:


You guys are hilarious. It's little wonder that so many people dislike the English national team and so many of their fans. Pure arrogance as you dismiss so many countries.

Remember Iceland 

Most England fans expect us to fail. We've been programmed that way. 

Scotland are just pure banter though 😂 

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12 hours ago, keefmj said:

as much as i hate "banter", it happens to all teams. club or national. you have to just give and take or ignore it if not.

this forum is pretty tame and light hearted in that regard compared to most football forums or online spaces.

Liverpool thread was crazy heated back in the day. Most of the Liverpool haters there are now gone tho. Miss you  @ray1981 backing me up there 😁

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36 minutes ago, Juanchitoox said:

Liverpool thread was crazy heated back in the day. Most of the Liverpool haters there are now gone tho. Miss you  @ray1981 backing me up there 😁

oh how i miss the toxicity in the chelsea and Man Utd threads, guys like @ashtini @1000dB and most of all @TalentSearcher hands down the greatest forumer of all time 🤣

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3 hours ago, RieceM96 said:

Cunha, Lazzari and Melo (17-76) for my Patson Daka ?

Competitive gameworld 

Trio for me.

Leeds United very much interested in Cunha and if they pull that off I would imagine Bielsa would get the very best out of his talent.

Melo is a MUST BUY also 🤣

1 hour ago, SomeNextGuy said:

Most England fans expect us to fail. We've been programmed that way. 

Scotland are just pure banter though 😂 

FACTS! If the shoe was on the other foot, we, England fans would be getting so much banter and I would fully accept it.

The rivalry between Scotland and England is equivalent of Liverpool and United, it’s huge. Banter is banter, if you can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen.

Im always getting bantered because I’m a Newcastle fan and I’ve had it on here, it is what it is. We’re rubbish 😂

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On 6/1/2021 at 11:59 AM, Kieran_S91 said:


Perfect proving ground for many young talents in England, I want to focus on some young players who should see a rise this month or next.

Some of these players will likely return on loan next season or in some cases make the step up to the Premier League.

Marc Guehi -                                82 -> 84
Harvey Elliott -                            82 -> 84
Michael Olise -                            83 -> 83
Taylor Harwood-Bellis -         76 -> 80
Teden Mengi -                             73 -> 76
Oliver Skipp -                               82 -> 84
Nathan Collins -                          82 -> 83
James Garner -                            78 -> 82
Ben Cabango -                             80 -> 83
Han-Noah Massengo -             78 -> 80
Jarrad Branthwaite -                78 -> 80
Joao Pedro -                                 82 -> 84

Blackburn Rovers gained substantially using the loan market bringing in Harvey Elliott (18) Taylor Harwood-Bellis (19) and Jarrad Branthwaite (18) of which all got decent game time. Harvey Elliott being one of the most successful talents in the Championship this season.

Harvey Elliott’s numbers in the Championship:

Minutes - 2758
Goals - 7
Assists - 11

Harvey Elliott


Michael Olise (19) is a name everyone is familiar with and has been attracting much interest, Lille are the most recent team to be linked with the highly rated young French midfielder.

Marc Guehi (20) has come off the back of a very successful loan spell at Swansea City narrowly missing out to Brentford in the play offs. Guehi is a player who I can see in the Premier League next season whether that is on loan or to try the difficult task of forcing his way into the Chelsea team.

Marc Guehi


Along with Guehi, Oliver Skipp (20) is another player who is likely to be playing Premier League football next season. Going back on loan to Norwich wouldn’t be a bad call for him but I think he’s good enough to play at Tottenham Hotspur gradually.

Great in 1v1 situations and an aerial threat going forward, Nathan Collins (18) has a huge future in the game and it’s no surprise to see the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal looking to acquire his services in the summer.

Nathan Collins


On the subject of Manchester United, James Garner (18) has had a very successful loan spell at Nottingham Forest really coming into his own and expressing himself well in the games Ive seen, definite one to watch next season and a loan back to the Championship would be a good move for him.

James Garner (right)


Potentially the end of this little project, maybe Bundesliga 2 is next on the agenda if I can be bothered

Cheers Kieran 😁

Already mentioned on the forum but Nathan Collins (20) has moved to Burnley for 14 million euros, great signing, they have a really talented central defender on their hands

4th in the list for the most expensive u21 transfers of the summer, Jadon Sancho has topped this today however.

🇭🇷 Joško Gvardiol ➡️ Leipzig 19M€

🇨🇮 Hamed Junior Traorè ➡️ Sassuolo 16M€

🇫🇷 Mohamed Simakan ➡️ Leipzig 15M€

🇮🇪 Nathan Collins ➡️ Burnley 14M€

🇧🇫 Lassina Traoré ➡️ Shakhtar 10M€

🇫🇷 Jean-Clair Todibo ➡️ Nice 8,5M€

Collins should be a good riser this season also.

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On 6/29/2021 at 2:55 PM, Soccahappy said:

Reminder: The players below are quite likely to lose a chunk of value on 1st July 2021.

Players with Odd years on their birthdayabove 21 are reduced in value by SM at the first day of the month following their birthday. Putting it another way  in clarification,  players who turn into even years on their birthday do NOT lose value until they get much older, around 28 (Ageing). These are my best estimates of receding values.  I am concentrating on players turning into 23yo’s and 25y’os as the others are much more varied & complicated to forecast. 


Eberechi Eze added recently. Cheers Socca 😃

Spreadsheet Result for Birthdays in June 2021


Almost £30m reduction. Demarai Gray might have been an error on my part in inputting a wrong Valuation of 7M instead of 6M. BUT SM as I remember sometimes inflate valuations to then reduce them later, something @topofthebilly has come across and I have noticed many times in the past too. That is why I am never predicting a certainty on these but use the word estimate. 

Anyway I hope this has been a help already but now u can buy any of the above at a bargain price that should stay the same for another 2 whole years.

Now the BIG5 Reviews are over again until December (BIG5 Winter Review) I will have hopefully just enough time to continue these estimates on a monthly basis. 

Thanks for the Forum’s interest and support for the Spreadsheet, which is greatly appreciated, Cheers Socca😀

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Luka Gagnidze (18) following up from the news of Luka joining Dinamo Moscow from his native Georgia, I’m bringing to you a report on a delightful little playmaker.


Luka is a free roaming playmaker who can pop up on the left and right, also in the centre he can play a number of positions from 6 to 8 to 10. Not only strengthening a team offensively but also very useful in defence with his high work rate and tenacity in the tackle.

He’s a player who can dictate the tempo of a game with his vision and willingness to always receive the ball. He has the ability to turn into a top class midfielder.

Gagnidze broke into the Dinamo Tbilisi team last season making 15 appearances scoring 1 goal and assisting 3.

SM rating - 73

Value - 300k

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