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Sir Rahul

Rahul W's rating predictions

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1 hour ago, ProfeQuintero said:

No offense to the Czech league, but are we ready to move on to the big 5 already?  

If a team unexpectedly qualifies for Champions or Europa League (Betis, Burnley) will that give players +1/2 greater than expected?

Nah, Greece to come next. I've no idea after that.

Personally, I would say it makes a welcome change after last season where they reviewed the big 5 too early. This year they can wait to see who is promoted and relegated and who has won honours.

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17 hours ago, Gaelgoir said:

Lingard or Luis Alberto?

Decisions, decisions. Both at the 7m mark, same age and due a rise

Luis Alberto higher potential in my eyes.on fringes off Spain squad as well. 

10 hours ago, Real Xabi said:

Hey so I have a few players that I’d like some advice on whether to sell or keep before their league ratings happen. Sell in order to buy other players with a chance to go up.  Thanks for the help.

Serie A

Callejón 91 +1? (finally or too old? Tied for 4th highest assists in league)

Falqué 89 +1? (2nd best player behind Ljajic in Torino this season according to Whoscored)

Leandro Cabrera 83 +2? (Since joining Getafe on loan mid season, he’s been 3rd best player according to Whoscored)

Ligue 1

Mariano Díaz 87 +2? (Tied for 4th hishesthoalscirer with 18 goals)

Pedro Mendes 86 +1 or sell? (7th  est player in Montpellier according to whoscored)

La Liga

Willian José 89 +1? (14 goals this season, tied for 10th highest in la liga)

Nacho 90 +1? (has been so influential no matter where he plays)

Rodrigo Moreno 90 +1?

Parejo 90 +1?

Ruben Sobrino 80 +3?

Borja Garcia 85 +1 or sell?

Raul de Tomas 83 +2?

Fernando Pacheco 86 +1? (Most saves in la liga)


Mariano should easily get +2 scores more goals than Falcao. Lyon team rated too low they will finish 2nd as well.


Parejo and Rodrigo both 91 also as Nacho good chance although has been injured for the past few weeks.


Raul De Tomas plays in Segunda might be due amove though

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18 hours ago, shaoshao said:

@Sir Rahul

Thanks for your help concerning my Iniesta issue. I wanted to know if the following was a good deal?

MASCHERANO and Iniesta for Sterling or Gorestka and CHRISTENSEN

hmm, Sterling + Christensen

18 hours ago, jbradley16731590 said:

Trade in Hannes Wolf for Mason Mount? 


13 hours ago, Agar84 said:

Michael Kane can reach 89?


12 hours ago, jonhyscp said:

Buy Wijnaldum and sell Adrien Silva?


12 hours ago, Masheds said:

salah and icardi for there messi?


11 hours ago, AK_Indian said:

Kehrer or Klostermann? Need a defender and can only buy one at the moment.

Kehrer (both good)

1 hour ago, thorgan lesar said:

Ibrahima Konaté worth buying ?


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On 18/07/2017 at 11:54 AM, Sir Rahul said:


Viktoria Plzen:

Reznik +1 to 84- yes

Hejda +1 to 84- yes

Kovarik -1 to 83- yes

Hajek +1 to 83- yes

Ivanschitz -2 to 83- -3 to 82

Krmencik +1 to 85- +2 to 86

Havel +1 to 83- nope

Bakos +1 to 83- nope


Slavia Praha:

Stoch -1 to 86- yes

Danny -2 to 86- yes

Necid -1 to 85- yes

Jugas +2 to 84- yes

Boril +1 to 84- yes

Sykora -1 to 84- yes

Kolar +2 to 82- yes

Flo -1 to 82- yes

Kovar -2 to 80- yes

Sobol +1 to 84- +2 to 85

Soucek +1 to 84- +2 to 85

Lastuvka +1 to 84- -1 to 82

Frydrych +1 to 84- nope

Van Buren +1 to 83- nope

Svento -2 to 83- nope

Tecl -1 to 82- nope

Kudela -2 to 80- nope


Sparta Praha:

Mavuba -2 to 85- yes

Biabiany -2 to 85- yes

Kaya -2 to 85- yes

Ben Haim -1 to 84- yes

Vacha -1 to 83- yes

Bicik -2 to 80- yes

Lafata -1 to 84- -2 to 83

Michal Kadlec -1 to 85- -3 to 83

Kulhanek +2 to 78- +4 to 80

Vaclav Kadlec -1 to 85- nope

Stanciu -2 to 85- nope

Zahustel +1 to 84- nope

Nita -1 to 84- nope

Kanga -1 to 84- nope

Stetina +1 to 83- nope

Hovorka +1 to 83- nope

not too bad

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On 26/06/2017 at 9:08 PM, Sir Rahul said:


AEK Athens:

Christodoulopoulos +1 to 86

Araujo +1 to 86

Vranjes +1 to 85

Galo +1 to 84

Lopes +1 to 84

Bakasetas +1 to 84

Chygrynskiy +1 to 84

Kone -1 to 84

Hult -1 to 84

Bakkakis +3 to 83

Anestis +2 to 82

Galanapoulos +2 to 80

Tsinsotas +2 to 80



Vierinha -1 to 87

Prijovic +1 to 86

El Kaddouri -1 to 86

Matos +1 to 85

Crespo +1 to 85

Canas -1 to 85

Pelkas +1 to 84

Azevedo -1 to 84

Paschalakis +2 to 82

Limnios +2 to 82



Mirallas -1 to 88

Proto +1 to 86

Odjidja-Ofoe +1 to 86

Martins -1 to 86

Ansarifard +1 to 85

Koutris +4 to 84

Cisse +2 to 84

Nikolaou +4 to 80


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3 hours ago, shaoshao said:

Thanks do you think Mash will drop this run?

wonder if they review him with Barcelona

1 hour ago, unforgiven said:

any cheap defender to recommend? one day can rise to 90? I am playing them straight to first team now. thanks.

good suggestions above

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3 minutes ago, Sir Rahul said:

wonder if they review him with Barcelona

good suggestions above

Mash is in China though no? By the way he didn't want the deal.l so back to the drawing board in my plan to sell Iniesta.

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