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Rahul W's rating predictions

Rahul W

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31 minutes ago, Milanista1 said:

Soccer Wiki for the fans, by the fans

Saturday 16/10/2021

Player edits:

6 and 3/4 of a page of edits today. I will only make mention of any under 22's I managed to find, and of any club with 3+ edits. SW have really been all over the place today.

SM GW's: The rating changes for many Colombian players have come through today. 


KF Egnatia - 🥇


Dinamo Zagreb - 1 = Martin Baturina (18) (70). As you'd imagine he's already in the first team squad, mainly coming on/going off as a sub. Haven also already played in the CL this season as well.

(To me) Baturina most certainly looks like a player who is worth buying. 

NK Locamotiva - 1 = Lukas Kacavenda (18) (73). He's started the season of reasonably well.  Don't really know much about him (yet) or how talented he really is. I only read that his play style is similar to that of Mason Mount. 


Bogota FC - 3 


Wolverhamton Wanderers - 1 = James Pardington (21) (65) (currently with the under 23 side). He's very lowly rated on SM. So may be we can assume that he could be in for a very small rise. A positional change wouldn't make any sense becasue he's a goalkeeper!......🤔 But come to think of it he's still only 21 so he may have grown in height or even grown some facial hair in the last few weeks. 😀



Chayka Peschanokopskoye - 3 

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Ismaeli Sarr's Liverpool transfer audition will be interesting to watch today.

Mirupafshim amicos. 

Pardington edit was squad number

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8 hours ago, JordanW1130 said:

All 4 bid get rejected. Back to square one now. I have identify a few players that I can try to use Kabak & Mbuku +1M  

Lorenzo (90) , Belotti (91) , Plea (91), Rebic (90) , Joaquin Correa (90) , Allan Saint-Maximin (89) & Malen (88). should I make a bid for both of my player with any of the striker? My only concern for making a bud for Lorenzo is he is more like a winger and afraid he will lose his FC. Currently I am using kamada (89) temporary as he might lose his FC soon. 

in cgw 

Well not a great lot to choose from, Belotti only played  115mins so far this season, Rebic & Correa not much better with Rafael Leao and Brahim Diaz doing better minutes and goals then them. The in form players are Saint-Maximin and Malen has plenty of minutes at Dortmund but are much lesser rated

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On 10/15/2021 at 6:31 AM, AeyDawn said:

On the topic of Schick, how would you rate Dušan VLAHOVIĆ, Sasa KALAJDZIC, Alexander ISAK, Jonathan DAVID against him? 

Vlahovic is not renewing his contract.   He is not cup tied in Europe.  Fiorentina must sell him winter or next summer.  He has a lot of potential still, though at the moment he is more a true 9 and needs service.  

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2 hours ago, Diego luis said:

Tomori +1 or +2?

If he continues to the review in December at the same rate of mins he would get at least a plus1 with a 50/50 chance of plus 2 if Milan stay so high in the table. The higher the better.

1 hour ago, SomeNextGuy said:

Saelemaekers + Ben White for Gerard Moreno

Those 2 aren't enough value for Gerard Merino, so u would have to add £5.84m at least and probably still would get turned down???.

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On 10/15/2021 at 9:23 PM, Id rather be in SW19 said:

in a CGW am I mad to offer lingard and K Walker for Dybala? Decent deal.  I am conceding goals even with walker, savic klostermann and kjaer at the back so deciding to go for a big guy up front, but worry lingard may leave Utd and go get big at barca or similar. I let smith rowe go when he was 80 rated just before he bloomed into the player he is now, dont want to make another mistake like that

It's sounds like your having tactical trouble. If you need advice on formation and tactics please PM me. 

However consider that i'm no expert on tactics - i'm always changing and chopping my formation/tactics. 

3 hours ago, Diego luis said:

Tomori +1 or +2? Plus 1 first. 

Rarely CB's jump up + 2, especially in the winter review


2 hours ago, SomeNextGuy said:

Saelemaekers + Ben White for Gerard Moreno? No amico. It's not a strong enough deal in my view. 


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So i've been thinking, we all enjoy playing SM however, I wonder if any of us on here are actually in the same GW?

Anyone in GW275? Ive been a manager in this league for several years and built up my team from the bottom.

Anyone else in this GW or got one which they wouldnt mind others joining?

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Soccer Wiki for the fans, by the fans

Sunday 17/10/2021

Player edits:

1 and 3/4 of a page today. A very quiet and random lot of edits today (maninly clubs based in Romania). 😀

However, I will go through each player to see if I can find player's who are 23 or under.


KV Mechelen  - 1 = Laurens SYMONS (20) (70).


Norwich City - 1 = Isak THORVALDSSON (20) (67). Deja vu? I could have sworn he and the Belgian player was edited last week.

Stoke City - 1 = Tom Edwards (22) (78) (RB).


It sounds like "Tom the Terminator" ("I made that up") has started of well on loan at NY Red Bulls.

Romania! 🥇 

Ceahlăul - 1 = Adrian Ster (23) (67). I believe he's already played 198 minutes this season. Maybe he's in for a +10 (only kidding). 😀

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

SM GW's rating changes: More of Colombia has come through today.

La revedere amicos. 🙂


Edited by Milanista1
A change to the wording.
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19 hours ago, Diego luis said:

Andreas Christensen or Konaté or Le Normand?

Thank you

Got to be Christensen 6 full 90mins for a Chelsea side riding high in first place.

Yes Le Normand at Sociedad at top of table too and 100% minutes but SM denied him a 90 last season when he had similar good stats. He will also lose 2m off his valuation on 1st December (Odd Birthday decline).

Konate not in the picture at all yet with 7 lots of zero minutes on the bench and 90 mins only this season in total ( 18th Sept )

Has to be Christensen with Chelsea's squad cap at 94 as opposed to Sociedad's 90. Less room for Le Normand to rise.

16 hours ago, PokerDaddy said:

Calvert-Lewin or Schick/Thorsvedt+6m? I have the duo

Schick is the most important part of this deal with the cash & other player a bonus

7 hours ago, Emy Ionescu said:

Hi guys,

My Gnabry for:

1. Sane + P.Porro

2. Sane + S.Diop

3. Sane + P.Daka

IMO, I think all 3 are too little for Gnabry. YES


What do you think?

Sane is doing better at Bayern & similar stats to Gnabry so far this season which makes the deal much closer but it's because Coman has been injured & instead of sharing minutes with Sane. So Coman might well be back again soon.

Close but I'd keep Gnabry unless the others who are all doing relatively well would make the difference. I would have taken Sofiane Diop of the 3.

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2 hours ago, Emy Ionescu said:

Hi guys, would you give Gnabry for:

1. Fofana/Cunha + Musiala + Szoboszlai

2. Musiala + Szoboszlai + Odoi + Trincao/R.Ibanez

Thanks 😊


I find it hard to visualise how u could trade a 93 even for the four of Musiala + Szoboszlai + Odoi + Trincao. It would probably require you to be without a 93 for years and would any of them play say next season?

If Gnabry is totally surplus to your side then ok at some point in the future these players will be more valuable than he is, so only in these circumstances do the deal for Musiala + Szoboszlai + Odoi + Trincao.

You must have a great squad Emy.

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Soccer Wiki for the fans, by the fans

(Slow motion) Monday 18/10/2021

Player edits: 

1/2 a page of edits today. 😕


LK Lokomotiva - 1Marko Dabro (24) (77). He could be in for a decent rise, he has 5 goals in 11 apps so far this season. In my view he's quite lowly rated for someone who is one of the team's main goal threats (looks a good money maker).


KR Reykjavík - 1 = Oddur Ingi Bjarnason (20) (65). He did get a healthy amount of gametime last season with the first team squad. Bjarnason hasn't had a rating review since being added to the database.


Deportivo Lara - 1 = Freddy Vargas (22) (75).

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

SM GW's rating changes: Colombia & Uruguay 

(in slowmotion) Goooood daaaaay amicoooos🙂

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