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Sir Rahul

Rahul W's rating predictions

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12 hours ago, Kev said:

A few people going a bit off topic in the last couple of days. Can you lot get your own thread and go and be bitter and patronising to each other there? 


11 hours ago, TMNT said:

What value will Sergio Busquets drop to? He's just turned 30 so I'm assuming he'll drop from 44.5m soon... & how long will it be til he drops? A few weeks?

not sure

8 hours ago, francesco.mormi@hotmail.it said:

Hi, who do you think are the best U21 players in the game? (Which value is not over 11-12)

I'm having a carrer with Atalanta and I'm trying to make a team full of young players, right now I'm trying to buy those players:

P.LIROLA (Sassuolo)


D.ĆALETA-CAR (Salzburg)

J.MERÉ (Köln)

M.SARR (Nice)


N.BARELLA (Cagliari)

O.NDIDI (Leicester)

Those are the players I made an offer for, I'm pretty happy with those ones. Do you think I should change any of them with someone else? I'm not sure about Merè, maybe I can change him with Riedewald, who do you think is better? Do you know any other player it should be worth to made an offer for?

Thank you.

good names

2 hours ago, Islelovesoccer said:

Will there be World Cup risers?

will be out of the blue if it happens 

1 hour ago, sm1979 said:

Any idea what league review might be next or very soon? Want a couple of cheap risers to make a bit of money.


51 minutes ago, hesselink said:




Rony Lopes

A. Diawara




Keep or trade?

I'd keep all for now

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3 minutes ago, hesselink said:

Best in game on AMC position:

Ozil, Alcantara, Koke, Reus, Mkhitaryan


Koke as a AMC in a 4-2-3-1 average 94:

22 SSC Napoli Divisão 1 30 (0) 9 22 3 8,03 4 0
21 SSC Napoli Divisão 1 34 (0) 11 27 5 8,18 3 2
20 SSC Napoli Divisão 1 35 (0) 12 26 3 7,86 7 1

Real happy with him :)

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14 hours ago, TMNT said:

Carvajal's had an average season, he's not the best RB in the world. Note how he's stuck on 93 while Casemiro & Varane got bumped to 93 last upgrade. There's a reason for that. 

The fact he had an average season doesnt mean he cant be the best at his position. The rises of other players nothing have to do with that either. The point here is that its easier to find top central backs than top RB’s, relatively young, and that will either rise or stay at high ratings for quiet some time, and he currently possesses ARGUABLY the best in that position.

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