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Rahul W's rating predictions

Rahul W

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10 hours ago, jonhyscp said:

Fabinho or Weigl?


8 hours ago, Andrew-MUFC said:

I need some help guys,

Sanches or Meyer or Under ?


Sanches could be revived by Kovac, but Under is safe rn

6 hours ago, hesselink said:

What's happening with career of Cedric Soares? In my opinion, he is on the top of list of the best RBs, but it still plays in the team that was close to relegation to the Championship. Is there any transfer news?

not too sure

2 hours ago, Atkin92 said:

Sule, pavard or De Ligt?


1 hour ago, Yuasa said:

Keep two eyes on Pedro of fluminense. He scores around 1 goal per game, and tonight he has scored 😎


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7 hours ago, Stace said:

Zielinski or Brozovic, who should I have bought? I bought Brozovic already, but the above questions have made me curious now. 

hmm, I'd still go for Zielinski

1 hour ago, Roachy said:

My luis saurez I have Dybala and messi anyway and a wage bill that is killing me 

I also have an squad of mainly older players so this may change peoples answers

anyway saurez for tah and belloti would you do this

no, need better players

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