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Rahul W's rating predictions

Rahul W

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11 hours ago, Grembo said:

Who would be a better buy Lingard or Pulisic?


13 hours ago, take it easy# said:

Mariano Diaz or Cengiz Under for Houssem Aouar ? 

Fabian Ruiz sell or keep ?  

Politano or Castillejo ?

Smolov can rise for 90 ?

I'd hold on to Diaz and Under for now

Keep lol



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On 7/1/2017 at 2:09 PM, Sir Rahul said:


Lech Poznan:

Situm +1 to 83- yes

Rogne -1 to 82- yes

Gumny +5 to 82- +6 to 83

Gytkjaer +1 to 84

Dilaver +1 to 84

Gajos +1 to 84

Kostevych +1 to 84

Tralka +1 to 83

Majewski +1 to 83

Jozwiak +1 to 78



Bezjak -2 to 83- yes

Mitrovic +2 to 82- yes

Novikovas +2 to 82- +3 to 83

Kwiecien +2 to 78- +1 to 77

Romanchuk +1 to 83

Burliga +2 to 82

Kelemen +2 to 82

Wlazlo +2 to 80

Pawelek -2 to 80


Legia Warsaw:

Mauricio -1 to 85- yes

Niezgoda +3 to 83- yes

Radovic -2 to 83- yes

Eduardo -2 to 83- yes

Jodlowiec -2 to 83- yes

Szymanski +4 to 80- +6 to 82

Broz +1 to 83- -2 to 80

Malarz +2 to 84- nope


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32 minutes ago, TMNT said:

I had Gumny +6 to 83 Szymanski +6 to 82 so I was very happy with that Poland update. It was especially helpful in my scouting league where I can only sign players rated up to 80... Gumny's my new starting full back & he can play both flanks. 



in fact just earn a little

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On 10/25/2016 at 11:54 AM, Sir Rahul said:

My rating predictions for all threads. Links below direct to the named league. I can do teams/leagues on demand- but not every team from a league as some aren't really relevant/significant.

Tip: Control + F to search for which ever player you want. 


Predictions done:

Poland Ekstraklasa

Incomplete predictions done:


Review done:

Argentina Primera División

Brazil Série A

Dutch Eredivisie

Portugal Liga NOS

Turkey Süper Lig


Russia Premier League

Belgium Jupiler League

Ukraine Premier League

Austria Bundesliga

Switzerland Super League

Czech Republic First League

Greece Super League

England Championship

Germany Bundesliga

France Ligue 1

England Premier League

Italy Serie A

Spain La Liga

Croatia 1.HNL

Scotland Premiership

Wonder who gets reviewed after Poland's done

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10 hours ago, Tharanidharan said:

Henrichs + Guedes Vs Bernardo Silva?

I've got Bellerin, Odriozola and Henrichs  at RB. 

Sterling, Guedes, Chiesa, Bailey at wings. 

Thought of upgrading my wing unit. 

I would get Bernardo looking at your options

5 hours ago, JAMancini said:

Superb Phil Foden today.


1 hour ago, ombarcagunners said:

Robben + Ribery for Mbappé? I should give Mbappé away?


24 minutes ago, Ersavitzs said:

Guys, sign Riqui Puig asap 😏

yep, and Hudson-Odoi

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