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Rahul W's rating predictions

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11 hours ago, Atkin92 said:

What are people thinking about Renato Sanches? Chance to rise to 89 this year? Had a good season from what I’ve heard..

No way

16 hours ago, jagerbob said:

0/99 would be a more accurate prediction.

The guy hasn't played hardly at all 400 odd minutes from a possible 1800. Infact he is injured isn't he? and his club have been dire in the ECL and don't they sit 2nd bottom of the French league?

Yep..its better that way....if u dont know dont answer

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14 minutes ago, Middle_Finger said:

Jack Wilshere has spoken! 


13 minutes ago, TMCosta said:

2-1 (Brasil, México)-(Turkey) :)

Edimilson Fernandes? +2 or +3?

Kranevitter? How is he doing? Buy?

As someone suggested, I think those little Turkey reviews were just for the lead up to Christmas! Anyway, I'm confident that I'm back on form, and not a one off decent game like Wilshere! More consistent performer, you know, like Giorgi Chakvetadze, just EnglishChakvetadze just doesn't have the same ring to it. It's going to be 3-1, sure of it.

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On 11/20/2018 at 1:54 PM, Middle_Finger said:

F. Ruiz or A. Silva of Seville or Simeone or Iwobi

Can buy only one. Please state your preference.

I really like Simeone, like FR as well but short on mins to rise so Simeone 4Me

22 hours ago, Ângelo Andrade said:

Do you guys think its a good deal sell Boateng?

Boateng and cash for koulibaly and icardi, its a good deal?

After you've done this deal I want to know who he is and I'll ask if I can buy his house for a couple of quid 😋😆 

16 hours ago, Atkin92 said:

What are people thinking about Renato Sanches? Chance to rise to 89 this year? Had a good season from what I’ve heard..

I watched him play for Swansea on loan the season they got relegated and he was awful I mean pathetically awful! What's happened since then to get these minutes for a top class club I can barely imagine. No rise this review he needs to show consistency again...

4 hours ago, EnglishPirlo said:

France review will start next I think, that'll be the start of the top European leagues. Within a week I guess, after they League 1 or 2, whichever their doing. But it starts soon! 😀

Yippee it's going to be a week late if it starts in a couple of days.

1 hour ago, Ersavitzs said:

Rise percentage on:

Lucas Moura (50-50?)

Suso (70-30?)

Was decided to sign Suso, but Moura can play now as Center FWD. I don't have that position covered (just Benzema) and im really confused now :(


LM 50-50, Suso 80-20 is my feeling for this next review. Then definitely Moura in Summer if not this one soon.

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A classificação dos seguintes jogadores será alterada? Acham que devo vender ou comprar quais deles? 


Maxi Gomez: 88: +1? 

Fabian Ruiz: 88 + 1? 

Andre Silva: 89 + 1?

Cutrone: 87 +1? 

Mariano Diaz: 89 + 1? 

Radamel Falcão: 91 -1? 

Joe Gomez: 87 + 1 ou 2? 

Mahrez: 91 + 1? 

Andy Robertson: 89 + 1? 

Aouar: 88 + 1? 

Maguire: 88 + 1 ou 2? 

Alexandre-Arnold: 87 + 2? 

Ferland Mendy (lyon): 87 + 1? 

Benjamin Mendy: 90 + 1? 

Laporte Aymeric: 90 + 1? 

Milenkovic: 86 + 2? 

Antonio Valência: 91 -1? 

Piszczek: 90-1? 

Reus: 93 + 1? 

Vaclik: 87 + 2? 

Kepa Arrizabalaga: 90 + 1? 

Firpo (betis): 83 + 4?

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11 minutes ago, JAMancini said:

At the end of the season.

Tolisso wasn’t even capped by France when he got the plus 2 88-90 in winter.

Set the standard with that rise in my opinion. 89 not enough as should have had 89 last time around when Lo Celso got it despite being average for PSG.

I think he will. Looking forward to finding out haha


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