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Rahul W's rating predictions

Rahul W

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32 minutes ago, sm1979 said:

No rise for Rabiot? Seems very harsh.

maybe tomorrow but probably not

1 hour ago, hesselink said:

Saint-Etienne?? Nothing?

strangely the few changes made I didn't predict, and none of my predictions came true for ASSE

1 hour ago, achimitom04 said:

Sander berge from genk ?


1 hour ago, Bud said:

One between rodri kessie and amiri? 


21 minutes ago, Krooss25 said:

Ligue 1 finished?? @Sir Rahul

last day of PSG tomorrow

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3 hours ago, achimitom04 said:

Worth keeping Carles ALEÑA ,mates?

worth seeing if he gets more gametime after Rafinha's injury. keep for now.

12 minutes ago, ombarcagunners said:

Djene to 88?


1 minute ago, KERSPALT! said:

Harry Wilson +2/+3?

+3 first, then +2 at the end of season/Championship review would be my guess

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A big shout out to Sir Rahul, once again, for being the driving force behind this thread and to the many insightful contributors. After 10 years on SM, it's gratifying to see there is still a pool of committed forumers.

My question: Richarlison of Everton rated 87 is tagged for a +1 rise. What are his chances of a +2 ?

Thanks in advance, gents

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