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Rahul W's rating predictions

Rahul W

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On 12/23/2018 at 1:01 PM, Edson Lisboa said:

Muito obrigado, vou comprar VVD. 

Don't understand 😅

20 hours ago, Scottydaboy said:

i can get mbappe for isco and varane, pricey but its mbappe? thoughts

Depends on your squad. Mbappe has really high potential to go 95++

18 hours ago, guille.314@hotmail.com said:

Would you exchange Bonucci (It's mine) for Lenglet and Umtiti? My defense is Walker, Chielinni, DVD, Alex Sandro, Miranda and Pepe. 

Without doubt it is a yes

3 hours ago, Tharanidharan said:

Busquets or Kroos?

Carvajal or Walker?

Rashford or Chiesa? 




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Umtiti rises, whilst Jordi alba stays again!

varane rises and Dani Caravhal stays again

What for?

Cos he won one world cup, pretty sure Alba has one world cups euros, ECLs, even scored in finals.

The full back bias on SM is pathetic.

And on what basis Diego costa and edison cavani to drop, yet luis suarez on his already inflated 96 stays.

If you are gonna drop cavani for being at psg and a crappy french league, then why not drop neymar too.

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9 hours ago, Un Sandpiper said:

Kane to rise? Or should I swap him for Mbappe?

Of course swap. I am surprised your rival want to swap his mbappe with your kane

9 hours ago, siminho83 said:

27M for Golovin, keep or sell ?

I agree with sandpiper, depends on how valuable the cash. If you can spend it on other player to make your squad better, take it. If not, I'll keep golovin

5 hours ago, fredbelsilva said:

Hamsik and Mahrez plus 30M (not really important) for Eriksen. Should i accept?

Nope. Eriksen surpasses those two. I suppose hamsik will get -1 in next two reviews. Mahrez will stay and probably eriksen too. If 30 M is not important, it is bad deal

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