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Rahul W's rating predictions

Rahul W

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36 minutes ago, ProfeQuintero said:

How do you all rate Denis Zakaria?  Not starting regularly in Bubdesliga.  What is his ceiling?

I rate him highly. The team seemed to do worse with him in it. He has some disciplines to learn but still very young. But I remember Tottenham kept losing with Bale in it too. He's not Bale obviously but has a higher ceiling than anyone on his team

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3 hours ago, nofoff said:

Yes, really

Had the chance to take Pavard, but didn't do it because I have Upamecano - Laporte as a duo (Akanji and Kehrer back-up and De Ligt 3th choice).. . 

That's why I said "really ?". I only know him as a RB because of the WC and I didn't take my offer seriously. I offered some money just to make sure the other manager pays a little bit more :)

I'm regretting I didn't go further

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10 hours ago, JAMancini said:

My question is about Milinkovic-Savic:

I think that in Lazio will be very difficult to get +92 and his season is being disappointing.

He will be 24 years old next February and I don't see him with a big impact in a big club short term.

Sell now with his value in 24 M?



If you are totally mental

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On 12/26/2018 at 9:41 PM, jlammy said:

What's up with Rabiot at PSG? Worth keeping? 

Rabiot and PSG have failed in the negociation for renewing the player's contract.

For two years now Rabiot refuses to play as a 6, as he wants a more glamorous and offensive role. He is a bit stubborn and his mother and agent may ill-advises him. Now the club has decided enough is enough and they will keep him out of the first squad for the rest of the season.

This means Rabiot will not play competitive football until he finds a new club in the summer, in short no football for him until august 2019. He won't be part of the french national team either, as he fell out with Didier Deschamps before the last world cup.

But, he has the potential to be a 94/95 midfielder in one or two years if a big club finds a way to "tame the beast"...


My advice : keep him even if he stays at 91 for at least a whole year, or get rid of him and sign Frenkie DeJong ;)

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