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Rahul W's rating predictions

Rahul W

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59 minutes ago, athaarva said:

bernardo silva +1?

Decent chance, should have this by end of season at worst.

6 hours ago, The punch said:

am I the only one who think that hazard can rise to 96 in 2-3 days ?  he is in the shape of his life + performance wc

Would be flabbergasted to see him hit 96. Don’t personally see him at that level. He was about 12 games without a goal until recently. Even Lukaku looked good at the World Cup.

1 hour ago, !¡BµKa🔑 said:

Akanji OR Bellerin

Akanji. More chance of going past 90 by end of the season.

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5 hours ago, ProfeQuintero said:

Half a season does not qualify you to be 88.  Especially for a player who does not play European/International football.


ake, Netherlands international.

88 would rank him above Tarkowski, Dunk and Lascelles.  The first two have played in friendlies for England this year.  Tarkowski played in EL qualifiers.

you should be more upset about those players not being 88.

I just want respect for 'older players' (players in best football years). The players, without whom these young people could not even make progress. 

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1 hour ago, thorgan lesar said:

Trade Milinkovic-Savic for Bernardo Silva ?

Don't know yet if Bernardo Silva is a smart move for me to be my 'nr. 8' or do you guys see him as a '10' ? 

Both really good but Silva already at a top level club so that’s the major difference. 

As far as position is concerned it makes no difference as long as its one of their registered positions on SM. I’m sure he will perform similarly in both but perhaps score and assist more in the “No 10” as it’s more advanced on the pitch

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19 hours ago, Damien1990 said:

So you're saying because he has had fewer minutes he hasn't been as good or is less deserving than them of a rise? You can't have watched him enough if you're saying Martial hasn't been that good overall. He is more of a moments player but he has done so much more than score 8 goals and has been one of our best players so far this season. Without the contributions (particularly against those above us in the table), Mourinho would have probably been sacked a month ago.

He has created plenty of chances that should have been converted but weren't, and as they haven't been, he hasn't got an assist despite winning the penalty Pogba converted a while back and laying plenty of chances on a plate. Against Cardiff alone he set up five chances (the most of anyone on either team) and though we beat Huddersfield, we did miss him. 

What he has done for us should be enough, but I can see him not getting it purely because of where we are in the table.

Of course based on just minutes no i would not deny him (see alcacer for example). you picked but one of the criteria that i mentioned there. its just one part of the cocktail equation that makes me think no. Primarily its Man united that will be the thing making me doubt. I have watched him a bit, although i openly confess the only team i watch 100% of minutes of every year is Arsenal so if youve watched 100% United you would see more than me, although you can have your own team glasses on sometimes with rating.


If he does get i wouldnt riot, it wouldnt be like Manolas 92 for example! but i dont think he has done enough, is good enough on current form (for a half season length of time) and most certainly United not good enough for him to get it. that said, SM have always been quite generous with 'big' sides having a bad season. They tend to not punish those teams as hard for underperfoming on the 1 season length of time as they always seem bounce back.

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