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Rahul W's rating predictions

Rahul W

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4 hours ago, Damien1990 said:

I disagree personally. Might be too soon for Sane (didn't go to WC) but would be fair for Sterling. Sterling should have got to 92 about six months before he did, and when he did rise with Sane, Jesus somehow got a rise as well which still makes no sense at all to me.

Sterling (92) at City: 55 goals, 58 assists, 167 apps
Sane (92) at City: 33 goals, 36 assists, 112 apps
Mane (93) at Liverpool: 42 goals, 20 assists, 99 apps


Can see your point, but for me 92 is fine. Sterling wasn’t anything special at the World Cup to justify a rating increase within the last few months. The likes of Son at Spurs has similar stats.

If we basing ratings entirely on stats then we have a serious issue.

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2 hours ago, le Professeur said:

Best budget GK.. Vaclik (Sevilla) or Olsen (Roma) or other similar priced keeper? (sorry already asked this! More opinions please) 

Olsen had great world cup has made some fantastic one saves already for Roma however the next manager may want another goalkeeper they are sniffing around. Vaclik is rated higher on transfermrkt so SM will push to 90. So I think Olsen is better Vaclik higher on SM. If Butland got a move from stoke in the summer he could go high too

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4 hours ago, Mickbor59 said:

GameWord very competitive...i give immobile and tah for Walker it's interessant?

Thank you

I'd keep the duo.

4 hours ago, Dandie said:

Can sign one of Muller, Nainggolan, Higuain or Ozil? What does everyone think?


Probably Higuain from that lot. 

4 hours ago, The punch said:

and lingard ? 

He scored a blinder at the World Cup 😉

2 hours ago, le Professeur said:

Best budget GK.. Vaclik (Sevilla) or Olsen (Roma) or other similar priced keeper? (sorry already asked this! More opinions please) 

I bought Vaclik in a couple of GWs recently because his rating and place in the team look very secure. That would be my pick for sure. He could get a rise in the summer even. 

2 hours ago, Middle_Finger said:

Is Brekalo of Wolfsburg still a good talent to buy?

For what it's worth, Uefa included him in their top 50 young players for 2019...

2 hours ago, Beatz said:

Musa Barrow has he gone off the boil?

Also, Paco Alcacer or Kai Havertz? I currently have Alcacer but have the chance to trade in for Havertz.




1 hour ago, crvena_zvezda said:

The problem is they can't be held accountable, because I wouldn't imagine they'd give a a reasonable explanation for the dreadful slowness of the review. 😠

That's the most annoying thing. You can't get hold of them to speak to. I've said it before, but worst customer service of pretty much any company I can think of. 

1 hour ago, Krooss25 said:

Batshuayi is he now done at big teams considering he's 25? Should I sell I have many amazing young fowards I can wait on as all my first team are 92 plus now after 9 years of buying and selling lol 

Might as well cash in if you have that much of a good team and youngsters coming through. Can't see Batshuayi ever becoming a world beater, but he can still do OK if things go well for him. 

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