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Sir Rahul

Rahul W's rating predictions

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42 minutes ago, Amar said:


What has the World Cup got to do with it? VVD didn't play and Sterling for example didn't do anything of note in the World Cup either. Sterling for example has scored JUST 2 more goals than Leroy Sane in the league as their assists remain virtually the same in the league.

If you look at Sane for example in comparison to Mane in the league.


Leroy Sane

32 games 10 goals and 15 assists in the league

Sadio Mane

29 games 10 goals and 7 assists in the league.


Leroy Sane

19 games 7 goals and 7 assists

Sadio Mane

19 games 8 goals and 1 assist


You are looking at it the wrong way. Sterling's performance was on a consistent level from the beginning of the season. Sane just recently notched up most of those stats. And WC and international matches have everything to do with it. Netherlands are in the semi of new international cup by beating two very good teams. Yes sterling didn't do much and in that theory Sane literally sat at home. 

And what's with the argument with Mane? Just coz Sane has better stats for 4-6 months he should surpass or be equal to it? 

City and LFC were excellent reviews according to me. Koulibaly and VVD are the best defenders at present and the rating shows. 

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3 hours ago, The punch said:

never lol

Didn't you say "Salah 95? Lol No no"

Never say never. Sterling seems to be dropping off the last few games though. So unless City can win and Sterling plays a big role, 94 is tough, but hardly never.

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3 hours ago, thorgan lesar said:

A question for everyone. :)

From wich country are you guys ? 


If you don't want to say that's no problem.

You already now but I'm Belgian, @1000dB too 

@TMCosta from Portugal. The rest I don't know :)


2 hours ago, The punch said:

oh non un belge

I'm from Belgium as well...

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