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Rahul W's rating predictions

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Hi all, As you have seen, I have not really been active over the past few months other than updating my preds. It's just been me phasing out of the forum. Now that the reviews are done, I can say

Just noticed this thread has crossed 1 million views, 23k odd replies, 930 pages.  I know this is 3 and a half years old but I never intended for this to monopolise the forum back then (I would h

Page 200- didn't think we'd get here when I started this casually- thanks all

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12 hours ago, TMCosta said:

J. Calleri +1? Its time...no? 

Depends if he's reviewed in the Spanish review or not until the Argentine review in the winter maybe. If they cover him in the Spanish review then he should do. 

9 hours ago, Barles said:

I have max 9 mil to spend on a CB, can you tell me which one is most likely to stay at 90?

- Howedes

- Luiz Gustavo

- Glik

I know they are not great but they are only available now... I am looking for a player only for a half season (recently joined to the team full of transfer banned players). Or maybe some 89 rated, who is likely to get an upgrade (max 9 mil worth) 

Glik would probably be the best choice of those 3. If the French review isn't until June then he should be off his ban in time for you to sell him anyway. Howedes will be reviewed before then. 

9 hours ago, DragosAndrei said:

My havertz for isco? I have same position Verratti kdb pogba alli sms saul. Is a very competitive gw

If you have all those other midfielders then keep Havertz, you don't need Isco. 

4 hours ago, geetay87 said:

I need Cb and/or CDM i have 8m any gpod ones i can get for cheap? Arambarri a good option? 


Any stars from getafe or deportivo i can get for cheap? Thanks 

Arambarri is a great option!

4 hours ago, Divir said:

Is Mckennie of schalke worth keeping?

Pavard is a 92+ material?



Keep for now, should rise again in the summer review.

Pavard can get 92+ eventually. 

2 hours ago, liamgriff said:

How good can Asensio be? +1?? 


Would i be better off keeping pepe or do a swap for asensio?

He can get +1, but probably not in the next review. There's a bit of uncertainty about Real  and what will happen under Zidane this time, but I think I'd go for Asensio anyway. 

1 hour ago, maurito said:

Jesus lautaro Richarlison 


Lautaro dembele(barca) Richarlison?

Second option. 

45 minutes ago, elbs said:

Is probable Max Kruse 89 +1?

Very unlikely. 

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13 hours ago, Kev said:

Any thoughts anyone??


3 hours ago, TMCosta said:

Nice stats and a lot of minutes...its all that i can say...maybe the itallian expert could tell u more

Yep...getting some minutes and a contract renewal

Unluckily I can't add a lot, since E.Ponce has never played in Serie A, he did well in Primavera (U19 team), but means nothing.

Then Roma gave on loan to Granada and Lille (maybe a spanish or a french expert has more issues). I checked and at the end of the year Roma should sell him, I asked to an AEK fan and told me he's doing really well and scoring a lot, and he hope he will stays in his team, he suffered a minor injury in the last match, but he should come back in 2-3 weeks.


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RB Leipzig are delighted to announce the signing of Luan Cândido from @Palmeiras. 
🇧🇷 The 18-year-old defender will join in the summer and has signed a contract with the club until 2023 for 8m euros.  ✍️

See you soon, Luan! 👋

 🔴 #DieRotenBullen


Signing this guy up, he's a steal!

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1 hour ago, RayNFFC said:

Can the following keep their ratings on the next review?


David Luiz




I need to start clearing out deadwood over 30 years old.

I think they are safe

40 minutes ago, Atkin92 said:

Alex Sandro, Lucas Hernandez or Romagnoli?

have enough to sign them all but really struggling which one to go for! Who would you sign?

Alex Sandro for me

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3 hours ago, Atkin92 said:

Alex Sandro, Lucas Hernandez or Romagnoli?

have enough to sign them all but really struggling which one to go for! Who would you sign?


1 hour ago, liamgriff said:

Richarlison and kabak for pepe? I'd be selling pepe... 




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9 hours ago, Haru said:

Thoughts please: 

Boubacar kamara +3
Moussa Sylla  +2 
Sofiane Diop  +2
Moise Kean +2/+3
Yann Karamoh don't know, don't follow him
Rafael Leão +3
Afonso Davies +2
Elif Elmas  He already rose this year, so unlikely to rise again soon.

Some of these +2 end of season? +1?

Those are my thoughts on the players.

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7 hours ago, tuanjakn09 said:

How good is Marcos Acuna? Can he keeps his rating and his (many) position?

On 3/18/2019 at 2:23 PM, TMCosta said:

It depends...he isnt going up but it seems safe atm. He is now an attacking LB in a 3 CB system...Zenit tried to buy him in January (20 M i think). I like him...typical argentinian fighter...a bit too aggressive sometimes.

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