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Rahul W's rating predictions

Rahul W

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6 hours ago, Fez17_1888 said:

I've seen a few names dotted about on different posts, but who will be the best money makers in this next round of risers? Maybe buying for a few hundred thousand and then selling for 1 or 2 mil profit? Thanks in advance

Check out my other thread here. There are hundreds of options that fit in with what you are talking about:

New risers

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1 hour ago, MacGoreth said:

Why predict +2 for  Kimpembe and only +1 for Davinson S. who is a better player and getting more minutes? Playing in a better and tougher league? Asking because I barely follow premiership, and wants to know how sanchez is doing despite getting regular football.

Fair question, both could get the same rise

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On 08/11/2017 at 9:54 PM, BOOM said:

Thanks.  Based on last year I guess?!


23 hours ago, tupac_healy said:

Are they leaving the big league reviews a bit late ? (again, like last year).... if this is the case and they end up rushing through them to be done for Xmas, expect lots of mistakes/players missing out 

maybe yeah

20 hours ago, richieffff said:

Sell Berradi to buy Kimpepe?

Position doesn't matter 


18 hours ago, Hfazil said:

Vincent Koziello worth keeping?


18 hours ago, ombarcagunners said:

I think Zambo Anguissa (Marseille) should rise to 87 instead of 86

maybe but he's a under-rated player in a low-key position that does not require much talent relatively. So I think 86.

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17 hours ago, gerp99 said:

Have both Rico and Areola, need to sell one with concerns. Who should I keep?

Thanks in advance the Help with Deals thread is a bit barren,

Rico if you want the rating, but Areola should hit 90 next review. Up to you really as both in a similar stage of career.

Only a few threads are active now. I only stick to a few- people know where to find me for advice.

13 hours ago, Krooss25 said:

Benjamin pavard Stuttgart  what do we know about him any Good? 

Yes, get him

11 hours ago, Middle_Finger said:

Rulli or Neto?


9 hours ago, FDTV said:

Could you rank these players in terms of potential ? Thanks. Sule, Tah, rugani and Laporte?

Laporte Sule Rugani Tah

but v tough

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