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Sir Rahul

Rahul W's rating predictions

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10 hours ago, Milanista1 said:

Fernandinho (defensivly) is probably the most complete players out there. https://en.soccerwiki.org/player.php?pid=4165

Was shocked 😲 to see he is still rated 92! He certainly deserves to be at a 93/94 rating already.


I believe he should rise in the Winter +1 or +2. He's got his national team debut this season and has played well so far in his debut season in Serie A particulary against Juve and Inter (the two clubs he is currently being linked with). 

To early for a +1 for Rodri i think

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13 hours ago, koplfc said:

+1 or 2 for Davide Faraoni? 

I think more +1

12 hours ago, DAVIDGLANCY11 said:

Is Sandro Tonali expected time rise? 

Yes, +1 surely, as Milanista said he has been brilliant, expecially in the first matches and he got the national team, if he gets more is because he is a big talent.

Anyway you can check it here and, if you have any suggestion please tell me.



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On SWiki going thru today, Montpellier, St Etienne, Angers, Marseille, Rennes, Lille, Lyon

Example result(s) and a bit of analysis:-


Here you can see some of the predictions all are higher except Diakite who got injured and I think I showed lower on a different upload. Being my first predictions I tried to make a very complex formula so that it did err on the safer side. I can at the next review adjust where to put the 0% line, hopefully to make them a bit more accurate. KAA was a disapointment at+7.9% tho the 3.7% got his.


Wow!! way out with +5 for Chouiar 40.5% at a plus 9! But I really liked the 0.4% paying out and obviously the -17.8% NOT. So the 0% line looks accurate but could have been even further down than -0.9%  ie a -10% might have paid out too. Might well leave the 0% there for Dijon where it is safer next time. I expect this under predicting probably to continue for most of the Big5 review but we'll have to wait and see. Should have seen the 81 for S Mavididi. SM don't do 81's very often, so I guess if u see the 81 please see that SM is likely to go 80 or 82!

I won't have enough time to put many of these results up separately BUT will do the whole FranceBest List at the end and maybe a few interesting Single ones b4 then. Hope above is as interesting to a few of you guys as it is to me. More later...

Ps I am doing a huge amount of inputs into my spreadsheet so it will be remarkable if I don't make a few input mistakes. Please point them out if u see any.

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Goretzka +1?

Rodri +1?

Alisson +1?

Fabinho +1?

Wijnaldum +1?

TAA +1?

Mane +1?

Rashford +1?

Vardy +1?

Maddison +2?

Ndidi +1?

Sterling +1?

Gnabry +1?

Timo Wener +1?

Pavard +1?

Mbappe +1?

Ter Stergen +1?

Isco -1?

J.Rodriguez -1?

Benzema +1?

Lukaku +1?

Lautaro Martinez +1?

Immobile +1?

Stefan V. +1?



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1 hour ago, !¡BµKa🔑 said:

Goretzka +1? yes

Rodri +1? not yet 30/70

Alisson +1? 30/70

Fabinho +1? 30/70

Wijnaldum +1? 30/70

TAA +1? yes

Mane +1? yes 

Rashford +1? 10/90

Vardy +1? tricky one 40/60

Maddison +2? yes 

Ndidi +1? yes

Sterling +1? 40/60

Gnabry +1? 50/50

Timo Wener +1? 50/50

Pavard +1? yes

Mbappe +1? 50/50

Ter Stergen +1? 50/50

Isco -1? 20/80

J.Rodriguez -1? 30/70

Benzema +1? 50/50

Lukaku +1? 10/90

Lautaro Martinez +1? yes 

Immobile +1? 40/60

Stefan V. +1? who?




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Another upload update below:-

Minutes will vary game by game and league position also helps a lot. Anything over 0% indicates likely riser, higher the better/safer. Negative percentages don't predict a drop just less chances of a rise. The more games played the more accurate the predictions should be. Remember ATM we are only a dozen plus games into Big 5 Leagues.

I am concentrating mainly on Younger under 89 rated players as these are more consistent risers and more profitable, Goal keepers are dealt with by SM in a completely different way, which is why I also ignore Gk's.


Ok a few updates. Unfortunately most of the Real top clubs don't have many that fit the criteria ratings or age wise, but Bayern, Tottenham. Atletico have a few between them. Think, Winks should get his in view of his International caps and playing more regular for Spurs recently, so haven't red that box, Mascarell might also.

More tomorrow hopefully, interesting also to see which french risers SM like in the morning. I'll have to take time off soon to get christmas cards, gifts, family etc sorted... Usual thanks for all the great support, much appreciated Forumers. I've been denied likes & thanks for 24hours again, happens regularly must be Scrooge season at SM 😟😩☹️ Never Mind 😃 

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53 minutes ago, RhysMorgan said:

How good would they be together 😁

But seriously any idea who to go for? 

I like rodri but that's because I like normal boring holding midfielders

I have them both in my squad, but never tried together. In a game against a low ranked team I'm gonna try ;)

If I have to chose.... hmmm.... Rodrì then.. I think he will make less positional faults in a big game at the moment. 

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On 10/25/2016 at 6:13 AM, Sir Rahul said:



(Plea +1 to 91 small chance)

Elvedi +1 to 90

Stindl -1 to 89

Zakaria +1 to 89

Neuhaus +1 to 89

Thuram +2 to 88

Lainer +1 to 88

Embolo +1 to 88

Raffael -1 to 87

Benes +4 to 84



Werner +1 to 92

(Sabitzer +1 to 91)

Klostermann +1 to 90

Halstenberg +1 to 90

Upamecano +1 to 90

Nkunku +1 to 89

Mukiele +1 to 88

Laimer +1 to 88

Ampadu +2 to 82


Harit +1 to 90

Nastasic -1 to 89

Nübel +2 to 88

Kenny +3 to 86

Serdar +1 to 87 (maybe 88)

Mckennie +1 to 87

Kabak +2 to 85

Matondo +6 to 82

Kutucu +2 to 82



Coutinho -1 to 93

Boateng -1 to 91

Gnabry +1 to 92

Pavard +1 to 91

Coman +1 to 91

Javi Martinez -1 to 90

Davies +3 to 86



Akanji +1 to 91

Sancho +1 to 91

(Hazard to 91 small chance)

Hakimi +2 to 90

Schmelzer -1 to 87



Koch +1 to 88 (would deserve 89 though)

Günter +1 to 88

Schwolow +1 to 88

Schmid +1 to 87

Höfler +1 to 87

Lienhart +2 to 85

Höler +2 to 85

Schlotterbeck +5 to 78

Borello +2 to 80



Volland +1 to 90

(Baumgartlinger -1 to 88)



(Bebou +1 to 88 small chance)

Skov +1 to 86

Posch +1 to 86

Adamyan + 1 to 84



(Kostic +1 to 90)

André Silva -1 to 89

Hinteregger +1 to 89

(Da Costa +1 to 89)

Paciencia +2 to 87

Sow +1 to 87

Kamada +2 to 86



Weghorst +1 to 89

William +1 to 88

Malli -1 to 87

Gerhardt -1 to 87

Joao Victor +1 to 86


Union Berlin:

Friedrich +2 to 85

Trimmel +2 to 84

Andersson +2 to 85

Gikiewicz +2 to 84

Andrich +5 to 83

Lenz +5 to 83

Bulter +6 to 83

Schlotterbeck +7 to 80



Zentner +2 to 85

Baku +2 to 85

Onisowo +1 to 85

Maxim -1 to 85



Rashica +1 to 88

Lang -1 to 87

Toprak -1 to 87

Friedl +3 to 85

Bargfrede -1 to 85

Sargent +3 to 83



Gregoritsch -1 to 88

Finnbogason -1 to 87

Lichtsteiner -1 to 86

Uduokhai +1 to 86

Ruben Vargas +2 to 84

Oxford +2 to 82



Hennings +2 to 86

Steffen +2 to 85


Hertha Berlin:

Plattenhardt -1 to 88

Duda -1 to 87

Ibisevic -1 to 86

Klunter +2 to 85

Redan +4 to 77



Horn -1 to 88

Hector -1 to 89

Modeste -1 to 87

Bornauw +2 to 84

Czichos +2 to 84

Katterbach +5 to 75



Vasiliadis +1 to 83

Collins +1 to 83

Gjasula +2 to 82

Pröger +2 to 82

Mamba +2 to 80

Killian +5 to 78

As Germany normally follows the French review, here is my prediction. Cheers

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1 hour ago, olivier 1 said:

As Germany normally follows the French review, here is my prediction. Cheers

I like your predictions mate. Couple of comments though, I think Zakaria could get +2 to 90 actually, and I also think Matondo plus6 is a good shout, I hope so! Got him in most of my games haha.

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4 hours ago, RhysMorgan said:

Rodri or De Jong

Please provide a reason. 

Can't decide who I like more 

I would pick De Jong because he is more adapt at playing across the midfield and has more of a superstar status about him. No doubt it is a tough choice to make. 

2 hours ago, Damien1990 said:

@TMCosta I can't see Goretzka getting a +1. He's missed a fair bit of the season so far due to injury.

I wouldn't be surprised if he does get a raise to 92 as there are quite a few calls on Soccer Wiki for him to rise. 

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