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Rahul W's rating predictions

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Hi all, As you have seen, I have not really been active over the past few months other than updating my preds. It's just been me phasing out of the forum. Now that the reviews are done, I can say

Just noticed this thread has crossed 1 million views, 23k odd replies, 930 pages.  I know this is 3 and a half years old but I never intended for this to monopolise the forum back then (I would h

Page 200- didn't think we'd get here when I started this casually- thanks all

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15 hours ago, Cvilhete said:

Are you factoring in goal contributions when you do these or just purely minutes?

There are goals, assists, club Position 1st to last & club Status, (example Manchester City or Norwich get treated differently), Squad Cap, maybe other things I've forgotten BUT the MAJOR Factor is minutes!

More from German Review:-


All I've time for today, but should be a bumper day tomorrow, maybe after 6PM. Cheers Socca...

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46 minutes ago, MFarhan said:

Would you swap Firmino for Aguero?

I'd keep Firmino, only for his age. Pretty sure Aguero wants to go home when his contract is up which is 18 months. If it's true he'll drop like a rock.

Firmino isn't nearly as good as Aguero but he's younger and if Liverpool do well in the CL and win the PL he could hit 94.

Short term Aguero, medium term Firmino.

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On 12/20/2019 at 10:56 PM, Aaaa said:

What do you think of a debryune and de jong swap deal...is it worth it

I'm guessing you are the one with K.De Bryune?

No it's not worth it. De Bryune (28) still has (max) 5 good years ahead of him. Right now I wouldn't trade any midfielder for this De Bryune because he's been sensational for M.City for some time now.

FDJ is no doubt a very talented upcoming 🌟 midfielder, but right now he's not (yet) on KDB's level. 

Possibly in the future I would think of a trade deal (as soon as KDB really starts showing signs of decline). Well if we are all still around. 😇

On 12/20/2019 at 11:56 PM, nivea said:

Please rank these players: Eric dier, John stones, rudiger

 And also: fabinho + Courtois or oblak

1. Rudiger 

2. E. Dier  2. J.Stones.

On 12/21/2019 at 10:29 AM, !¡BµKa🔑 said:

Skriniar, but only just.

Larporte - I rate him above both as he was City's best defender last season/before his injury this season. 

De Ligt - Still quite young and an SM favourite.

Who should leave? Hard choice to make. I also took into account their National side. 


On 12/21/2019 at 9:36 PM, Aaaa said:

What y'all think about donney van de beek his a little pricey at 32m..is he worth the buy

Go for it as I'm sure sooner or later he will end up at a stronger club playing in a better league. He is linked with all of: RM, MU, T.H and Barça. 

7 hours ago, MFarhan said:

Would you swap Firmino for Aguero?

I think it was KERSPALT! Who gave you a very good response.

I agree with KERSPALT! No I wouldn't as S.Aguero will soon be leaving M.City. Then you have G.Jesus who is doing quite well this season, and has shown that he can be a great replacement for S.Aguero. 


R.Firmino really should get a +1 to 94 soon enough, so he would be worth hanging on to. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes sooner as there are quite a few calls on SW to bump him up to a 94 already. No doubt he's a great link for M.Salah, S.Mane and Co. 



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4 hours ago, KERSPALT! said:

I don't think so but definitely possible.

Any thoughts on Ferland Mendy rising? Getting decent game time and while Madrid aren't playing great, like all of LaLiga teams it seems, they are still second and a win tonight draws them with Barca on points

I hope Reus stays, he deserves to with his performances this season. Though he should have buried Barça in the CL earlier in the season, that's the only really poor performamce I can remember of his this season. 

I doubt F.Mendy will rise now.  Maybe will rise in the Summer as he hasn't solidified a place in the first eleven/made too many apps (yet) this season. I do believe F.Mendy has the potential to take V.Marcelo spot at LB, from what i've seen and read about his performances. 

I'd love it if Didier Deschamps played both Mendy's on the Left flank for France with B.Mendy playing more further up (F.Mendy is more reliable defensivly). :)

off the question: I just want to apologize for miss-spelling your name KERSPALT! Rather I spelt it as KERSPLAT! In the past responses (the last 3 letters were in the wrong order). 😇

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2 hours ago, nivea said:

How about oblak = courtois + fabinho?

Taken the duo. Courtois looks to find his old form back and fabinho is a Nice bonus in the deal!

15 hours ago, MFarhan said:

Would you swap Firmino for Aguero?

Keep Firmino

11 hours ago, Krooss25 said:

Will reus drop? 

70/30 het will stay, but if Dortmund end not top 3 het will drop at the end of the season

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14 hours ago, Krooss25 said:

Will reus drop? 

Couldn't put anything past SM BUT No way should they

5 hours ago, nivea said:

How about oblak = courtois + fabinho?

As others have said or implied the Duo definitely!

Few more German risers:-


I'm hoping SM come back to a few German clubs (more than just the above) and review players they have missed BUT it is looking doubtful now. Another quick but sloppy review. 

Should have more Spain predictions within say next hour or two. Then hopefully even more after 6pm....

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Hi all. Back in a GW now, so I should do more preds slowly. Unlikely I will do any more Spanish clubs for this review, but will do my best to at least do all big 5 league teams for the summer review.

Regarding smaller leagues - it will be pick and choose based on my time (and how easy it is to do, most probably ruling out Brazil/Argentina/maybe MLS due to no of teams).

Cheers and wishing all a Merry Christmas.

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Latest Upload Below:-

Previous predictions on pages 777, 779, 780, 781, 782, 783, 784.785,786,787, 788, 789, 790, 791,792,793, 794,795,796,797, 798, 799,800, 801,803, 804.805 806,807,808,810, 811, 812 Be careful of the Reddish boxes where the higher rated players are more inclined towards performances rather than stats.

Minutes will vary game by game and league position also helps a lot. Anything over 0% indicates likely riser, higher the better/safer. Negative percentages don't predict a drop just less chances of a rise. The more games played the more accurate the predictions should be.

I am concentrating mainly on Younger under 89 rated players as these are more consistent risers and more profitable, Goal keepers are dealt with by SM in a completely different way, which is why I mostly also ignore Gk's 


Straight on with another upload later today, around 6pm but might be later...


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1 hour ago, alfredobe90 said:

I think Sancho is way better than Havertz, so since Havertz is at 91 Sancho should get a +2 to 92, but I don't think this is going to happen right now

I do agree, Sancho is having a much better season (the goals and assists stats don't lie!!) but there is no chance they'll give him a +2 to a 92 straight away :(

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