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Rahul W's rating predictions

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30 minutes ago, Tharanidharan said:

That wasn't Racist chants it seems. He himself said that. The media misinterpreted the context of the banner. 

I'll add the link of his interview.


@Milanista1 @thorgan lesar Thanks for the help and I'm sorry for going against your suggestions. My instincts says he'll be better than Laborde. 

No problem. Everyone takes their own choices ;)

28 minutes ago, Tharanidharan said:

@Milanista1 @thorgan lesar

Looking for a LB - who would be better - Jorge - Ballo Toure - Angelino - Tierney - Aina? Ranking would be appreciated. 

TIA. :)

Angeliño, isn't Alphonso Davies available ?

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Hi all, As you have seen, I have not really been active over the past few months other than updating my preds. It's just been me phasing out of the forum. Now that the reviews are done, I can say

Just noticed this thread has crossed 1 million views, 23k odd replies, 930 pages.  I know this is 3 and a half years old but I never intended for this to monopolise the forum back then (I would h

Page 200- didn't think we'd get here when I started this casually- thanks all

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32 minutes ago, Tharanidharan said:

@Milanista1 @thorgan lesar

Looking for a LB - who would be better - Jorge - Ballo Toure - Angelino - Tierney - Aina? Ranking would be appreciated. 

TIA. :)

Angelino, Aina, Jorge/Ballo Toure, 

Jorge was playing for Santos in a weaker league, before moving to AS Monaco.

And Tierney hasn't made as many apps as the others to (fairly) rank him among them. 

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  • Kev pinned this topic

For Q2 and Q6: I will be referring to Whoscored.com as I reckon these players are at similar rating - their team and league may also be considered.

1. Jonjoe Kenny = he's been doing well (on loan) as a regular for Schalke - I read Schalke may attempt to make his loan move a permenant deal...

The other player (J.Maehle) is being linked to lower-table PL teams, don't know much else about him. 

2. In this order:

S.Arias/O.Aina, A.Capa, D.D.Costa, D.Wass, then F.Bustos

Ola Aina can play down both flanks and has the potential to play for a better side.

Although Santiago Arias is better rated, has to now compete with K.Tripper and S.Vrsaljko for a starting spot in the A.Madrid team. Nonetheless he's not done too bad when he has been called upon. 

3. E.Bardhi (88, 24): I would liken him to a Cervi or a S. Boufal type of player. I'm not too sure about him because he's not produced enough as an attacking player for Levante. We'll see how he does against R.Madrid. :)

4. K.Ayhan - He's a decent player to have, especially for the kind of (interesting, short/mid-term) team you are trying to set up.

5. J.Musso - he's been one of the few very bright sparks in the Udinese side this season, and is now being linked with a move away to Inter/Chelsea.

6. This order: E.Skhiri, M.Lemina, G.Pizarro:

The other 2 play for a weaker side in a weaker league, the performance average for each player is near enough the same.

7. It seems you've now made up your mind about him. :)



I'm not looking for great or good players who will reach 91+. I need some decent players who can cover temporarily till my youth team develops. Are these safe options?

Thanks in advance :)

Of course I have tried to select the better longer-term options because with youth players - you can never be too certain on how they will turn out: If we look at the quick regress of the likes of R.Morrison, Robinho, G.Dos Santos, M.Ballotelli and J.Wilshere - to name but a few. 

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1 hour ago, thorgan lesar said:

@Tharanidharan @Milanista1 

Milanista1 already answered :) . Now you have your answers. Props to Milanista1 he's always ready to answer our questions. 

Dank u Thorgan.. 👍

I had some free time to do a bit of searching, plus I wanted to keep to my word: about answering Tharanidharan questions. 

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On 2/23/2020 at 3:08 PM, crvena_zvezda said:

I need to raise some money from my squad, who should I sell? (Sorry that it’s so long). Thanks.














I'm gonna presume that there are no transfer bans on any of your players.

To raise a good amount of cash, some of the players I would consider selling are:

A.Lookman, R. Majecki, F.Sobral, J.Wind, D.James, O.Busquests, D.Lainez, O.Zinchenko, N.Phillips, C.Nwakali, G.Tiepo, K.Zohi, J.Ceasar, M.Clark and B.Godfrey....

The rest: I don't know much about them to include them to the list or they are just worth keeping. 


On 2/23/2020 at 8:47 PM, Barrow173 said:

Unuvar + ferran Torres or João felix

Providing you can't be patient to see if J.Felix is just another J.Pastore or a R.Kaka, only then go for the duo. I must also mention that Ferran Torres has been performing better than J.Felix this season, has been quite impressive for Valencia so far this season. And Unuvar is another one of Ajax's upcoming young talents. 

However, with a goal and an assist on his recent return from injury: J.Felix still has time to grow physically/mentally stronger -which will only help him to adapt to D. Simone's playing style better. 


Nice to see his captain backing him. :)

On 2/23/2020 at 11:41 PM, TrickyDave said:

Haaland is clearly not your usual player. His rise has been incredible. How do you think SM will treat him?
Obviously they gave him a quick rise already but they could fast track him to 92 or higher?

If he continues at this rate it wouldn't be a surprise, though at the same token it's also very important for B.Dortmund to continue progressing and challenging this lseason/future seasons - in order for E.Haaland to rise to higher ratings at a faster rate. 

🤔 Personally I hope his rise to a 90+ isn't so rapid, because it'll leave me having to choose between him and my other Forward players.

Having said that, I'm.sure those who play in a more competitive GW than mine would welcome a rapid rise. :)

Edited by Milanista1
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16 hours ago, ombarcagunners said:

Dont sell him!


6 hours ago, NickTheBiz said:

I agree.  Don't sell Soumare.  Will be number 1 on a lot ot clubs shopping lists this summer.

Ok ok, I've now removed his name from the list of players to sell. :)

It's just that, in Lille's recent games he hasn't been included in the first eleven - though being fit to play. And the fact that (last month) he played poorly against PSG and Dijon. Therefore I wasn't completely sure about him. 

Having said that, i must admit he has come more to life this season and is attracting a lot of interest from other Clubs. Which is (probably) causing problems for him at Lille, especially if Galtier is purposely not playing him. 

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