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Rahul W's rating predictions

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50 minutes ago, Kurt angle said:

Are there many players around 78-80 who are likely to rise up to 84/85?

I have Elisha Owusu for now but want a few more around that mark as you can make good money on them when they rise.

Not sure there is that many:

Matvey Safonov - 80 - Krasnodar (should get around 84/85)

Igor Diveev - 77 - CSKA Moscow (maybe 84)

Jeremy Doku - 78 - Anderlecht (may struggle to reach 84/85 but you will make good money from him as he is only 17) 82/83.

Japhet Tanganga - 78 - Tottenham (83/84)

Kephren Thuram - 78 - Nice (may aslo struggle to get 84 but should go up fair amount maybe 82)

Christoph Baumgartner - 78 - Hoffenheim (Maybe 82/83)


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12 hours ago, errrrerrre said:

You can find any retired players in 4 steps:
1. Google "(Your player) Soccerwiki"   (e.g. Ronaldinho soccerwiki")

2. If that player appears in the game you'll get a link to his Soccerwiki's profile.

3. Check the link (url) and copy the "pid" number (player ID). -Example: ...player.php?pid=2916

4. Typing that number in your SM Gameworld search bar you'll find your player.

wow, thanks mate, never knew this

11 hours ago, RhysMorgan said:

How good is isak? Admittedly not seen much of him but read lots of good things

He is good, cannot judge him on the Dortmund spell. Still only 20.

10 hours ago, liamgriff said:

Will Zaydou Youssouf get another rise? 

been injured, doubt it

10 hours ago, Sareum said:

The thing with Laporte is why doesn’t he play for France?  Hard to justify a 93+ for someone that can not get in their national team...

Think Deschamps and Laporte don't get along well, also earlier on he wanted to represent Spain at one point, that didn't help I think. He was called up for qualifiers last year but was injured, so should make it soon

10 hours ago, Krooss25 said:

Griezmann to - 1 = 94? Do we think not reading anything good about him to be fair 

Don't think he should drop based on minutes

8 hours ago, WolfTargaryen said:

Which LB will rise to 91 in the next update ? 


And when will the next update be ??

Hakimi, but he is primarily an RB. None of the LBs are prominent enough to get 91 this review, always a tricky position.

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On 4/23/2020 at 1:52 PM, Sir Rahul said:

Not sure if you guys know this, but if you type numbers in the search bar in game, you can find some retired players.

For example:

01 - Jens Lehmann

03 - Sol Campbell

Clearly the first few are Arsenal players, which makes sense alphabetically. Tougher to find the others, but you can try of course :D 

This is a great find!

However when I try searching it in my GW's I don't get them and only get the current players after entering the number, not sure what I'm doing wrong, do we have to load a specific data pack or something haha?

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3 minutes ago, Vib said:

Belgian review next confirmed then!

The last-placed club of Belgium, Waasland-Beveren went through Soccerwiki today.

good to know 

1 hour ago, liamgriff said:

Worth keeping though? 


Also what is Cucurella's potential?  90+ ? 

yes definitely, keep

Cucurella - I think 90+. But it depends where he ends up in the future. Getafe probably capped at 89/90.

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11 minutes ago, erdingerpfc said:

Im looking for some CB's and RB's rated between 82-85 who could rise soon,my first choices are Joakim Maehle and Gabriel Magalhaes but I might look for cheaper alternatives

Tabsopa at Leverkusen and Disasi at Reims both sure shots to get 85 in the summer and only cost 2.2 million.

You also have Benoit Badiashille at Monaco he’s 83 and should rise to around 86 think he’s worth about 5 million.

William Saliba could get a small rise from 83 as well I reckon maybe to 85 5 million also.

Reece James and Max Aarons two players who should rise from there 85 ratings maybe to about 86/87 both 5 million.

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23 hours ago, RhysMorgan said:

How good is Isak? Admittedly not seen much of him but read lots of good things.

Isak is a very good young striker.

I would certainly hang on to him or buy him for the next season - if there aren't any other decent young strikers available.

His form did drop just before the Soccer ‚öŬ†was postponed. Therefore I would see how he does in the new season.¬†

From what i¬†read: he is¬†being linked to both Spanish giants and the mighty Everton.¬†ūüėĬ†


20 hours ago, WolfTargaryen said:

Which LB will rise to 91 in the next update ? 

Possibly R. Guerrero, A. Hakimi, and/or  M. Halstenberg. 

And when will the next update be ??

I would hazard a guess, either in July or in August.


6 hours ago, thorgan lesar said:

MUST BUY ! Joelson Fernandes 

Thank you very much Mr Lesar for the heads ¬†ūüĎÜ up.

I've read¬†very good words¬†about him.¬†¬†ūüėÄ


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27 minutes ago, WolfTargaryen said:

Rating update on players for summer review :


Theo Hernandez (AC MILAN)

C Soyuncu

R Guerreiro  (BVB)

J Grealish

Bruno Fernandes



Hernandez - 88 - +1

Soyuncu - 90 - stay

Guerreiro - 90 - 90/91

Grealish - 88 - +1

Bruno Fernandes - 91 - stay



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15 hours ago, JOE GI said:

 tomorrow Sorloth to 88-89?

87 hopefully, he got a +2 when they did Palace.

15 hours ago, thorgan lesar said:

I doubt it.. maybe + 1, but I don't see why

ah shame. worth holding on to him?

5 hours ago, WolfTargaryen said:

Rating update on players for summer review :

Theo Hernandez (AC MILAN) 89

C Soyuncu stay

R Guerreiro  (BVB) stay

J Grealish 89

Bruno Fernandes stay


2 hours ago, liamgriff said:

So what reviews are being done now i can't keep up is it Turkey still or has it moved on? 

Almost done with Turkey, then Belgium it is

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