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Rahul W's rating predictions

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Hi all, As you have seen, I have not really been active over the past few months other than updating my preds. It's just been me phasing out of the forum. Now that the reviews are done, I can say

Just noticed this thread has crossed 1 million views, 23k odd replies, 930 pages.  I know this is 3 and a half years old but I never intended for this to monopolise the forum back then (I would h

Page 200- didn't think we'd get here when I started this casually- thanks all

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1 hour ago, jgos2 said:

In my experience the rating are not done as the table is right now. If is was done 2 weeks ago(ie the compiling of the ratings and then later released) the teams in the order then are the way it is completed.

Yeah, I know all that. Valencia and Barca have been the top two for ages though.

1 hour ago, SpanishConq said:

Can't tell with SM. If I'm remembering correctly, they did Juventus last in Italy and they aren't top.

Ah, I only had two players from Italy and neither were gonna rise so didn't pay attention to that league.

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12 hours ago, SpanishConq said:

Can't tell with SM. If I'm remembering correctly, they did Juventus last in Italy and they aren't top.

good point, we shall see today

12 hours ago, andre.silvaduarte@hotmail.com said:

Hi People!

I need a very good DC.

What do you think about this players... Hummels or Boateng?

In the future witch one will maintain or raise their rank?

Hummels, both will stay

6 hours ago, ombarcagunners said:

@Sir Rahul I did check your Brasil predictions so I notice you give Arthur 82... TBH, Arthur is highly rated player in Brasil right now. So I would give him 84. One of the melhors jogadores !

very true, I did Brazil a few months ago

6 hours ago, d5v1L said:

just sold Arthur, Florenzi and Jankto for Varane..hope its good deal for me..

afraid I would have kept the trio, got your hand bitten off there

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On 11/27/2017 at 2:43 PM, Sir Rahul said:

I was going to start making a list of all the questionable changes, then realised there was far too many and I couldn't be bothered.

Would still love to see that :P

On 12/1/2017 at 3:33 AM, Sir Rahul said:

Any other leagues that people want predictions on?

Maybe Argentina and Mexico ?

Cheers and thanks for all the work you're doing :)

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On 10/25/2016 at 5:12 AM, Sir Rahul said:



Gaya +1 to 90

Zaza +1 to 90

Rodrigo +1 to 90

Neto +1 to 89

Paulista +1 to 89

Guedes +3 to 88

Mina +1 to 88

Montoya +1 to 88

Soler +4 to 87

Pereira +2 to 87

Nacho Vidal +5 to 82

Lato +2 to 82


Hope to see many of these happen tomorrow/Monday - especially the 90s. Would be deserved after Valencia's start to the season.

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39 minutes ago, d5v1L said:

Rudy or Odriozola + aaron martin? which side would you choose

Rudy will never drop. Probably won't rise either. Bayern are like a club badly run to me(personal opinion). ODRIOZOLA is a near term international, Martin maybe a little later. If  I had a 2 year plan the youngsters would be my pick

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