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Rahul W's rating predictions

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Hi all, As you have seen, I have not really been active over the past few months other than updating my preds. It's just been me phasing out of the forum. Now that the reviews are done, I can say

Just noticed this thread has crossed 1 million views, 23k odd replies, 930 pages.  I know this is 3 and a half years old but I never intended for this to monopolise the forum back then (I would h

Page 200- didn't think we'd get here when I started this casually- thanks all

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13 hours ago, Divir said:

Thank you!

And one more question: Gelson Martins, Alex Iwobi, Leon Bailey and Richarlison.

Thanks in advance!

Bailey, Richarlison, Gelson, Iwobi

10 hours ago, jlammy said:

De Bruyne or Matic + Kovacic? 

De Bruyne

8 hours ago, Divir said:

Thanks man! Should bailey rise in the next review?


6 hours ago, jlammy said:

Carrasco or Di Maria?

De Bruyne or Matic + Pogba?

Neither? haha, Di Maria short-term


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20 hours ago, Ja me said:

Otamendi or Umtiti?


9 hours ago, d5v1L said:

Torreira + 10m or Teilemens? 

Thanks in advance

Torreira + 10m

2 hours ago, Hfazil said:

Sanabria keep or sell?

Probably should keep (unless there are better external options); the length of his injury should be revealed in the next few days which will help your decision.

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On 29/12/2017 at 8:58 PM, jlammy said:

De Bruyne or Pogba + Kovacic?

lol sorry about this as you might guess I want De Bruyne :) 


On 30/12/2017 at 8:20 AM, Ja me said:

Otamendi or Umtiti?


On 30/12/2017 at 7:07 PM, d5v1L said:

Torreira + 10m or Teilemens? 

Thanks in advance

I'm a big Torreira fan. Under-rated baller.

17 hours ago, SpanishConq said:

Is the Mexican league due soon? I'm hoping not so an old guy won't go down soon

think it's due

16 hours ago, Hfazil said:

Sanabria keep or sell?

keep for now

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17 hours ago, jlammy said:

Alex Sandro or Jordi Alba? 

It´s a bit hard to say but i have to go for Alex Sandro.

First of all, i think that he has more chances to get 93 than Alba, because he is 2 years younger, and Alba kept his 92 for far too long now, without a great change in his performance, i think he can't do it.

Second(biasing), i always liked Alex Sandro. As you might not know, i'm portuguese (Benfica fan btw, Porto's rival) but since the early days of him at Porto, with their great wingbacks (Danilo and Alex Sandro), i always prefered Alex Sandro over Danilo, even when the hype was all on Danilo, when he was linked with a Real Madrid transfer. I liked him most because he was great offensively but had even better defending consistency, what i think it's not the case anymore at Juve, since i saw that his mistakes and lack of defensive abilities caused far too much goals recently.

But thirdly, i think that overall Alex Sandro is a bit better than Alba as a wingback. He is stronger, has a greater vision and better crosses, is younger, taller (this may not be necessarily an advantage especially for a wingback), defensively it's a close one, they are both a bit poor at it, and maybe Alex Sandro loses for some technical issues as drible, maybe pace and short pass accuracy and, of course, Alba has the club advantage, Barça hype is always bigger, no matter what.

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