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Really tired of these guys

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Tonight a new World Championship started, where I got the Manchester City. First of all, it is a SM gameworld property and second it is a free game world where everyone can joins without any problem.

But, there comes the problem: the Roma's manager talked to me by the chat asking me that it was his friend's gameworld and as I wasnt one of his friends I should leave, because "i could find another good team in another gameworld"

And after that, I logged this morning in my account and found this (image attached), 6 private messages from "his friends", that apparently are just 6 of 27 that the gameworld has. 


And yeah I did this post because I'm really mad with this.


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1 hour ago, smut said:

if it is a group of friends, then they can buy a custom gameworld and choose who plays in it, otherwise ignore them.

Oh man I realized he's the same person using multiples accounts, because the PM are being sent like with 15 min difference with exactly the same message. Then I tried to sign Kane from Tottenham and Donnaruma from Milan and got these 2 pm:

angelica d

F U. you wont get Kane while im the manager of this team.
14 nov en 12:01

Vincent James

F U. you wont get Donnarumma while im managr of this team.(n)
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14 minutes ago, Michael Anderson said:

It looks like him/her is buying up or hacking ( if it's possible ) just about every new World Championship or English Championship that opens. I tried to join a WC last week which was full of  Somalians all with a rep of 40 which was obviously the same person. Someone has way too much time on their hands.

The problem here is that all of these managers that i think its the same person, has like 120-200 rep, so.. lol 

But with the way he's doing things like the pm's or replying me to the offers with the exact text is so suspicious, and I know for sure that I can't do nothing to get him/her rid of this GW.

4 hours ago, Kev said:

I think it's time to report it and hopefully get him/her banned.

The problem is that, from my experiencie, that SM will do nothing, or has not a good reason to ban him. I mean, I have been playing SM since 2009 and all the cases of multiple account I saw got the same result -> just deny the deal and return the players. They have never banned anybody or at least i hace no information about it.

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2 hours ago, Kev said:

I've reported people several times and nothing was done about it. But in the last few weeks 2 people I've reported have been banned, so it's worth a shot. Maybe they're finally getting their act together?

Lol so first time I read about it, they had to improve their system against cheaters finally (i hope). 

How did you report them? I mean where did you go? I'm a bit lost about it in the new interface haha

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On 14/11/2016 at 10:12 PM, Kev said:

Open the Game World and click on the big box near the top which says "Manager List" - then scroll to the bottom and on the bottom left it says "Multiple Accounts". You should be able to report it there.


On 15/11/2016 at 7:32 PM, smut said:

sm have just started to take this problem more seriously.

you should find that you will be able to report up to 9 accounts but most importantly they are looking at all reported deals personally which is why some accounts are getting banned.


I hope they do something to solve this problem, anyway they destroyed this GW already, as long as they get kicked/banned.. 

I already reported them. 



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