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GW ID: 338046 - European Championship 6283 to apply.

1) Max squad cap of £400m / 30 players (includes loans in & out)
2) Bottom 2 in Div 1 must sell their top rated player externally at the end of the season
3) If signings or risers take squad value over £400m / 30 players then top rated player must be sold externally asap, and must be removed from match day squads until sold

If top player ratings are equal then player with highest value to be sold

Outstanding enforced transfers:  Chiellini (PSG) once his TB expires 02/02


Rewards (Budget Increases)

Div 1 1st - £10m / 2nd - £7.5m / 3rd - £5m

Div 2 1st - £5m

Div 3 1st - £5m

Domestic Cups - winners £7.5m / runners up £5M

ALL relegated teams lose ALL current budget increases. Must be applied before Game 1 kicks off.


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