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How to Counter 4-4-1-1

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I'm currently sitting 4th place in my game world with 3 or 4 teams only a few points behind me ready to take my place when I slip up. I'm up against 7th place (3 Points behind) who uses the 4-4-1-1. He's beat quite a few players in the top 8 after employing this formation and last time he beat me 2-1 when I tried to use a 4-4-2B with direct passing and counter attacking. Every match he plays he always uses soft tackling with direct passing while his mentality always varies from v defensive against higher opponents, or attacking (which he used against me last time). Our average squad rating is around the same, however he has a 94,93,92, 7 91s and the rest 90s in comparison to my two 92s, seven 91s and the rest 90s. Anyone have ideas on how to counter him? A must win away match in my opinion.

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