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Belgian League - Jupiler Pro League

thorgan lesar

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This is the Jupiler Pro League, the first division in Belgium. People talk about England, Spain, Italy, France and Germany, but on the other side there are still good competitions. The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Russia.


In Belgium there is a lot of talent and in my opinion 5 topteams (RSC Anderlecht, Club Brugge, Standard Luik, KAA Gent and KRC Genk) and 4 really good subtop teams (Charleroi, Zulte Waregem, KV Oostende, KV Mechelen). There are also good teams in the bottom (KV Kortrijk, KAS Eupen, Lokeren OSV, Sint-Truidense VV) and teams that are actually too weak for the highest level (Excel Moeskroen and KVC Westerlo)


We're not talking here about Belgian talent (if you will see: "Young Belgian Talents"), but about the players from other nationalities in our competition. The players you will see, has already showed their quality of playing in Belgium. So it's not just players I put in the list.


If you want to follow the transfers in Belgium, you can always look in this topic:

"Transfers in Belgium: leave Belgium - come to Belgium"


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Afbeeldingsresultaten voor club brugge logo


Ricardo Van Rhijn (The Netherlands, right defender, 25 years):


He left Ajax FC for Club Brugge last summer, because he was third option in Ajax. He is not the best, but he is getting better and better. If you search after a right defender as second option, you can trust him. He is coming back to his level he had in the best days in Ajax FC.


Stefano Denswil (The Netherlands, central defender, 23 years):


He has the potential to rise soon and teams like Everton FC wants him in their squad. His rate is now 86, but has the potential to be 88 or 89 the next 2 seasons.


Benoît Poulain (France, central defender, 29 years):


Is playing lately very well and shows his rate (83) can be higher than he is playing now. Around the 86, he is a solid defender and good to have in your squad.


José Izquierdo (Colombia, winger, 24 years):


Great technic and can become a player on term for a team like AS Roma or maybe a little higher. He is one of the best for the moment in Belgium and he will rise soon, so if you want him you need to be fast. He can have a career like Carlos Bacca (now AC Milan, but before also a player of Club Brugge)

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Afbeeldingsresultaten voor zulte waregem logo


Kingsley Madu (Nigeria, left defender, 21 years old):


He is playing not much, but he is a player on long term and there still saying he is a good talent who will play soon, because of the talent he has. So, a player to watch.



Soualiho Meîté (France, defensive midfielder, 22 years old):


The motor of this team and one of the revelations in Belgium, he is one of the best defensive midfielder right now in Belgium. There is a lot of clubs who wants to sign this player. The top in Belgium, England and Germany are waiting for him. Now, he is playing well, but he needs time of course to be one day a player for (for example) Borussia Dortmund.


Lukas Lerager (Denmark, central midfielder, 23 years old):


Also really important for the team and still young. He has for sure talent to play one day for a better team and maybe is that in one of the best competitions. It will take some time here, but when he is 25 he can be ready for a higher level

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            Afbeeldingsresultaten voor rsc anderlecht logo

By the way, this is RSC Anderlecht and is the most known Belgian team in the world.


Kara Serigne Mbodji (Senegal, central defender, 27 years old)


He is a beast, maybe the best central defender right now in Belgium. He will move next year for sure to England. England is his dream and soon he will get that. His rate is 87 now, but will rise for sure.


Andy Najar (Honduras, right defender and right winger, 23 years old)


He has a nice style of playing and is playing on a pretty high level right now after an injurie of 5 months. He is a future player, Arsenal FC is watching him again. He need to work a little harder to get his goal, but he has the talent to become one day a player for a team like Tottenham Hotspurs.


Nicolae Stanciu (Romania, attacking midfielder, 23 years old)


He is a record transfer of RSC Anderlecht. The record was 6.5 million, now RSC Anderlecht payed 10 million euros for this player. The beginning was difficult, but now he is growing and growing. He needs to learn to play simple, but good. Sometimes he tries difficult things, but he will come on the level we suspect.


Alexandru Chipciu (Romania, winger, 27 years old)


He is a player with a high work rate and he is the one of the assists in RSC Anderlecht. He is coming better and better, but it will take some time. I think he is worth around 87.


Lukasz Teodorzcyk (Poland, central attacker, 25 years old)


He is in the list of the players who scores the most in Europe, he is before players like Leo Messi. I’m absolutely not telling he is better than Messi. He scored 15 goals in 19 games in Belgium and made 4 in the Europa League. He is complete and knows where to stand and works harder than an other player.

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KV Oostende

                             Afbeeldingsresultaten voor KV Oostende logo

Antonio Milic (Croatia, left central defender, 22 years old):


It will take time, but one day he will become an international and will play for the national team of Croatia. He is worth to keep, because he is a long term player. A good player and has the talent to play one day for a team like AS Roma for example.


Adam Marusic (Montenegro, right defender and right winger, 24 years old):


He needed steps to have this level, but improves and played all the matches for the moment. Can be one day a player for Borussia Mönchengladbach maybe. He has potential and can learn a lot with the top coach of KV Oostende for the moment.

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Afbeeldingsresultaten voor KV Mechelen logo


Uros Vitas (Serbia, central defender, 24 years old)


He grown to a complete central defender and is surprising everyone in Belgium. He can be a good central defender for a team in Italy on term if he continues for every team (not Juventus and AS Roma, the rest is possible). He can be the next Ervin Zukanovic. I think he will be better than Zukanovic.


Aleksandar Bjelica (The Netherlands, left defender, 22 years old)


He needed to replace Milos Kosanovic – who left to Standard – and is playing even better than Kosanovic. He will rise soon.


Dimitris Kolovos (Greece, left winger, 23 years old)


Has a nice technic and is playing good. He is a nice complete player and is getting better and better. It will take tame, but needs to learn to be more important for his team. If he does that, he can play in 2 years in Spain for a nice team like Celta Vigo for example.

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Charleroi SC

                                    Afbeeldingsresultaten voor Charleroi logo

Nicolas Penneteau (France, goalkeeper, 35 years old)


If you’re looking for a good keeper for your team for a second or third option and you want experience and a goalkeeper who don’t cost much, here is he J . He can rise +1 maybe, but nothing more.


Clinton Mata (Angola, right defender, 24 years old)


Great potential, the best teams in Belgium wants to sign him, but also teams in Germany and England are watching to this kid. You need to follow this player, everyone is curious where his potential stops him.


Damien Marcq (France, defensive midfielder, 28 years old)


If you’re looking for your team a second option who will rise on term with experience, Marcq is one of the them. Marcq is a player who can be in the base of AS Monaco.


Christian Benavente (Peru, attacking midfielder, 22 years old)


He is back ! :) Was a player of Real Madrid and now he finds slowly the level why Real Madrid wanted him. He can come back, if you want to know => follow !

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 Afbeeldingsresultaten voor KAA Gent logo

Lovre Kalinic (Croatia, goalkeeper, 26 years old)


He is already improving in Gent. If he goes like this he will be a next goalkeeper for a topteam like Borussia Dortmund, ... .


Stefan Mitrovic (Serbia, central defender, 26 years old)


He was before KAA Gent a member of KV Kortrijk, he moved to SL Benfica. It was difficult for him, but left on the correct time and is now back on the level we know he has. He just needs to be more safely with his passing, if he can improve that he will be soon a player for a team like RB Leipzig J  and growing there.


Kenny Saïef (Israël, left midfield, 23 years old)


Saïef improved the last couple of years to a nice quality of playing. Thanx to KAA Gent, he can be one day maybe a player in England. Southampton would be a correct team for him.


Renato Neto (Brazil, defensive midfielder, 25 years old)


The motor of this team. He is one midfield J, he is a beast. I don’t know where he will end in his career, but it will be a good team. Sporting Lissabon was stupid to sell him, they know that now. Can be an important player for a team like Lazio Roma on term.


Anderson Esiti (Nigeria, central midfielder, 22 years old)


A massive beast, he is new in Gent. Gent was struggling to replace Sven Kums (now Udinese), with Esiti they have finally a good player who can forget Sven Kums in Gent. Nice potential, one to follow !!


Moses Simon (Nigeria, left winger and second attacker, 21 years old)


The man of 20 million J. Has good days and bad days, but that is normal. If he works harder, you need to follow him by buying now and watch where can grow to.


Jérémy Perbet (France, central attacker, 32 years old)


Already a nice career, played for Villareal CF. He was important for that team and now he is back in Belgium. Here in Ghent he is coming to be a complete player. So if you’re looking to a player with experience and a 2nd option or third option, Perbet is one of the team. He needs to learn a bit more where to stand to score easily. Hein Vanhaezebrouck (the coach) is making him better.


Kalifa Coulibaly (Mali, central attacker, 25 years old)


Needs to learn a bit more to score more with easily chances he gets, but he is a player who is difficult to follow for the defenders. He has the potential for teams like Saint-Etienne and he will rise for sure. With a smart step forward, he will become the player of Mali. The example for people in Mali.

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Standard Luik

                                   Afbeeldingsresultaten voor standard luik logo


Alexander Scholz (Denmark, central defender, 24 years old)


Teams like Everton FC are trying to sign him now, but he stays for the moment. He is not the best defender in Belgium, but good enough to play for a team like Swansea or Everton. His position work is pretty impressive, he will be important for teams like the teams I said.


Konstantinos Laifis (Cyprus, central defender, 23 years old)


Played Milos Kosanovic out the team. He is new and is getting better and better. He will be the leader of the defending of Cyprus. Not that difficult I know, but he is more than just a player of Cyprus. It’s possible he will be the first player in Cyprus, that can play one day for a good team. In my opinion he has the talent to play one day in a team like Bayer Leverkusen.


Orlando Sà (Portugal, central attacker, 28 years old)


Impressive what he is showing and scored 11 times in 15 matches. He is a very complete player and via Standard he will find a nice team who plays each year European. SL Benfica is possible I think. He will rise and can be a nationality if he continues like this.

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                                                                                     Afbeeldingsresultaten voor krc genk logo


Omar Colley (Gambia, central defender, 24 years old)


He signed this summer and already are teams in England trying to sign him. He is a beast, who will grow fast, will rise fast and will have a nice team in 1 or max 2 years. More I can’t say J


Jakub Brabec (Czech Republic, central defender, 24 years old)


He can play easily and is impressive in his position work. He will stay here for a time, but he has the qualities for a bigger team like Athletic Bilbao (KRC Genk won with 4-2 in the Europa League against Athletic Bilbao J ).


Ruslan Malinovsky (Ukraïne, central midfielder, 23 years old)


The futur for Ukraïne. He is a unique player with a profile that every team needs. His future looks bright. One of the best in Belgium and the best in KRC Genk.


Alejandro Pozuelo (Spain, central attacking midfielder, 25 years old)


The maestro of his team, he has a unique style of playing in Belgium and he combined that what a player needs to be successful in Belgium. He is also on term for a team like Athletic Bilbao or maybe in England. He is creative, but he needs to work on his defending a bit.


Nikolaos Karelis (Greece, central attacker, 24 years old)


What do you say ? Uhuh, yes he can be the next central attacker for the national team Greece. He can grow to be the best Greece attacker (better then Mitroglou, ..). He has enough technique and scores very easily. So, now it’s the time to buy him. Sign him as your second option.

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  Afbeeldingsresultaten voor kv kortrijk logo



Andriy Totovytsky (Ukraine, attacking midfielder, 23 years old)


A player with talent, but not the best. He is growing to a better level in KV Kortrijk here, but need to work a bit more, because his goal can be higher than KV Kortrijk. I think then about Sporting Lissabon and be important there.


Idriss Saadi (France, central attacker, 24 years old)


Scored easily in the beginning of this season, now KV Kortrijk is not in form and Saadi also has it difficult now. Why he is in this list then ? If he goes so fast as he can to a better team, Saadi will be a player to have in your squad as third option.

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Afbeeldingsresultaten voor waasland-beveren logo

Laurent Jans (Luxembourg, right defender, 24 years old)


He will rise for sure, I think it will be 82 + 3 => 85. When he moves to a better team, he will develop more. Jans has the potential to have one day 88, but after this season he needs to leave to a bigger club.


Rudy Camacho (France, central defender, 25 years old)


Will rise for sure. He has a nice story. 2 season ago in Ligue 3 in France, now he got his chances on a higher level and he didn't dissapoint. He will be a player who comes on level on a later age. In my opinion he can play one day for a team as AS Monaco or even Olympique Lyonnais.

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Afbeeldingsresultaten voor kas eupen logo

Jean Thierry Lazare Amani (Cote d’Ivoire, central midfielder, 18 years old)


He is a promising kid, now he is day by day come a complete midfielder. Has huge talent and has the potential to play one day for a world top team. Yeah, you heard it. A world top team. 75 -> 80 (What I think)


Henry Onyekuru (Nigeria, a winger, 19 years old)


KAS Eupen is new in the first division and is a bit of a revelation in Belgium. They are playing really good. There are already teams in Germany who wants Onyekuru, RSC Anderlecht wants him also. A promising kid.  78 -> 82 (What I think)


Eric Ocansey (Ghana, right winger, 19 years old)


The weakest of the 3, but he has talent for a subtop in Belgium and teams in the middle of countries like Germany.  76 -> 79 (What I think)

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         Afbeeldingsresultaten voor excel moeskroen logo

Stefan Simic (Czech Republic, central defender, 21 years old)


Is playing really well actually and has the potential to rise and play for a better team.


Mahmoud “Trézéguet” Hassan (Egypt, AM(RLC), 22 years old)


The best player of Excel Moeskroen. He is actually from RSC Anderlecht, but is on loan to Excel Moeskroen. He has qualities that no one has in Moeskroen and is very important with his actions, goals and assists. Next season he will play for RSC Anderlecht.

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This tread is for Belgium to set them in the picture. I will give you the results of the "the golden boot".


"the golden boot" is an award for the best keeper, the best young player, the best coach, the nicest goal of the year and the winner who will win the golden boot. I want to say that not all the players are in these awards and are 'forgotten'.


The best goal keeper

1. Ludovic Butelle

2. Silvio Proto

3. Matz Sels

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor ludovic butelle

Nr. 1, Ludovic Butelle


The best young player

1. Leon Bailey (now Bayer Leverkusen)

2. Youri Tielemans

3. Wilfried Ndidi (now Leicester City)

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor leon bailey

Nr. 1, Leon Bailey


The best coach

1. Michel Preud'Homme

2. Franck Dury

3. Felice Mazzu

(Weiler, Vanhaezebrouck, Yannick Ferrera, Vanderhaeghe, Maes and Leko are also very well coaches)

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor michel preud homme 2016


The nicest goal of 2016 in Belgium is...

Wilfried Ndidi

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor wilfried ndidi


And now the winner.

10. Wilfried Ndidi, 23 points

9. Mbaye Leye, 29 points

8. Soualiho Meîté, 30 points

7. Lior Refaelov, 30 points

6. Alejandro Pozuelo, 38 points

5. Sofiane Hanni, 61 points

4. Hans Vanaken, 76 points

3. Ruud Vormer, 86 points

2. Lukasz Teodorzcyk, 183 points


And nr. 1 is.....

1. José Izquierdo, 268 points

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor josé izquierdo

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