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Login Times

Reduced Login Times   

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  1. 1. Reduce Login Times

    • 2 Weeks or less
    • 1 month

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1 month to login, just why? Is there any pros to the insane amount of time players are allowed not to login when there is access to the internet practically everywhere? Even if you can only login once a month is this really the game for you, well right now it is but is that a reason why this has never changed as SM would lose so many members? 

Right now there are people who login on the last day every month , every single time and the team they have has made at most 1 transfer a season even if that much. These people if they are in fact people and not bots (They could be) are ruining the game for the rest of us, please SM enough is enough just reduce the login times! It's literally the least you could do to improve experience of playing. 

2 weeks is way more than enough way more and for GM 2 extra weeks holiday mode. There is no reason that doing this would not improve the game ....

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