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Game engine query

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Just curious of other people's experience with the game engine of SM. I currently have a team that regularly creates more than double the attempts on target than my opponents with around 52% + possessions with a 94 avg rated team losing or more often drawing with lower rates teams.

I find it odd for example, my last game I had 11 attempts on goal against a team that had 1 shot on target and drew 1-1. Before that it was my 11 attempts to 5 and I drew 3-3. I am conceding a mixture of goals so not seeing problems in a specific area.

Tactically I must be doing something right as I control possession and create more than double my opponents chances on target and with a 94 rated team against what is typically 90-92 rated teams in my league I'd expect to be doing well but others seem to need fewer chances with lesser players to win. I just can't see how tactics is the issue here.

Any advice on what to look for or is this an issue with the game engine logic.




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Game engine Diesel?

Game engine is that every now and then web error occurs... Then you can simple not enter at all to see what's up in the teams of yours...

Am I bitter or annoyed? Maybe I was before, but no space or time for that anymore. All projects and games work same way: buy vip/ badge/ gold membership and have more options.

But, even when you buy that, it will not miss you when some tech ### comes. All projects have nice ideas and fine web pages. But tech side ( tech staff ) seems to be on holiday mode ( expression from other manager game ) for good...

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