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A New Game World

Season 1, Turn 12

I just joined as Rotherham.  I'll be posting here regarding our climb to the premier division, but I would love to see some other people join up and post as well.  If you're in this game world, please feel free to post.  I'll be messaging the fellow managers to let them know about this thread, and I'd love to see this take off and really become active.  


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New York Stadium Media Room

Tony Stewart, Paul Warne, and Paddy McGregor walk out to a barrage of lightbulbs.  Stewart wears a large smile on his face, beaming as the press shouts questions at him.  He walks up to the lectern center stage as the press shout questions at him.  Warne and McGregor take a seat on either side of him.  

Stewart:  I know you're all eager to ask your questions, but please let me get to it then.  As many of you know, we've been in the championship for a few years now.  Our goal, as always, has been to take this team as far up as possible, and we have our eyes set upon the premiere league.  The feat has never been accomplished in the 91 year history of Rotherham United, but we've rarely been so close.  Paul has done a magnificent job as caretaker at the beginning of this year, but he and I both knew that we needed a manager that was going to inspire the players and get the best out of them.  I think we've found our man.


Over the past few weeks, Paddy McGregor and I have been speaking about the possibility of him coming into the club.  Paul has expressed his interest in working with him and Paddy has made it clear that he believes Rotherham has the spirit to get to the next level.  He has agreed to sign on and take over as manager of the club, provided he is able to purchase players without my interference.  I have agreed to this condition, and Paul has agreed to be the go between, managing the money I'm willing to lay out and the minor details.  With all that said, I'll allow Paddy to take the microphone.


Paddy and Paul stand up.  Paddy shakes hands with Stewart and pats Paul on the back.  He flashes a large smile as the press bulbs flash.  Paul and Stewart sit down.


Paddy:  Tony pretty much provided all the details of how this came to be.  All I have left to say is that I'm looking forward to taking this team straight to the top, and I'm happy I'll be doing it in front of the greatest fans in the world.  


So it Begins

Paddy walks into the club house.  He's happy to take over the club, he really is, but it's going to be an uphill challenge.  the club has advanced from League 4 to League 2 over the past few years, but their sudden rise has left them playing above their skill level much of the time.  Players that were heroes of their triumphant second place finish in League 4 remain at the club.  However, they're no longer heroes.  Mostly those players are relegated to back up roles and, despite being happy to be at the highest level they've ever played at in English football, they know that a new manager means a lot of changes.  Going down a division or two, but going back into a starting lineup isn't the worst thing for them.


Paul Warne did a decent job as caretaker, but Paddy knows that there's a lot that has to be accomplished very quickly if he's going to get the press on his side, rather than casting doubt upon his future and bring the fans upon him, calling for his head.  His first game in charge will see the Millers take on Cardiff City.  He's resigned to the fact that his first game will most likely be a loss.  A draw is far too much to hope for.  Cardiff isn't the class of the league, but they sit in a playoff spot, and their 19 goals dwarf Rotherham's 8.  Six points.  Six back of a playoff spot.  However, a loss will put them nine back if everything breaks the wrong way.  The chairman has said he know it will take time, maybe a few seasons, but Paddy isn't one looking to wait around and twiddle his thumbs.  He knows Rotherham fans have waited their entire history to spend a season in the premier league.  


Immediately, he gets to work on tactics.  He drills the players in a few different formations, seeing which ones work best.  He takes out all of the top players on the depth chart and tells everyone they have to earn their spot.  For the first game, Rotherham will play a young lineup of kids that haven't seen the pitch this season.  It'll give the better players a chance to rest and some experience to the youngsters.  Paddy thanks a few players for their service and immediately terminates every loan at the club.  He gets on the phone and starts calling around, asking about loans.  He knows he needs some loaned out players with some talent if he's going to take on the tougher clubs.


The plan is simple.  The higher clubs have more talent.  It's going to take months, if not years, to get players into that type of form.  Those clubs you look to get a point from.  Maybe a shock win on occasion to get the fans behind you and the players morale high up.  The lower clubs that are looking at relegation must be destroyed.  Not only must you take three points, you need to pad your goal difference against them.  that not only staves off relegation, it bolsters you up the table.  The mid tier clubs are the ones you do your damnedest to steal three points every chance you get.  You don't need to be the best club to gain promotion.  You just need to have the best results.  A sixth place finish would be more than any fan is expecting.  It certainly doesn't guarantee promotion, but it doesn't rule it out either.  At that point, you go all in and hope United, Chelsea, and Liverpool get put on the schedule for next year.


Paddy smiles one last time as he looks at the schedule and sees that Warne has managed to squeak out a few victories in the cups.  It's nothing much, two round 3 matches coming up.  But there's going to be some excitement in Rotherham this season.  There most certainly is.

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As he believed, Rotherham suffered a big loss, 3-0, to Cardiff City.  Now sitting in fifth place, comfortably in a playoff position.  They don't worry about a bottom feeding team like Rotherham coming for them.  But manager Paddy knows the entire league is in for a shock.  He was willing to suffer the 3-0 loss in order for his players to regroup.  Now, back in shape, they take on Brentford, sitting in seventh place on the road.  Rotherham without a single win on the road. 


The entire league is shocked.  Brentford, a team chasing a playoff spot is knocked off by Rotherham who shoot up from 17th to 12th.  It was expected that Rotherham would play a game after bring in some new signings.  Maybe eek out a draw or even a surprise 1-0 victory.  Unexpectedly, though, Rotherham absolutely control every aspect of the game.  A 3-0 score hangs over the heads of the entire league as Rotherham and Brentford run off the field, some Rotherham players waving to their traveling supporters to thank them.  


Rotherham's lack luster season may be swinging, but they're still 9 points back of a playoff spot with a terrible goal difference.  Manager Paddy has said that he's not finished working out transfers or loans yet, and he still hopes to find more players to bring into his new system.  He says that Rotherham's loss to Cardiff City was expected and fine.  Some players were able to play and make an impression.  However, though they sat in 17th place afterwards, his goal is not to save Rotherham from relegation.  It is to claim a playoff spot or better.  


The one redeeming quality of Rotherham before manager Paddy got here was that they had progressed and won 4 games total in the cups.  When asked about their future in the cups Paddy smiled.  "We'll go as far as possible.  However, the cups are not a priority.  We will go for the wins, but we will focus on the league."


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1, 2, 3 Up... That's the Way You Win the Cup


"[...] the cups are not the priority."  That was the statement by manager Paddy just days before Rotherham were to take on Northampton Town.  Everything reflected Paddy's statement.  He made 10 changes to the lineup that had beaten Brentford down 3-0.  It seemed clear he wanted to see what other options he had in the rest of the squad.  Maybe he already knew.


"Goal by Clarke-Harris.  That should do it.  A 3-0 lead to Rotherham in the 73rd minute, and you would have to think they're going through."  Rotherham won easily.  What seemed a training squad side lineup for Rotherham went out and thrashed Northampton Town.  Rotherham move on to the round of 16 and face Newcastle, a much harder ask.  

However, Manager Paddy has said what he wanted to do, and so far he's proven quite a quick worker.  3 points from the league in two games and a cup victory put Rotherham in solid place to gain prize money.  Paddy is undoubtedly thinking of silverware, maybe the playoff trophy and a spot in the premiere league, but who can tell.  There's plenty of season left to play.


Rotherham Record 4-3-6 

-8GD 15 Points

Rotherham Record under Paddy 1-0-1

0GD 3 Points

Rotherham Cup Record under Paddy 1-0



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