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Financial management of large, high rated squads


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I have managed to grind out 6 years worth of seasons to accumulate a very good Manchester United squad. I have generally kept 18 players that are 93+ rated, plus 3 90 rated players and a 3rd keeper. (22 players total)

I have then loaned out every other player. I have been supporting a $2 million deficit each week by the buying and selling of lower rated youngsters and free agents. 

However I am getting to the point where there are a lot of 90 rated youngsters that are too good to be loaned out and selling them means i lose out on my investment. Any suggestions?

I have looked up some of the top managers and they have 100s of players in their squad and don't loan many out, so how is that sustainable? 

I want to be able to take my squad to the next level and obviously there are restrictions as to how I can do that, especially now that my back up keeper (Donnarumma 88) is wanting more games....

The ultimate question is how do you sustain a super squad? Especially now there are more 90 rated players than ever...

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Rotating players would not be enough. 88+ gk want 90% minimum of game time, and 90+ outfields players want at least 65% game time - considering that the titulars are either top and/or world class players and both want a very high % of game time, rotating them wouldn't be enough - injuries might help, but in the long run both main and/or backup will get concerned. Especially you can't really rotate two 88+ GK: both would get concerned. You might be able to keep a few 90+ outfield backup, but it's tricky -  you must use them as first sub every match, grant them some starts to arrive at 65% gametime (injuries etc can help) but in exchange the regular starter might get concerned instead.

A super squad like that is pure player-hogging at its finest.

Either you will lose in the long run players at cheap prices (which might be backups and/or main XI players), or you do a major clear out now: decide which one to keep and which one to sell at maximum possible before they devalue - buying/bringing in your squad backups that don't expect so much gametime. Considering your squad, 87- gk as backup will do, and 88- outfield players shouldn't expect pretty much any gametime either.



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The whole point of thrones game is you should never have 18 93 (+) rated players in your squad... 


If it's a competitive GW that is, I have a GW with only 5-6 managers so concerns are turned off so we all have incredible squads..


It depends on the nature of the GW but if it's competitive you shouldn't be able to sustain 18 such players, it's basically player hogging 

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