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SM Champions Leagues 16/17 Predict KNOCK OUT STAGE Part 1

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Point Scoring System:


For correctly predicting a score = 3 points (e.g. Arsenal 0 v 0 Barcelona) if you had that scoreline you would receive 3 points.

For correctly predicting an outcome = 1 point (e.g. Arsenal 0 v 0 Barcelona) and you say 1-1 then you get 1 point for predicting a draw.

For correctly predicting the Double Your Score (DYS) you need to get the scoreline correct for the game selected as the DYS. 6 points will be awarded for correctly predicting this.
(e.g. Actual Result - TeamA 2 - 0 TeamB
-Prediction - TeamA 2 - 0 TeamB = 6 points [3 for exact plus 3 for DYS]
-Prediction - TeamA 2 - 1 TeamB = 1 point [ 1 for correct outcome])

For correctly predicting the First Goal Scored (FGS) you need to name the player that will score the first goal in the game that in selected as the FGS. 2 points will be awarded for correctly predicting this.

If you have put down DYS and FGS on the same fixture, you only double your score for the exact score, not for predicting the FGS. Example if you predicted PSG 2- 3 arsenal (DYS) (FGS sanchez), you get 3+3+2 points.


Triple Your Score (TYS) - Same as DYS. Here you triple your score if the score prediction is accurate. However, you cannot put TYS and DYS on the the same fixture! 

Valentine Day Special (VDS) - Only available for the 2 fixtures on 14 Feb(not compulsory though, its up to individuals) . You just predict a single fixture without the score and you get 3 points if correct ( eg: Arsenal vs Bayern - Arsenal Win/ Bayern win/ draw). You cannot put DYS and TYS on that fixture. 

So now you have DYS, TYS and FGS each week. 





1. Beist - 93

=. Middle_finger - 93

3. Dhruv5588 - 71

4. Georgie34 - 67

5. RieceM96 - 59.5

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14 February (VDS)

PSG vs Barcelona 1-2 tys

Benfica vs Dortmund (VDS win Dortmund )

15 February

Real Madrid vs Napoli 2-1

Bayern vs Arsenal 2-0 

21st February

Leverkusen vs Atletico Madrid 0-1

Manchester City vs Monaco 1-2 dys

22nd February

Sevilla vs Leicester 2-0

Porto vs Juventus 0-1 fts higuain

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