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Realistic Experience - Brand new Custom world

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Game World ID 355628
3 divisions x 12 teams
No players. 180m starting balance to build squads
Unmanaged squads stay intact for new or sacked managers to take control of
2 transfer windows
2 automatic promotions, 1 playoff promotion. 3 relegations
Bottom 3 get sacked (please take a new club if this happens, either another sacked club or an unmanaged one)

Normal economy so the world doesnt get overran with money

Come join what will be one of the most fun and balanced worlds in SM. The world will always be active as there is 10 of us real life friends joining and will always be in it, so we expect to be pretty close to the 36 max if not full most of the time.

Thanks in advance and welcome/good luck if you do come join with us :)

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