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GC-10 Youth League

Shelbourne FC

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Ok Firstly Id Just Liek To Say It Was My Intention To Setup A League For Forumers Consisting Keltic Nations & Lower English Teams.

However To Unforeseen Circumstances, I Couldent Join CG-10 This Morning & When i Did A Tournement had Already Been Setup.

So I decided to Make A Difference Between Them Id Make A Youth League

It Will Start Fiday 2 weeks,Give Mangers Time To Asemble Under 21's.

Depending on Number of Clubs WillDetermine The Format & Ammount of Matches Aswell as Cup Events.

Plyers Eligible Must be 21 As of 24/12/2007, if they were/are 21 today they are eligible through the comp

So if Interested and have Enough Youths Or plan To Get Enough Youths Place You Name & Club Here.

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Re: GC-10 Youth League

Drogheda, Morcambe, Hearta, Newcastle, Man City

Il Pm Poeple That Have Already Posted In ThisThread Now ;)

Hearta Needs To Buy Keeper ;)

Inter Needs To Buy Defenders

Format Is Unkown Yet, Possibility That Any Champions League Team MAY NOT Be able to Enter If They Make The K/0'S Of the Cha,mpions League. :( Big Possibility Actually

Probily Have Group Stages Then 2 Legged K/0'S

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