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Welcome to my new custom gw: Titles mean progress!Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για trophy

After 87+ and the Scouting Network, let me introduce you to the idea of my 3rd gameworld.

Trophies in football are everything, success is often measured by them and clubs crave to win them. 

This gw will consist of 16 teams (2 divisions of 8) with 3 relegated and 3 promoted (the top 2 and the winner of the play off match between the 3rd and 4th based team) in order to keep it interesting.

The will be no squad cap

We will start with empty squads

Budget: 50mil (15mil is the budget until the first game of the season)

At the start of this gw you cannot buy players that are rated over 74. (74 are allowed, 75 are not allowed)

When a player rises above 74 then the managers will be allowed to keep them

Here is the key part,

The good news:

when a team wins their division (either division 1 or 2 trophy) then the manager will be upgraded and will have the chance to increase their player signing rating cap by 1 rating, taking it from 74 to 75 (they can buy players up to 75 permanently and not just for the next season). This change will come into effect from the start of next season (1st pre season friendly).

when a team wins the cup competition then the manager will have the chance to buy 1 player with a rating of 74+1=75 

And the bad news:

when a team finishes last in their division (either division 1 or 2) their player signing rating cap will be decreased by 1 rating, taking it from 74 to 73 permanently. 

These rating caps will run from season to season and will add up. So as an example if a team finishes 2nd in season 1 then their player signing rating cap will still be 74, if then they win the league in season 2 then their signing rating cap will be 75, if they then spend a few seasons in mid table and win the league again in season 6 then their signing cap will be 76 starting from season 7. And finally if they get relegated in season 7 then their signing cap will drop down to 75 again. Got it ? :P 

Regarding the cup, it will be based on the ratings cap mentioned above. So if you win it you can buy 1 player rated 75. If you have already won a league trophy and your rating cap is 74+1=75 and you then win the cup then your 1 player prize will be 75+1=76. If you win the cup twice without winning a league trophy then the player you will be able to buy will still be rated 74+1. 

The signing caps of each team will be updated on here at the end of each season and will be sent as a gw message as a lot of people don't visit the forum anymore. 

So regarding the signing cap.

Base: 74

Win a league: 74+1, win it twice 75+1 and so on...

Finish last: 74-1, finish last twice 73-1 and so on...

Win a cup: whatever rating cap you have at the time +1 (this only applies for the purchase of 1 player)


Final twist, the player signing cap will be attached to the managers performance and not the club

So say if a manager has got his signing cap to 83 by winning league titles over the seasons and he then resigns, then the new manager coming in will have to return to the base signing cap of 74. (he will obviously still be allowed to keep the players that are already in he team that are above 74)

There you have it! State your interest and i will create the gw once we are full! :)



Division 1



CD Everton 


Deportivo Alaves


New England Revolution



Division 2

AJ Auxerre


Chapecoense AF

Ferencvarosi TC 

Hansa Rostock


Levski Sofia

Nottingham Forest


Interested :

Fred Ziko (me) - CD Everton 

Georgi Georgiev - Levski Sofia

Revolt - New England Revolution

Kev - Nottingham Forest

TM Costa - Atalanta

Muallan - Chapecoense 

Mattsson - Heerenveen

gweim - Linfield

jorge2256253 - Auxerre


Cvilhete - Danubio

will-gee - Hansa Rostock

kylepearson - Deportivo Alaves

JMagic93 - Ferencvarosi 

Rob Harris - Aris



Waiting List:

1. rob soar

2. dan smith

3. Josh McMillan



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I will try my chance.....just applied.

Welcome to my new custom gw: Titles mean progress! After 87+ and the Scouting Network, let me introduce you to the idea of my 3rd gameworld. Trophies in football are everything, success is of


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12 hours ago, gweim said:

I'm in. I'll take Linfield. 


12 hours ago, jorge2256253 said:

I´m interesting in this league.

Can I take Auxerre? Thanks


11 hours ago, robsoar said:

I'll have a go with SPAL


11 hours ago, GIlbino81 said:

I'd like to join, can I be Danubio?

Great, interest is hotting up, welcome! :)

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I was going to create the gw now as i believe that we would have been full in the next day or so. But although i have a free Game World in my account (as an attempt to try the new interface), it doesn't apply to a custom gw! :( 

Not sure what we can do now, maybe someone with a custom gameworld slot can create it and then i could still post and admin the signing caps to save them the trouble. Alternatively i see it costs 20,000 credits, I have 2,116 credits that i can send to the person that will be willing to do it, if somebody has more credits. Or if you know people with credits that don't need them, they could send me the amount that we want. 

I hope we can find a way around this and if we all put something together maybe we will find a solution. Its sad because it was going to be a long lasting competitive world with the available player pools changing for 3 teams every season. 

Im open to suggestions lads...

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