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I will try my chance.....just applied.

Welcome to my new custom gw: Titles mean progress! After 87+ and the Scouting Network, let me introduce you to the idea of my 3rd gameworld. Trophies in football are everything, success is of


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18 hours ago, TMCosta said:

1104 if u want...

I will need you to send me 100 as thankfully i have found someone to create the gw. Just check for sure that the game lets you send because i have 2,116 and tried to send some as a test and the game  says You can only send SM Credits that you have bought. You can currently send: 0 So check that it allows you to send them first, (by clicking on my or a friends name and clicking send sm credits) let me know and we are ready. My in game name is fred ziko (rep456) :)

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We are full so i will wait until tomorrow for the guys that said they want Atalanta, SPAL, Danubio and Auxerre. I have already had applications for 3 out of those 4 from other managers so if the original guys don't show up ill give it to the new managers. If they do then the lads that have applied now can go on the waiting list for future vacancies.

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