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I will try my chance.....just applied.

Welcome to my new custom gw: Titles mean progress! After 87+ and the Scouting Network, let me introduce you to the idea of my 3rd gameworld. Trophies in football are everything, success is of


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On 6/29/2017 at 1:31 PM, Tranmere said:

squad cap - 100

when a team wins the 1st division the manager will be upgraded and will have the chance to increase their player signing rating cap by 1 rating.

when a team wins the cup (3 players), a playoff (1 player) or finishes 2nd (2 players) and 3rd (1 player) the manager have the chance to buy 1 players with a rating of +1

when a team finishes last in their division 1 the manager will have to sell a player of his top rating if he finishes last in the division 2 their player signing rating cap will be decreased by 1 rating permanently. 



So regarding the signing cap.

Base: 74

Win 1st division league: rating +1 permanentely.

2nd place division 1: 2 players of the rating above.

3nd place division 1: 1 players of the rating above.

Finish last in division 1: sell a player of top rating (negotiable this parametre :)

Win a cup: 3 players of the rating above.



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6 hours ago, Tranmere said:

was thinking of doing something similar actually in one of my gw's that has died out in order to re launch it but havent had the time lately! 😓

This one will die too :(

Kill that GW and lets do some changes in this one :)

Dont like the fact that people are relegated on purpose to win Div2 for example...

Small things that can make an even better world (love it by tha way ;))

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Congratulations to all involved for the season that has just passed. The new ratings that will be in place from the 1st friendly of NEXT SEASON are as follows:  
Chapecoense 79
New England 76 (+1 cup prize player rated 77)
Levski 76
CD Everton 75
Atalanta 75
Ferencvarosi 73
Heerenveen 73
Linfield 73
Everyone else 74

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