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Belgian football (Season '19-'20) + 22 other countries (for example The Netherlands)

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Last night, the Belgian FA announced they were going to start routinely fining those who openly questioned the referees' integrity. Today, the federal police questioned 2 referees for matchfixing in a large ongoing investigation. Haha.


In doubt of the integrity of the ref? Fined!

The Pro League thinks the integrity of the referees is being questioned too often. That's why they've made a concrete proposal to fine players, staff members or chairmen who openly doubt the good intentions of a ref. Initially, they only meant to stick with an ethical code, but not every club deemed that effective enough. The Pro League aspires to create a more serene environment for their referees with this measure.

 @TMCosta Turns out the Portuguese league isn't the only one with drama. Please, watch our league.

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Belgian risers --> this link: Risers in Belgium

Not realy. Portugal is very capable of doing something like that

Individual rapport Yari Verschaeren   Age: 17 Position: AM(RLC) Nationality: Belgium Team: RSC Anderlecht SM Value: 280K SM Rates: 70 Minutes: 526 minutes

Posted Images

49 minutes ago, 1000dB said:

Last night, the Belgian FA announced they were going to start routinely fining those who openly questioned the referees' integrity. Today, the federal police questioned 2 referees for matchfixing in a large ongoing investigation. Haha.

 @TMCosta Turns out the Portuguese league isn't the only one with drama. Please, watch our league.

This is just the beginning...

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14 hours ago, 1000dB said:


The Jamaican FA are adamant that Bailey's future as a full international hasn't been sorted. He won't play for Jamaica ATM. So nothing has changed and, probably, Bailey's dad is still making demands (JFF are in discussions with the player).


@TMCosta why give my previous post a "haha"? In older posts I've said I'm not in favour of Bailey (possibly) joining Belgium. I said so, repeatedly, since Bailey first claimed he wanted to play for Belgium. Besides it sounded like he wanted to join England, last I heard. England however is off the cards and for Belgium or Germany it depends on the residency rule. In case he kept his residence in Belgium, he'll have wait 22 months before he's be eligible (on his 23rd birthday). I guess one of these international breaks he'll finally join Jamaica.

Nothing special heheh just funny cause he "picked" the worst ;)

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18 hours ago, 1000dB said:

Last night, the Belgian FA announced they were going to start routinely fining those who openly questioned the referees' integrity. Today, the federal police questioned 2 referees for matchfixing in a large ongoing investigation. Haha.

 @TMCosta Turns out the Portuguese league isn't the only one with drama. Please, watch our league.


17 hours ago, thorgan lesar said:

This is just the beginning...

Pffff thats nothing LOL:


2 crimes from Benfica

79 crimes from their legal advisor including access to confidential informations (courts, referees grades..)


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@TMCosta yea I know there's some serious sh1tflinging going on in Portugal.


In the Pro League scandal referee grades were also fiddled with (+ "gifts", e.g. cars). The two referees are facing charges and most likely will never ref again. The matchfixing charges cover two games in last season's relegation battle. Mechelen somehow managed to still get relegated while in both of those fixed games the results went their way. FYI Mechelen and Eupen ended that season bottom, level on points and Mechelen were only one goal worse off. Eupen players had been spotted at the bookies, even in their club's training kit, LMAO. Last season, more than the one before (with very shady games v. Kortrijk and Standard), Mouscron reeked (allowing Eupen to score 4 goals in only 17' in a match that looked crooked as hell). Eupen's and Mouscron's relegation battle in previous seasons might reek but the culprits in the previous season seem to be Mechelen.

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It sounds like the scandal is mainly about shady agents (tax evasion and money-laundering). Hopefully the way agents do business in Belgium will be regulated better/cleaned up. Bayat and Veljkovic, the two agents that are facing charges, seem to be close to the Pozzo's (owners of Watford and a couple of other clubs). Quite a few players went to Watford but e.g. Dendoncker went to Wolves instead. Veljkovic, focusing on Eastern Europe with the likes of Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (actually every -ic), could also be involved in Bailey's shady past, back when he moved to AS Trencin (because he wasn't 18yo and couldn't sign for Ajax or Genk). It wouldn't be a big surprise considering the stories I've heard about Bailey and his dad/agent. Genk is one of the clubs that allegedly cooperated with Veljkovic.

Leko (current Brugge manager and reportedly helped into that position by Veljkovic) could very well be clean but some of his pay when he was at OHL is being looked at. OHL (taken over by Leicester's owners) is the club that was implicated during the sting operation that cost Allardyce's job. Their CEO resigned after that scandal. The transfer dealings at almost every first division A club are being looked at but that's because Bayat, and to a lesser extent Veljkovic, were virtually omnipresent in Pro League transfers. If Leko was involved he could still be in trouble.

I was expecting D'Onofrio's name to pop up. He's sort of a Mendes 1.0 (actually there have been contacts between the two), he was Zidane's agent (back when he was playing) and he has been sentenced before. Maybe they'll look at Standard's older deals as well, especially the Mangala deal was fishy.


TL;DR: the scandal is about two agents (that allegedly were involved in money-laundering/tax evasion) and Mechelen's two fixed games. Agents and their shady business is a massive problem in football. Better regulation of agents is needed. Silver lining the mess will be cleaned up in Belgium, the scandal forces authorities and football-loving Belgium to act asap.

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@1000dB Impressive KRC Genk against Besiktas JK today... .

Besiktas - KRC Genk 2-4

Vukovic; Mæhle, Dewaest, Lucumi, Uronen; Heynen, Malinovskiy, Pozuelo (Seck 81'); Ndongola, Samatta (Gano 88'), Paintsil (Piotrowski 76')

0-1 Mbwana Ally Samatta

0-2 Mbwana Ally Samatta

1-3 Dieumerci Ndongola

1-4 Jakub Piotrowski


Little injury: Sander Berge and Leandro Trossard

On the bench: Joseph Aidoo

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Not a bad week for Belgium.

Standard Luik - FK Krasnodar 2-1

RSC Anderlecht - Fenerbahçe 2-2

Club Brugge KV - AS Monaco 1-1


Club Brugge wasn't good at all against Monaco. I'm afraid for the next weeks (in competitie and in the Champions League)... . RSC Anderlecht needed to win and actually they had to win... . Standard Luik won surprisingly against Krasnodar.

We're nr. 8 now in the UEFA ranking (for the moment)

1.      Spain                                  91 283 points

2.      England                             69 034 points

3.      Italy                                    68 725 points

4.      Germany                           64 070 points

5.      France                                52 665 points

6.      Russia                                 47 549 points

7.      Portugal                            42 032 points

8.      Belgium                             36 700 points

9.      Ukrain                                36 700 points

10.  Turkey                               32 600 points

11.  The Netherlands             28 633 points

12.  Austria                               28 250 points

13.  Denmark                           26 775 points

14.  Greece                               26 600 points

15.  Switzerland                      26 300 points

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I love having Genk in the EL. After Anderlecht gave up a 2-0 lead against a club from Turkey, a country that's looking to overtake Belgium in the coefficient rankings, it's great news that Genk put in such a strong performance against another Turkish club. Sarpsborg confirmed that reaching the groups wasn't a fluke.

Anderlecht seem to be in transition and the season might be a write-off. Still I'm hoping for a surprise in Istanbul. With a win Anderlecht would move up to 2nd place (if Dinamo Zagreb keep up their good form/beat Spartak Trnava in the return).

This season, in each of the 3 groups with Belgian clubs there's also a Turkish club. Standard's last-gasp winner, even though it wasn't in the direct confrontation with the Turks, made it a very good matchday indeed. Like Standard, Krasnodar have a strong home reputation and Standard still have the away game to play. They'd do well to get a draw.

Brugge's last win in the CL dates back to 2 Nov. 2005 (3-2 against Rapid). They've gone winless in 13 years and counting. Record holders, Steaua, went without a win for 7 years and a couple of months but failed to win in a lot more games. It's a poor run that deserves to be broken. Not only for Brugge, but also for Belgium's coefficient, I hope Henry and Monaco lend a hand.

Edit: almost forgot Openda missing an absolute sitter in the dying minutes which would have finally ended Brugge's winless streak:


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Possible Risers in april-march

Pay attention: these risers are possible on this moment !




Karlo Letica (80 à 82)

Benoît Poulaîn (83 à 84)

Arnaut ‘Danjuma’ Groeneveld (78 à 82)

Mats Rits (85 à 86)

Thibault Vlietinck (75 à 78)

Moraes Wesley (83 à 84)



Danny Vukovic (82 à 83)

John Lucumi (78 à 80)

Joakim Maehle (82 à 84)

Joseph Aidoo (83 à 84)

Sébastien Dewaest (83 à 84)

Ruslan Malinovskiy (86 à 87)

Alejandro Pozuelo (87 à 88)

Joseph Paintsil (80 à 82)

Dieumerci Ndongola (83 à 84)

Leandro Trossard (85 à 86)

Mbwana Samatta (85 à 86)



Sinan Bolat (82 à 83)

Aurelio Buta (78 à 80)

Dino Arslanagic (82 à 83)

Simen Juklerod (78 à 82)

Egor Nazaryna (73 à 75)

Didier Lamkel Zé (78 à 80)

Faris Haroun (83 à 84)

William Owusu (82 à 83)



Alexis Saelemaekers (73 à 80)

Sebastiaan Bornauw (73 à 77)

Bubacarr Sanneh (83 à 84)

James Lawrence (77 à 78)

Zakaria Bakkali (83 à 84)

Francis Amuzu (76 à 80)

Landry Nany Dimata (83 à 84)



Sigurd Rosted (82 à 84)

Igor Plastun (83 à 84)

Birger Verstraete (82 à 84)

Aboubakary Koita (70 à 73)

Stallone Limbombe (80 à 82)

Giorgi Chakvetadze (80 à 82)

Jonathan David (73 à 77)



Zinho Vanheusden (76 à 77)

Christian Luyindama (85 à 86)

Konstantinos Laifis (85 à 86)

Moussa Djenepo (76 à 82)

Renaud Emond (83 à 84)



Fabrice Ondoa (80 à 81)

Wout Faes (78 à 80)

Indy Boonen (73 à 76)

Jelle Bataille (70 à 73)

Sindrit Guri (78 à 79)

Fashion Sakala (77 à 80)



Takahiro Tomiyasu (76 à 80)

Pol Garcia (80 à 81)

Casper De Norre (78 à 80)

Jordan Botaka (80 à 82)

Daichi Kamada (80 à 82)



Benjamin Lambot (78 à 80)

Yoann Etienne (73 à 76)

Isaac Koné (78 à 80)

Kévin Appin (73 à 75)

Johanna Omolo (79 à 80)

Adrien Bongiovanni (73 à 76)

Dylan De Belder (78 à 80)

Guévin Tormin (76 à 78)



Marco Ilaimaharitra (82 à 83)

Dorian Dessoleil (83 à 84)

Ali Gholizadeh (78 à 80)

David Henen (75 à 76)

Victor Osimhen (78 à 80)



Silas Gnaka (75 à 78)

Xavi Molina (80 à 81)

Rocky Bushiri (73 à 78)

Sulayman Marreh (78 à 80)

Thierry Lazare (80 à 81)

Yuta Toyokawa (78 à 81)

Samuel Essende (70 à 73)



Brendan Hines-Ike (80 à 81)

Jovan Stojanovic (80 à 81)






Ortwin De Wolf (73 à 78)

Bambo Diaby (70 à 75)

Mickaël Tirpan (80 à 81)

Djordje Jovanovic (76 à 77)



Davy Roef (82 à 83)

Jur Schryvers (77 à 80)

Aleksandar Vukotic (77 à 80)

Daam Foulon (73 à 76)

Denzel Jubitana (65 à 75)

Louis Verstraete (76 à 77)



Alexandros Katranis (78 à 80)

Frank Boya (73 à 76)

Benjamin Van Durmen (76 à 78)

Jean Butez (76 à 78)

Frantzdy Pierrot (70 à 76)

Pay attention: these risers are possible on this moment !

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Best youth work in Belgium: Genk is a proud leader and two surprises in the top 3

A fund of the Champions League has been created to stimulate the youth activities of the clubs throughout Europe. For this it looks at three criteria:

1. the number of contracts awarded to youth players
2. the number of times that youth players take a minimum of 15 minutes in official league matches
3. the budget that the club provides for youth training (infrastructure, trainers, ...)

Racing Genk was the winner for the 2017/18 season. Waasland-Beveren comes in second place and Sporting Lokeren closes the podium. These clubs also receive a cash prize to invest in the further development of their excellent youth activities.

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Not in SM-database yet, but interesting to follow


Loïs Ikoma Openda (added !)


Position: A(C)

Age: 18

Nationality: Belgium

Club: Club Brugge KV




Mohammed Dauda


Position: A(RLC)

Age: 20

Nationality: Ghana

Club: RSC Anderlecht



Aboud Omar


Position: D(L)

Age: 26

Nationality: Kenia

Club: Cercle Brugge





Position: D(R)

Age: 19

Nationality: Brazil

Club: Cercle Brugge



(for some reason I can't paste any photos any more...) 

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Champions League 6/11/'18

AS Monaco - Club Brugge (0-4)

Horvath; Poulaîn, Mechele, Denswil; Mata (Vlietinck 77'), Nakamba, Rits, Vanaken, Diatta (Cools 6'); Vormer, Wesley (Rezaei 72')

0-1 Vanaken

0-2 Vanaken pen,

0-3 Wesley

0-4 Vormer


This AS Monaco was so bad.. but it's good news again for the Belgian coefficiant. @1000dB

To be fair it wasn't the best Club Brugge yesterday (what would it be if they were on their level...), but some were good and need to be mentioned.

Hans Vanaken, is week by week one of the best players in Belgium. If he continues on this level, he will leave next season to a better team in a G5-competition.

Mats Rits, surprisingly a good transfer. He was again one of the better players on the field.

Moraes Wesley, has the potential to make it for a really good team. Did a good job yesterday.

Ethan Horvath, he is on his way to be nr.1 for Club Brugge. It doesn't look good for Letica :( 


Dion Cools, unfortunately he isn't good enough anymore for Club Brugge KV. He is 4th choice (Groeneveld 1st, Dennis 2nd, Diatta 3thd) on the left wingback. That says everything. He needs a move to a lower team... 

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