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Belgian football (Season '19-'20) + 22 other countries (for example The Netherlands)

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Afbeeldingsresultaten voor 9

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor logo kv mechelen


KV Mechelen


KV Mechelen is the first team that battles for Play-Off 1 in my opinion with nr. 1 till nr. 8 of course. The head coach for the moment is Yannick Ferrera, who makes KV Mechelen better than they really are. He is one of the most promising coaches from Belgium. It’s possible that KV Mechelen will end in the Top 6, but it will be hard. They will be long in the battle for Play-Off 1. KV Mechelen lost youth to Internazionale and AS Roma with Flor Van Den Eynden and Keres Masangu, but the youth is finally getting chances here in KV Mechelen with Cobbaut, Van Cleemput and some more. That makes them beautiful.


KV Mechelen has no real striker. But players like Mats Rits, Dimitrios Kolovos, Vitas.. are midfielders and defenders, that can easily score goals for the team. Till now they bought Rob Schoofs and Andy Kawaya from KAA Gent and RSC Anderlecht. Both of them has the potential to break through and bring KV Mechelen to a better level that we are suspecting. Rob Schoofs can be they key of the team. They bought Nicklas Pedersen and Stefan Drazic. The last one isn’t a goalgetter, but he is a real teamplayer that can give 10 till 15 assists each year. Nicklas Pedersen had a lot of injuries, so It’s waiting what he can bring to the team. Meanwhile Aleksandar Bjelica refuses to play for KV Mechelen, so it’s possible KV Mechelen will be looking for a new leftback.


KV Mechelen will be a difficult team to beat this year with their solid defense and their wingers. KV Mechelen can have a successful year, but that can depend when Kolovos is back from his injury. The Greek was previous season a revelation in this team. I’m a bit worried about the defending backs. Fayçal Rherras didn’t made a real impression last weeks and the problems with Bjelica is growing every day.


Yellow Red KV Mechelen 4-3-3 football formation

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Afbeeldingsresultaten voor nummer 8

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor kv oostende logo

KV Oostende


KV Oostende is a good team with football qualities to play beautiful football. With Yves Vanderhaeghe they have a coach who makes this team stronger and very organizing. KV Oostende is a team that plays offensive. The ambitions are strong as always with Marc Coucke. He is one of the richest in Belgium. He has a capital around € 600 million euros. KV Oostende has a budget of 18 million euros. Luc Devroe is one of the most successful managers in Belgium. With his knowledge he can find talent on many places.


It will be hard to find someone like Landry Dimata. He left KV Oostende for VFL Wolfsburg for 11 million euros (with an option till 17 million euros). He was the key of the success previous season. He made 13 goals. KV Oostende bought Richairo Zivkovic to replace him, but for the moment there are doubt if he can forget Landry Dimata. KVO needs also a bit more experience in the organization of the team. Nicolas Lombaerts left FC Zenit for KV Oostende. The transfers are actually replacements for the players that left KV Oostende. It’s waiting how they will do it. With Nicolas Rajsel they got a new player as winger. They needed more options, but unfortunately Rajsel got an injurie for 5 months. Logan Ndembe can be a revelation next year at the left back. Also Adam Marusic left KV Oostende. He signed in Lazio Roma. In my eyes it will be harder to replace Marusic than Dimata. Marusic was good on the LB, RB and as Winger. Ramin Rezaeian will be the replacement.


KV Oostende is done with their transfers already. Maybe a left back will be good, but If the replacements are successful it’s even possible KV Oostende will end in the Top 6.


KV Oostende 4-3-3 football formation


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Afbeeldingsresultaten voor nummer 7Afbeeldingsresultaten voor charleroi logo

Charleroi SC


Charleroi is known for his defending organization. The coach Felice Mazzu is a coach who gets respect from everywhere in Belgium. His typical style of playing make it difficult to win from this team. Even for the top clubs in Belgium like RSC Anderlecht and Club Brugge. Charleroi has finally a good management. After years of bad years they finally found the spirit and the ambition. A lot of respect to Mehdi Bayat.


Charleroi hasn’t really stars in their team, but some of them has the potential to become a player of sub team in England, Spain, France, Germany and Italy. One of them is Clinton Mata. Normally Mata will leave Charleroi, but for the moment it’s unknown what will happen with him. He can chose between OGC Nice, RSC Anderlecht, KAA Gent and KRC Genk. Damien Marcq was also an important player for the organization of Charleroi as defensive midfielder. He is definitely a loss for Charleroi. KAA Gent is happy to have him.


Marco Ilaimaharitra is the replacer of Damien Marcq. Will he forget Marcq ? He isn’t immediately a player like Marcq. He likes more like a stopper for the defending. Will he bring what Charleroi is expecting ? They also bought Nurio Fortuna who can be a revelation at the leftback for Charleroi. They need one more attacker who can easily can score, but Kaveh Rezaei  from Iran will bring more options there. The best transfer for the moment is Dodi Lukebakio. A young Belgian who is on loan from RSC Anderlecht. He will need discipline, but Charleroi is the right team for him. With his good technic Charleroi will be ready for the matches against the top teams.


Sporting du Pays de Charleroi 4-4-2 football formation

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Afbeeldingsresultaten voor nummer 6

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor standard luik logo

Standard de Liège


Finally after some awful years Standard has a good chance to be in Play-Off 1 this year. They just had one of the weakest season in their club carreer so far. Standard de Liège is finally growing again. Bruno Venanzi – owner of Standard – hadn’t immediately enough capital to lead Standard as they are. Standard is one of the top clubs in Belgium with a capital around 30 à 35 million euros. They lost a lot of youngsters over these years like Zinho Vanheusden (Internazionale), Thibaud Verlinden (Stoke City), Thierry Lutonda (RSC Anderlecht), .. . Standard has one of the best youth academies in Belgium, but previous season it was just a break down for Standard on all places. They are finally financially growing till 35 million now and the Academie is back. Alexandro Cavagnera, Ryan Mmaee, Anaxis Dinsifwa, Jerômé Déom and Ciorentin Fiore are examples.


Standard has a lot of players in their squad and a lot of players that aren’t enough for Standard. They sold 11 players and 1 player on loan to MVV Maastricht. I’m talking about Samy Mmaee in the last case. He has everything to break through, but he need some experience. Standard needs to be back in business this year. Jonathan Legear, Renaud Emond and Benito Raman will also be sold. If that is done Standard has 27 players in their squad. Dimitri Lavalée will be on loan normal to another team.


What Standard needs more is a winger that can play as secondary striker. It’s possible Ishak Belfodil will leave Standard. Bryan Ruiz is a very good option for this function. They will also need a player like Sven Kums (from Anderlecht) with leadership. For the moment there is no one in the media that links to Standard for that position. For the moment is Majeed Ashimeru on trial. It’s possible that Uche Agbo will play there, but that isn’t immediately a first choice. For now they signed Guillermo Ochoa, Sébastien Pocognoli, Uche Agbo, Moussa Djenepo and Paul-José Mpoku. Pocognoli and Mpoku are “old” Standard players. They bought really clever, just for the positions they needed a player.


So the question can they hold the previous seasons behind them. If so, Play-Off 1 is ready for Standard de Liège. With new coach Ricardo Sà Pinto they will be passionate all season long.


R Standard de Liège 4-4-2 football formation

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Afbeeldingsresultaten voor nummer 5

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor zulte waregem logo

Zulte Waregem


This team has a famous sponsor. He is called Willy Naessens, he isn’t connected to the team in the management of Zulte Waregem. Zulte Waregem is a very successful team this year and plays this year automatically Europa League. Zulte Waregem is known as a club that raises players to a top level. Zulte Waregem has cooperations with AS Monaco and Juventus FC. They are really happy about Zulte Waregem. The players who are going to Zulte Waregem are getting better and better. It shows respect to this team. Some well known players are a good example. Thorgan Hazard, Soualiho Meîté, .. .


They lost some important players like Henrik Dalsgaard (Brentford), Lukas Lerager (Bordeaux) and Soualiho Meîté (AS Monaco). The players who need to replace them are piece for piece good players.


From the 12 transfers Zulte Waregem did are six Belgians. That makes them beautiful. Their vision is making players better and have a maximum of Belgians in their team. In this team there are 6 players that are on loan from another team. Sander Coopman was previous season one of the current players in the 11 of Waregem. This year he will also play for Waregem with high expectations. He did it really well previous season. Idrissa Doumbia is the replacer for Soualiho Meîté. He will be one of the revelations next season. Fredrik Oldrup Jensen will be important as a breaker in this system. Julien De Sart (he is with option) is a player with football capacity for this team. Mbaye Leye who scored 17 goals previous season, he may leave. With Ivan Saponjic and Aaron Leya Iseka has Zulte Waregem a Serbian youngster and a Belgian youngster, who are both very promising. They can forget Leye. Peter Olayinka will replace Gueye who left to STVV. Zulte Waregem bought also Michael Heylen who never disappointed in RSC Anderlecht, but Zulte Waregem is better for him. RSCA was asking too much of Michael Heylen. He has the potential on term to play for a sub team in the Bundesliga. He will get time and rest in this team.


Zulte Waregem is now looking for a goalkeeper and then their homework is ready. Nicola Leali is one of the options. Maybe some players like Mbaye Leye and Alessandro Cordaro will leave, but they aren’t any more players with potential for the first team of Zulte Waregem.


The question for Waregem is how many time will Waregem need to bring all the new players in the team ? If’s this team can be complementary and one team this team will bring amazing football, I’m sure. Maybe they can surprise in the Europa League group.


SV Zulte Waregem 4-3-3 football formation

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Afbeeldingsresultaten voor nummer 4

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor club brugge logo

Club Brugge KV


Club Brugge is for the moment one of the 2 top teams in Belgium with RSC Anderlecht. This team has a high budget of 38 million euros. It’s enough to battle for the championship title. The sportive manager Vincent Mannaert is a manager that buys a lot of new players each season. There isn’t always a line in what they do. They see over the Youth. Meanwhile Club Brugge is buying some young abroad players. Ivan Leko needs to replace Michel Preud’Homme. It’s his first club on a high level. He is just started with his career.


Club Brugge lost already 12 players in their squad. 2 players were important, but are replaceable. Domingues Claudemir was a player that was handy for this team with his experience. Ludovic Butelle started his first season on a pretty good level, but previous season it was harder to get his level back.

Björn Engels, Stefano Denswil, Carlos Strandberg and José Izquierdo are normally leaving Club Brugge. Only Strandberg wil Club Brugge don’t miss.


Club Brugge already got replacements for the coming transfers of Engels, Denswil and Izquierdo. Erhan Masovic – Serbian – is the replacer for Engels and Germàn Mera for Denswil. Benoît Poulain is a good back-up for this team. It’s possible Laurens De Bock will also leave the team and they will look for a new left back, but these are just rumours for now. In the midfield they finally found someone who can forget Timmy Simons. He’s called Marvelous Nakamba that brings dynamic in this team. Riley McGree wil be a back-up for Ruud Vormer. He is a young Australian footballer with intelligence, passing and vision on the field. Jordi Vanlerberghe can play on the CB, ‘6’ and ‘8’. Vanlerberghe will come to bring diversified football. He can be the new “Leander Dendoncker”. As winger we’re looking forward to Shelton Acolatse and Emmanuel Bonaventure Dennis. Both young players with with charisma and talent. It’s possible that Luis Sinisterra will also sign in the next days. All the replacements are already in the team. The only place where Club Brugge needs a player, that is on the attacking midfield and also a centre back. Someone who is active and sends passes like nothing.


The questions and doubts for Club Brugge are that the new players are very young. What will they bring ? Will they immediately replace the players or is it that taking some time ? This year there isn’t a high expectation of this team and definitely not if they don’t get players who can players like Izquierdo can replace on short term.


Club Brugge KV 3-4-3 football formation

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Afbeeldingsresultaten voor nummer 3

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor krc genk logo

KRC Genk 

KRC Genk is a very successful team the last years. They break their European record by playing the quarter final in the Europa League previous season. KRC Genk is known as a team who gives their youth chances. There are many examples like Thibaut Courtois, Kevin De Bruyne and Yannick Carrasco. The team is also known for their scouting, especially in Scandinavia. But not only Scandinavia of course. Good examples are Wilfried Ndidi, Sergej Milinkovic-Savis and now Sander Berge.


KRC Genk needs some prestations to have a balance in their financially system, but it’s definitely growing. The budget is coming independent thanks to their great work. For now they have about 30 million euros.


They got Danny Vukovic as an experience goalkeeper. He played for Sydney FC, the plan is that he can learn the youngsters Gaëtan Coucke and Nordin Jackers. It’s important for KRC Genk his vision with his youngsters. Joakim Maehle from Denmark needs to solve the problem at the right back to replace Timothy Castagne (now Atalanta). The problem is that Maehle is for the moment injuried and the next option is actually a leftback, so that’s a position where Genk needs a new player. Omer Colley is wanted by some nice clubs, but KRC Genk made clear everyone stays his summer. Sébastien Dewaest is also injuried for the moment. KRC Genk got Joseph Aidoo to have some more options. He is a young Ghanian player and very promising. Manuel Benson played really good years in Lierse and made finally his step to the first division. He is the player of the moment to follow in this competition. KRC Genk needed also more options in the style of playing when they are in attacking and that’s way record transfer Marcus Ingvartsen signed for KRC Genk for 5 million euros.


In KRC Genk there is on this moment as youngsters Gaëtan Coucke, Nordin Jackers, Christophe Janssens, Amine Khammas (very promising !), Rubin Seigers, Dries Wouters, Paolo Sabak, Holly Tshimanga, Dante Vanzeir(very promising !) and Edon Zhegrova (very promising !). It’s possible that one or more players are going out on loan to another team to make minutes. In my eyes I will loan out Rubin Seigers, Paolo Sabak and Holly Tshimanga.


K Racing Club Genk 4-3-3 football formation

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Afbeeldingsresultaten voor nummer 2


Afbeeldingsresultaten voor kaa gent logo

KAA Gent

Look where KAA Gent was 6 years ago. It was a stable team in the first division, but with 4 years ago the Architect and Coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck signed for KAA Gent. From that moment everything was going to change. In this couple of years KAA Gent rechieved a respectful prestations. They won their first title and the first team in the Champions League was immediately a success. They were 2nd in their group and put FC Zenit, Valencia CF behind. They played the next round against VFL Wolfsburg (in his successful years) and they were close to beat VFL Wolfsburg also. Almost they played the quarter final against Real Madrid. What would that be ? A loss definitely, but a great season and a great campagne in the Champions League.

They rechieved also The Cup and also for the first time KAA Gent did it well in the Europa League. Shakhtar Donetsk, Sporting Braga, Tottenham Hotspurs were teams that KAA Gent won. Last year KAA Gent played a Belgian Quarter Final against KRC Genk. That was a long time ago Belgian teams were with 3 teams in the Quarter Finals and 2 teams in the Semi Finals. Huge respect to Michel Louwagie and Ivan De Witte the 2 important persons for KAA Gent. On this moment KAA Gent has a budget of 40 million euros.

KAA Gent wasn't so great in the defense last year. They have Asare, Mitrovic and Gigot, but after them there is gap of quality in this team. Dylan Bronn signed for KAA Gent as a back-up for Samuel Gigot. Rami Gershon that had a difficult season will start the season as a back-up. They have 2 youngsters behind with Thibault De Smet (the new Lombaerts) and Siebe Horemans. KAA Gent had a problem to replace Sven Kums for years, but finally with Daniel Marcq they have someone with same style of playing and leadership. He will be important for this team. Danjiel Milicevic is a Bosnian players with creativity, but he can't do all. The record transfer Franko Andrijasevic (4 million) is not so fast, but he an unbelievable vision and technic in his style of playing. With Yuya Kubo as secondary striker KAA Gent will be one of the most teams with chance on a championship title. They also bought Mamadou Sylla from KAS Eupen for 3.5 million euros. He is here to make goals and be a players that is good in playing football and not just making goals. Nicolas Raskin, Aboubakary Koita, Louis Verstraete are also Belgian talents in this team. Raskin will gets his chances this year already. Raskin is 16 years old for now, so one to follow. Tesfaldet Tekie and Lior Inbrum are the young abroad players where KAA Gent believes in their qualities.

KAA Gent 3-4-3 football formation



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Afbeeldingsresultaten voor nummer 1

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor rsc anderlecht logo

RSC Anderlecht


RSC Anderlecht is the most successful team in Belgium. In previous season they won their 34th title in his history and this year it’s not different. RSC Anderlecht is known as a great team in the history. They won the ‘old Champions League’ 20 years ago. RSC Anderlecht wants each year to dominate the competition. Now, it isn’t that easy any more with for sure 8 good teams that can beat RSC Anderlecht. Herman Van Holsbeeck is the sportive manager on this moment. He can sell players like nothing. 3 years ago he got a player from Saudi Arabia and he left one season later for 3.5 million euros. This team is financially too strong on paper for the other Belgian teams, but it’s the quality on the field and not about the money. RSC Anderlecht has now a budget of 55 million euros. There is some critics on this team, because RSC Anderlecht has a Youth Academie that belongs to the Top 15 in the world (Romelu Lukaku, Cheikhou Kouyaté, Vincent Kompany) and they don’t use their youth very often. They just sold Youri Tielemans for 25 million euros to AS Monaco, but a better system to bring the young players to the first team is missing. Sometimes they need to let some young players train with the first team or just little chances in the Cup or 10 minutes in a game in the competition.


René Weiler is for the moment the head coach of RSC Anderlecht. He made RSC Anderlecht a very good team with mentality, organization and discipline. He brings football from behind in combination and made RSC Anderlecht a good counter team.


It’s difficult for RSC Anderlecht to make the right solution about their goalkeepers. Matz Sels will be one year on loan to RSC Anderlecht, but with Davy Roef and Mile Svilar they have talented goalkeepers. It’s waiting what will happen here, but there is also Frank Boeckx that is great 3th keeper. Normally Mbodji Kara will leave RSC Anderlecht for a nice team. The price that Anderlecht asks is not too much, 10 million euros. For the moment there is only Christian Kabasele that has been linked to replace Mbodji Kara. RSC Anderlecht also needs a left central defender to replace Bram Nuytinck. Nicolas Tagliafico is an Argentinian footballer who has been linked to RSC Anderlecht. The midfield lost Youri Tielemans, but insiders are saying that RSC Anderlecht will be better than previous season. With Sven Kums they bought someone who has a pass, but also leadership. Leander Dendoncker, Sven Kums and Adrien Trebel is the best midfield in Belgium right now. KRC Genk comes just after. Pieter Gerkens will be back-up of Sven Kums and Adrien Trebel. RSC Anderlecht is also looking for a new control midfielder with run ability to have a back-up for Leander Dendoncker. Idrissa Doumbia is on loan to Zulte Waregem, so he won’t be in the midfield this year yet. The attacking compartment of RSC Anderlecht is actually pretty impressive with new player Henry Onyekuru, Sofiane Hanni, Nicolae Stanciu, Massimo Bruno, Alexandru Chipciu, Lukasz Teodorzcyk, Sylvère Ganvoula and Isaac Kiesse Thelin.


Wout Faes, Idrissa Doumbia, Dodi Lukebakio, Aaron Leya Iseka and Jorn Vancamp are on loan to their teams. Doumbia and Leya Iseka in Waregem, Lukebakio in Charleroi and Faes/Vancamp in The Netherlands.


RSC Anderlecht 4-3-3 football formation

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Here again all the teams in one résumé

16. Excel Moeskroen


15. KV Kortrijk

14. KAS Eupen

13. Waasland-Beveren

12. Antwerp FC

11. Lokeren OV

10. STVV

9. KV Mechelen

8. KV Oostende

7. Charleroi SC


6. Standard de Liège

5. Zulte Waregem

4. Club Brugge KV

3. KRC Genk

2. KAA Gent


1. RSC Anderlecht


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                                                          Jupiler Pro League

Antwerp FC - RSC Anderlecht 0-0


KRC Genk - Waasland-Beveren 3-3

0-1Myny, 0-2 Gano, 1-2 Naranjo, 2-2 Samatta, 3-2 Schrijvers, 3-3 Gano

Lokeren OSV - Club Brugge KV 0-4

0-1 Mechele, 0-2 Dennis and 0-3, 0-4 Owngoal Miric

KAS Eupen - Zulte Waregem 0-5

0-1 De Fauw, 0-2 Saponjic, 0-3 De Pauw, 0-4 Saponjic, 0-5 Coopman

Charleroi - KV Kortrijk 1-0

1-0 Pollet


Summaries of the matches saturday

KV Mechelen - Standard Luik 1-1

1-0 Drazic, 1-1 Orlando Sà

STVV - KAS Gent 3-2

0-1 Andrijasevic, 1-1 Vetokele, 2-1 Ceballos, 2-2 Gigot, 3-2 Ceballos

KV Oostende - Excel Moeskroen 0-1

0-1 Bolingi


Summaries of the games sunday


Competition after the first games



Cristian Ceballos     2

Emmanuel Dennis   2

Zinho Gano               2

Ivan Saponjic            2

More players



Peter Olayinka         3

Samuel Asamoah   2

More players



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3 hours ago, 1000dB said:

Nah I was on my way back home during the game.

You didn't miss much. Antwerp isn't ready yet with their transfers. In August there will be more players there. But very good organised. RSC Anderlecht was better in the second half, but there were not good in the 16. Teodorzcyk was again absolute dramatic. Sinan Bolat (goalkeeper Antwerp) played a very good match. 

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Hello again, the following days I will give a list with around 40 players to follow in Belgium. I will call this list "New talents in Belgium Jupiler Pro League".

Who is eligible ?

- New players that signed this summer under age 21

- Players under age 21 that didn't play more then 5 matches previous season

- Players from the Youth Academie from their club


Enjoy !




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