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Need Your HELP ! I got excellent team but terrible results :/

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Hi guys , I'm new for this game. I've been playing this game for a week and I have a problem.

Although I have an excellent squad for my team , I got really terrible results in fixtures. I don't know why. Please help me find the most appropriate tactic for my team. Here is my squad. ;

My Squad ;
Name - Attack - Defensive - M.field abilities

Marco Reus - 103-45-74
Mbappe - 101-8-54
Rashford 83-8-45
Mendes 69-37-53
Diakite 57-14-35

Goretzka - 96 - 96 - 96
Meyer - 87-83-85
Koziello - 85-83-84
Lawal - 70 - 70 - 70

Laporte - 9 - 92 - 50
Savic - 17-90-53
Sanchez D. 11-82-46
Kana-Biyik 17-71-44
Stevanovic 10-64-37

Schmeichel - 0-90-45
Ahamada 0-69-34


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Hello, bepop, and welcome to the forum. The most simple answer to your problem is your strategy. And that means you have to work a little on TACTICS panel. I cannot recommend you the best tactic, but keep in mind you have to adapt in order to be the best manager in your Game World. 
Also, watch the morale level and the condition of your players. Sometimes, the worst results come from players with problems such as concerns or maybe injuries.
Hope you can fix the problem and maybe tell us the improvements.
Best regards and many victories.

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