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Hello there. This is my first post in the forum and I am kinda nervous about that, just because I am not really a newbie in Soccer Manager World, but I never had enough courage to post or interact with other players.

So, long story short.
I just made an English Championship World 368209 to make some new friends and meet new people with same interest in English football and has a interaction with Soccer Manager.
Currently, this game world has every English team available, and I really hope you will join as soon as possible. 
I do not have high expectation about the players, so every football enthusiast is accepted with a warm welcome. 

If you want a new challenge, this is your best time to start. I can assure you that this Game World will never disappoint you and this, in my opinion will be the best opportunity in order to become the best manager, along with other good players.

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Hello Ziro, I just started playing in a new English Ch'ship like 2 hours ago or so, that's the reason I'm not joining sadly! 

But wanna leave the ID of that gameworld I'm playing, it has been opened tonight, still M.United, Everton and Leicester avaiable (talking about top teams), the ID is 368261 in case you're interested.


Hope you join so we can share some thoughts, aswell who contacted me to join the league was very active. We're currently 6 guys

Edit: Also got all my team spaces filled..thats why I can't join

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