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Iniesta to Manchester


Early reports this morning are suggesting that Barcelona legend, Andres Iniesta could be about to make a shock move to Manchester United. It's currently unknown how accurate these reports are coming out of Spain, but if it's true, how will Barcelona replace him? Iniesta has won everything in world football so it's no surprise to see him linked with a club the size of Manchester United. A fee has not yet been agreed, however both clubs are in firm discussions and both believe that a deal is not far off from being concluded.

Iniesta had this to say to the media this morning:

"Manchester United are a fantastic club with a lot of history and a lot of great players, any player in world football would be honoured to play for them and to wear the famous red shirt. However, at this current minute in time i'm a Barcelona player. I've lived here all of my life and this is a club that I adore more than any other, however, I must go where I believe that my opportunities lie best and if this is in Manchester then so be it. I've got a lot of friends that play for that club so fitting in will not be difficult at all."

The Manchester United manager had this to say:

"We fully believe that Iniesta has the means and the experience that we are looking for to help us to bolster our midfield and to help myself and the club to achieve what they are wanting from the season. Someone of this players calibre doesn't come around every day, so to be linked with someone like this really is a blessing. I just hope that a deal can be pushed through and I hope that Andres (Iniesta) has a long and successful career here in Manchester United."


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I've recently applied for Atletico Madrid, would it be possible for the owner of this gameworld to please accept me into here. I'm a manager full of passion and ambition and I can't wait for the season to start.

Also, should anyone need any deals, please feel free to send me a message in game and I will respond when I can.


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