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On 8/9/2017 at 5:35 PM, stevedxx said:

Can someone help me with this deal im confused.. Been offered weigl and aubameyang for my kroos. Should i accept and sell di maria ( replace him with auba)? 

Or accept weigl and some cash ? 



In your place I would keep Kroos, 

Weigl is a promising player but it is questionable if he will reach 95 in the future, while Kroos is already 95 and can keep it for several years (at least 4-5+ years) and he might potentially rise to 96+ if RM wins a lot of thropies thanks to his performances. Aubameyang bases his whole game on speed and is now 28 y.o., meaning that in 2+ years he should gradually start to decline in performance IRL which would affect his SM rating.


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