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I have been playing Soccer Manager for 7 years and I always see many managers buy young players under the age of 21, in many game worlds everyone tries to full his U21 squad with many players even me, but no one really uses any of those players in the matches. So my suggestion is to make U21 League in every Game world and whoever has at least 18 or 21 young players can participate in that league. By doing that the game will be more enjoyable and all these young players will be useful, for example in one of my teams I have over 100 young players and I don't even use any of them, but if we had a U21 league I will try them all and then the game will be even more REALISTIC!

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why don't you message *Steve Gore* of Preston about that, as he is the Creator of SoccerManager.

you can also send a letter to the address shown on soccermanager website.

They will take your ideas and suggestion into consideration, but for years, they never did that.

Many Teams got ruined more often, as many managers want to make their teams stronger with players rated 93 to 99.

For Youth players, you need to let many go before half of them or most of of them whose rating will go down, and you will lose profits.




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Oh yeah, I checked his address, thanks for informing me.

Yes, that's why we need U21 championship, the game will be more enjoyable. The smaller teams who can't compete in first team divisions will have the chance to compete in youth championship and they can make money if they win.

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