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Player report on SM worlds -Multiple Accounts-


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Mathew-Barton Gooden cheating

Matthew-Barton Gooden has multiple account on sm worlds in one game world and he is selling all the good players to his side and to all his friends, I know this is not a catfish because I know Matthew in real life, he goes to my school, I told him if he continues I am going to report him and he decides to continue I have supporting evidence of matthew cheating and he needs to be stopped! 


https://gyazo.com/4b223cd8e7b570ee7aebc2b1f59eb5c2 - Proof he has the accounts

https://gyazo.com/5e7eba6a99c92b72479a5aeaf5705a54 - Proof he has the accounts

https://gyazo.com/d8a040347981b675961ca68546dafc78 - Him admitting he owns the sides

https://gyazo.com/53411338324e484249a84ecb77aeb670 - Him selling the good players and he is going to sell more if he is not stopped

https://gyazo.com/20156146a31cef19211b36988206a880 - Him selling the good players

https://gyazo.com/da73c1098a3cfa3089b37a27b4b6e835 - Him selling the good players

https://gyazo.com/5a96e0c853c449093dc46cdfafba3392 - Him selling the good players

I hope this is enough proof for his account to be suspended and if you don't believe me about the accounts, the game world is 355425 I have warned him multiple times now and he continues, come in the game world if you need more proof, I would like action to be taken place and all the players bought to be reversed this is cheating and I do not like cheaters therefore he should be suspended so he can learn and all his friends he helped should receive back their money and the side should get back all the players. 

Thank you for reading my report and have a good day!

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