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Recently SM decided to introduce a limit of 5 multiple club reports per season, effectively establishing a cheats charter as in many popular leagues there are some managers with 10 + clubs.

So they can

Censor the newsfeed by reporting posts, report genuine honest deals, report other managers to stop them dealing with each other and cheat as per usual.

The other managers report them, mostly getting the blah blah not enough evidence response. Or in case of transfers the thank you for reporting this transfer, which means nothing is going to happen.

SM need to trial player moderators, to properly vetted experienced managers. If you look at the more successful custom leagues, say top 100 , cheating isn't present and the game much improved. Regular and Gold premium gameworlds are getting pointless due to the huge number of cheats that SM can't or won't deal with.

A player moderator would be able to remove or temporarily suspend the cheat accounts, reverse a limited number of transfers and possibly vet new applicants or even suggest a temporary rise to a GW rep level to keep out the cheats. 

Possibly there should be 2 or 3 moderators with a majority or even 100% agreement to remove a particular player.

I really can't see any other way to move the game on anymore. It works well in other games so why not here.

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'Sm cant or won't': It's not that they can't, its they WON'T take action against the cheats. The cheats pay money for clubs and gold membership so they don't care in my opinion. The fact that you've had to post tells you everything thats wrong with SM. They don't care about people cheating and ruining worlds/clubs. They never do anything about it. There arent any moderators on the forums anymore, or if there are they never reply so whats the point. Give it a year or two the game probably wont be here because they've just given up on it

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