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SMFA Cup & Shield Qualification?

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Hi everyone,

I took a break off the game some time back and when I returned, I noticed that new competitions have been added to the ECs namely SMFA Cup & SMFA Shield.

Can someone please explain how teams qualify to those tournaments - that is what position must a team finish in the table to qualify to each? Secondly, do players lose fitness and get injured when they participate in these tournaments?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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The SMFA cup is the Champions league and the Shield is the Europa league. You should see your league table in sections, so if you manager in England for example, in a standard english championship the top 4 teams qualify for the SMFA cup, and the next 6 qualify for the Shield. In a Gold Championship the top 4 qualify for the cup, and the next 2 teams qualify for the shield.


As for fitness, in non gold championships fitness isnt affected, or injured ( I dont think) if someone could confirm this 100%? But in Gold Championships I know every game fitness and injuries are taken into account (apart from friendlies)

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